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Longetalos wrote:
Fan based fiction:

There's also Jason Zavoda's "Nosnra's Saga" fiction too.

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Dragon #418 has a Hochoch Article that is good for background and to flesh out a campaign.
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Fan based fiction:

Oerth Journal #8 has a Hochoch article.
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by Richard "Longetalos" Di Ioia

Campaigning in Geoff is for DMs that want a campaign where the characters rise up to liberate a nation oppressed by giants. Geoff has fallen, its armies destroyed or fled, and its people enslaved. The slaves living in Geoff are on borrowed time, the giants and humanoids keep them around as long as the food they produce is more than the meat on their body is worth. Although there are rebel camps in Geoff, they are few, small, and ill equipped. Characters adventuring deep in this land can expect no place to sell their loot or resupply (except from scavenging the dead). Characters can either be Geoff rebels who survived the fall of Geoff, or part of an army of liberation from the surrounding countries working out of the newly reclaimed city of Hochoch.

Country specific resources
- Against the Giants: The Liberation of Geoff (1999).

Adventures in this country include:
- Fighting giants and humanoids. The G1-3 series of modules is set here.
- Searching ruined towns, villages and castles.
- Dealing with evil priests, mages and mercenaries who are in the land to loot the dead or perform even worse deeds.
- Adventuring in the Dim forest, a forbidding forest filled with dangerous creatures and lost mysteries.
- Adventuring in the Stark Mounds -- home of many undead including the infamous Sword Wraiths.
- Adventuring in the Crystalmist mountains and the underdark.
- Intrigue in Hochoch as the Gran March attempts to annex that land from Geoff.

Adventures in nearby areas include:
- Swamp adventures in the Rushmoors
- Exploring the Valley of the Mage
- Nearby countries that can be reached for further adventures include: the Gran March, Sterich and Keoland.

Adventuring in this country is not for characters that desire the comforts of a large city with access to many magical items for sale.