Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:44 am  
Request for Help


These threads have gone dormant over the last few years due to unavoidable distractions. During this time, my computer crashed and most of the files were locked away. Now, however, i have recovered these files, and have some time to begin editing the voluminous amounts of info down into a useful form.

However, I am seeking a highly organized mind to help put an overall structure to this project. I know that what I find most interesting my not be of interest to others, nor necessarily useful. With that said, I would like an outsider to assist with a Gazetteer structure.

Without this, it will be an overwhelming and cumbersome amount of information. Conservatively, I have 200 letter pages of closely spaced text, from over a dozen authors on 20 aspects of the March, from History and Holidays to Clothing and Racial Relations. In addition there are dozens of pages of art, maps, charts, graphs, etc.

Any volunteers?