Thu May 18, 2017 10:33 am  
Chapter 9: Dapple Wood

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to all the bugbears in one of the greatest AD&D games of all time—The Temple of Elemental Evil? Surely they were not all defeated when the temple fell, so they had to have fled somewhere. But where to?

The answer: Back to one of their places of origin–the Dapple Wood. And they are not happy with the outcome for many of the bugbear clans lost money, prestige, and many of their own kind were killed; they are certainly out for revenge.

And along come the player characters, canoeing the Velverdyva and passing through the Dapple Wood. This will be an epic fight in a wooded wilderness as they are tracked and attacked along the river while paddling their canoes.

Can anyone hear banjos playing?

Find out in Chapter 9 of the Great Flanaess River Adventure this Friday (5/19):