Sun Aug 27, 2006 6:58 am  
Greyhawk PBEM cicra 594CY

Hi Peeps,

This is my first post to Canonfire, so hello for the first time.

I've recently been inspired to run a PBEM campaign, using (generally) 2nd edition rules. It's starts off in Niole Dra, circa 1st Needfest 594CY and we already have pre-rolled characters (generated with the Core Rules 2.0 Expansion software.)

We just need a couple of players, so if you are interested, PM me.

As a sort of introduction to myself; I'm a uni student currently studying a BEd to go with my BSc, so as to wind up a science teacher. My science major is environmental science and my minor computer science.

As for D&D, I first started out with the basic set in spring 1988 (October - I'm from the souther hemeisphere.) Before quickly moving on to 1st Edition AD&D. There is some degree of cross-over in my campaign; Spelljammer (modified rules), Planescape (played with the cosmology of the 1st edition Manual of the Planes) but all tacked onto a core Greyhawk campaign.

The last time we actually had a serious campaign cross-over, it was in Die, Vecna, Die! when it first came out.

Back on the PBEM campaign, we have an Elven ranger, a Suel mage, a Dwarven Fighter and an Oerid-Suel cleric of Ulaa to be taken up by a PC.

Hope to chat to people a bit more in future ;)