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Forging the Balance (Online campaign 1966 - Iquander)

This week i am bent on exhuming old subjects.

Back in 1996, Iquander launched an online (Pbem) campaign called: "Forging the Balance" whose action started in 568 C.Y., in the south of the Duchy of Urnst.

I had sent the following character and was in waiting list:

Rolan de Malrive, (2nd edition, "Specialty") Priest of Heironeous

- Major: Combat, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, War
- Minor: Summoning*, Sun*, Wards*
Armor : Chain mail or Plate.
Weapons : Any weapon.
Restriction : Turn Undead at -2 levels


Physical description:

Rolan is undoubtedly of pure Oeridian stock: He is neither tall, nor heavy but well framed. His skin complexion is naturally tan. His hair are dark brown and his eyes are plain grey.

All in all he is not physically attractive, but all the people who met him were nearly charmed by his deep gaze and some kind of magnetism emanating from him.


- He tends to hate humanoids and has good reasons to. He is not the kind of guy to think that they should have been good if they had had a good "family" background.

- He is not a funny guy and is somewhat sententious.

- He likes action and a good battle is not to scare him, but he is against useless heroism, at the risk of being called a coward. He prefers to think at the strategical level rather than at the operational.

- All in all, he knows his role in a group and expects others to know their roles too. He will respect all classes and races as far as they do not constitute a threat to the cohesion of the group.

- He is not to sure of himself and does not want to be considered as a leader. In fact, he fears to endanger others with incorrect decisions, but he is prone to give advice, even if he is not required to.

Goals & Beliefs:
"May the Axe grow great !" (Cf Atlas of the Flanaess; P.16)

Family background:

Rolan's father was baron of a land located at the northern edge of the Shield Lands, along the Ritensa River, near the border with both the Horned Society and the Bandit Kingdom. The barony was created some seventy years ago, as a reward, for the great grandfather of Rolan who lead a successful peasant defence against a bandit raid.

The land was called Malrive, an old Oeridian name meaning roughly "evil border". The Baron of Malrive was mainly responsible for patrolling the border, report to the count and muster some forces to oppose raiders.

It was a common joke between shield lands noble to offer to ambitious knights to be "lord of Malrive", but rare were those who would agree to accept such a poisoned gift.

I remember having received a mail (a file ?) containing the background of the campaign, and that later, some logs of this campaign had been published. I have lost all of them some years ago in a HD crash without having taken the time to read them.

Do you know if these files can be found somewhere on the net ?
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