Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:31 pm  
TGFRA Chapter 2: Burneal Forest

This Friday's release of The Great Flanaess River Adventure (TGFRA) is Chapter 2: Burneal Forest and it can be found at:

It was pointed out to us that it is possible that the Burneal Forest as a location for a game has never been used in The Canon. For our adventure, however, we did base it on sources derived from The Canon.

Our first source was the Greyhawk Gazeteer which stated "Little known savages dwell in this vastness, and they lurk amidst the thick trunks to attack by stealth and surprise. Reports state that these tribes of hunters and humans, aboriginal Flannae people . . ." It was this which led us to focus on the Burneal Forest as a location to which the Suel fled in the wake of the Rain of Colorless Fire.

This naturally led us to focus on the Suel Lich mentioned in the Living Greyhawk Gazeteer who rose to power in Blackmoor, but whose fate has been lost to time. From both of these sources, we created the Lost City of the Suel as a central feature of Chapter 2. And since the Suel were high on magic, so too is the city.

In addition, we took the myth of Sormod, as detailed in Chapter 1 and derived from Greyhawk: Mysterious Places, and made his fate a reality in Chapter 2 as well. His story, particularly his journal about his time in Rigodruok, may very well become the basis of a follow-on campaign.

In the meantime, other denizens of the Burneal, such as the Quaggoth, Qullan, and an Obliviax (when has anyone every used that MM2 monster in a campaign?), may prove difficult enough without thinking of a journey to the Rainbow Vale. Greyhawk must come first.

We hope you enjoy Chapter 2 of The Great Flanaess River Adventure.