Sun Dec 06, 2020 4:28 am  
Monster - Stone Scarab

Stone Scarabs are a magical creation of Baklunish wizards. They are similar in construction to Stone Golems but are generally much smaller and have many more enchantments and abilities. The smallest are no more than 3 inches long and are most often the eyes of the wizard allowing him to see and sense (according to the strength of enchantment) all that is around the scarab. They are easily destroyed in that they have only a single hit point but still require the kind of spells or enchanted weapons that would damage a Stone Golem or larger Scarab. Some smaller Scarabs contain poison and can pass on a single dose that causes damage or unconsciousness or some such effect.

The largest Stone Scarabs have been reported to be the size of wagons possessing great powers and strength while the most common are about three feet long and low to the ground like a dog and enchanted to fight or protect.