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Adventure Seed - The Displaced Displacers

The Displaced Displacers

The Displacer Beast is not native to Oerth. Hidden among the Barrier Peaks is wreckage of a space vessel transporting exotic animals from a wide range of planets. The Displacer Beast was one such creature. Unfortunately the automatic systems, robots and androids which survived the crash are old, damaged and without guidance.

Inside the ship are cloning banks which can spawn thousands and thousands of any creature in the ships collection. Something has caused the automatic systems to begin a steady cloning of Displacer Beasts. In an effort to control the number of such of creatures the android supervisor has begun removing them from the ship by use of a warp transfer, This transportation system is funneling the beasts to a point on the shore of Lake Quag in Perrinland. The local militia with the help of some heavy horse guards has been able to keep the beasts from escaping the area but a local fishing village and a nearby town have had to be evacuated and the beasts are still appearing with alarming regularity. A large reward has been posted for any who can track down the source of this menace and put an end to the Displacer Beast plague.