Fri Feb 04, 2005 6:15 pm  
[Rogues Gallery] Wellyn Sturth

Wellyn Sturth (Mermaid, around Istivin)
7th level Nuetral Halfling, female, age 58; ST 14, DE 18, CO 12, IN 10, WI 9, CH 13; HP 42; AC 4 (Leather); Money: 950 GP; Items: Short Sword +4

Wellyn's a bit of a rarity, a former sailor who's both a Halfling and a Female, but in her younger years, she made quite a life for herself in Gradsul, working the trading ships that ply the Jeklea and Azure waters. She eventually even joined the crew of a voyage to explore the Amedio Jungle. Though she didn't join the band that actually delved into the jungle, she mingled with the coastal natives enough while awaiting their return to gain the magical short sword she prizes, which is made of a curious green tinted steel unknown to smiths in Keoland.

Wellyn, like a lot of sailors, is gregarious, free spirited and somewhat outspokenly blunt. She's no longer interested in adventuring, but she owns a sturdy skiff and will hire out to parties who need to traverse the Davish. She also reads and speaks the language of the Olman, and is happy to put that skill to use for a couple coins should anyone need her service.
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