Thu May 05, 2022 9:28 am  
a tentative to reconciliate WG8 and the Scarlet Brotherhood

A child known as Darkon was born from the Avatars of Istus and Lendor in the fortress city of Bastion (GreyQuest Suel Pantheon for RQ) to reconcile WG8 and the Scarlet Brotherhood. The child, hope for peace between the two empires, disappears which triggers a new war between the two empires.
The child will later be found in Hesuel Ilshar in the Garden of Meditation. He is surrounded by the Bakluni monks who taught the child at Bastion and the Brotherhood monks who seek to corrupt him. Istus sends his Aspect of Morgoroth (WG 8 The Fate of Istus) to test the child. He replies that the evil within him is too strong to fight and that Istus taught him that the only way to win is to refuse battle. At the end of the adventure, Darkon makes his divine Ascension and Hesuel Ilshar is partially destroyed.
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