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In keeping with my previous post on famous ales in Greyhawk. I have a few more ales I'd like to share with you ... read more
Previously: Magical Attunement
Keoish Intelligence Report from the City of Greyhawk
Osmund-Davizid writes "Following the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk, the City of Greyhawk became the diplomatic center of the Flanaess.  Needless to say, this has also made Greyhawk the center of much intrigue.  Here is the report of a King’s Agent who is working undercover for the Keoish embassy.  "
Variant Rule Base Damage
Argon writes "Have you ever been involved in a combat encounter that made you tired of rolling dice? Have you rolled a high attack roll or a critical only to roll a low damage result? Have you hit a creature with your long sword and dealt 1 point of damage while the lucky wizard threw his dagger and delivered 4 points of damage to the same creature? If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions? Then base damage may work in your game."
A Vecna Timeline
Daytripper72 writes "Often wondered about Vecna's history and what made him the lich that he became? When did he meet Kas? What wars did he fight? This timeline has been culled from various sources to give you that historical perspective.  Of course, it doesn't explain everything and there are still many mysteries to be explained..."
That Infamous Key
Mystic-Scholar writes "            Well, I never thought the tale would be so long in the telling! Mrs. Hildegard should be in any moment . . . Ooo! Sausages and biscuits! My, but you are a wonder, Mrs. Hildegard! And will you smell that milk gravy! It'll be good to break our fast while I continue my tale of . . ."
Salinmoor: A Saltmarsh Primer for Greyhawk Reborn
scottdprt writes "Viscount Cronin Secunforth III has been at the reigns of Salinmoor for over 20 years.  Whether his decisions will lead to the rise of the towns of Saltmarsh and Seaton or their ultimate downfall has yet to be written in the history books. A history of Salinmoor bridging the gap between Living Greyhawk and Greyhawk Reborn.   Currently being used as a foundation for the Grehawk Reborn Interactive at Mepacon Fall 2013 in Clark Summit, Pennsylvania."
Excerpts from the Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Enfrahl (Bone Demon)
grodog writes "Astute readers will have noted the new demon type summonable by Orcus in my previous post.  This entry details the Enfrahl, the Bone Demons, a major demon of the Abyss.“The Enfrahl are surreal horrors created through the whimsy and caprice of the Lord of the Undead---a cross between ossified guardians, bone sculptures as performance art, and sentient, demonic knick-knacks, the enfrahl represent all that is twisted and grotesque in the imaginings of Orcus and his ilk.  That they are intelligent and aware is all the more damning….”  --- Iscladoc the Dark, from his _Commentaries on The Demonomicon_."
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