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The Greyhawk Atlas by Braggi

The Greyhawk Atlas

by Brian S. Dougherty (Braggi)

Notes from the Creator

The maps contained in this feature are the result of about 2 years of work and research. Are they perfectly canon? No way. I would never finish if that were the case. View them instead as a “snap shot” of the Flanaess as it evolves, one which is always open to additions and corrections. Similar to taking a still picture of a movie cast during filming, there may be errors and discrepancies which would not be seen in the finished product.

I have added a number of unofficial campaign locations, to pay homage to the many, many Greyhawk fans who have added to the world over the years, as well as a few unique creations of my own. This is perhaps the most serious deviation from canon. However, I have included every single canon reference I could locate.

I included non-canon items for a very practical reason: there is a huge amount of the world that is undeveloped. Serendipitously, fans have often filled in those blank areas, adding to the richness of the world. In choosing to add in sites that we, the players and DM’s of the world have created, I hope to make Greyhawk a little more personal for us all. As with the “Greyhawk by Level” excel sheet (which was derived from these maps) I have done everything in my power to give credit wherever it is due.

I am going to cover the Flanaess in geographically related sections in this series. Each article will have this introduction as its first part and then a listing of the maps and the source material I drew on to create them. Each map has a listing of whatever new locations, towns and adventure sites I could find in the course of my research given in the map key.

Finally, note that the historical setting for the maps is pre-Greyhawk Wars in most cases. Time ranges are between 576 CY and 579 CY. I did include notes and locations for future events, to try and keep continuity. In some cases, to allow for personal tastes and choices in campaigning, I have suggested alternate locations to allow for different interpretations of Greyhawk history. These are noted in the map keys and will also be mentioned in each write-up in these articles.

Adventure Codes

The maps have module locations listed using letter-number codes (EG: N1, WGR2, etc.) Many of the later adventures and source books did not have these codes, so I invented them to aid in quick look-up and identification. For a complete listing of the sources that the codes correspond to, see the Greyhawk Modules Locations Index.

The Maps

Click HERE to download a .zip file containing all 52 high quality maps. Please be patient, as this is a 61.2 MB download.

Please read below for information that was taken into consideration in the creation of each map individually.

The Baklunish West

1. The Sultanate of Zeif
(Download size: 510 kb)

Sources used to create this map include the article “Zeif – Rock of the West” from the Volume 5 of the Living Greyhawk Journal, the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer and the World of Greyhawk boxed set.

A number of locations mentioned in the Journal article but were not plotted on the accompanying map. I have done my best to place them on this one.

2. The Caliphate of Ekbir
(Download size: 773 kb)

This map was created from information given in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer and the map and gazetteer created by the Living Greyhawk Ekbir Triad, translated from the French language.

The adventure DRN2 - “The City Beyond the Gate” from dragon Magazine # 100 has been placed on Murenshi Island, based on information given by Roger Moore in a Greytalk post.

3. Tusmit
(Download size: 760 kb)

Sources here include the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, the map and gazetteer created by the Living Greyhawk Tusmit Triad and the World of Greyhawk boxed set.

A great deal of extra information was listed in the Tusmit gazetteer by the Triad. However much of it was not placed on their map at the time I created this one. Thus, I plotted all of the unlisted locations that I could locate, filling out the map considerably in the process.

4. Ket
(Download size: 516 kb)

This map draws from the Living Greyhawk Ket Triad’s sources and the World of Greyhawk boxed set.

The Ket triad map and gazetteer are sparse in regards to specific towns and villages, however the various provinces are clearly noted.

The Central Northern Territories

1. The Archbarony of Blackmoor
(Download size: 1.13 mb)

This detail map of the Archbarony is based on an article by Fred Weining which appeared in Oerth Journal #5. Additions came from WGR5 – Iuz the Evil, Ebonfrost's article in Oerth Journal #7, the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer and a map of Blackmoor from an archive of the Greyhawk Codex web site.

Original items I included consist of the Wolf Nomad camps, druid circle locations, several tors and the adventure location for QMG3 Mist Hold, the third of a series of modules I am writing for Canonfire!.

2. The Concatenated Cantons of Perrenland
(Download size: 1.70 mb)

The Perrenland map is based on the very large, detailed map created by the Living Greyhawk Perrenland Triad. Note that not all settlement locations on the eastern half of the map could be plotted due to space and size constraints. All relevant adventure locations have been included however.

The area of Rhesdain from WG10 – Child’s Play has also been included (for completeness) as a satellite territory in the extreme northwest of the Concatenated Cantons. I included Rhesdain simply for completeness, since the adventure’s introduction states it takes place “somewhere” on the edge of the Yatils. Perrenland was the only place cosmopolitan enough in makeup to allow even a vague fit to canon sources.

If this location is not useful or desirable in your campaign, please feel free to disregard it. You could also assume the Wolf Nomads have razed it through raiding, if you prefer.

3. The Land of Iuz
(Download size: 745 kb)

Details for this map were taken almost entirely from WGR5 – Iuz the Evil. This pre-wars map covers only the Iuzian heartlands and does not touch on those territories claimed by the Old One later on in history.

I assumed that Iuz would have begun the Bone Road after his release from the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk and thus the central portion has been included. Thus, at the time covered by this map, the section leading into the Horned Society’s lands would likely not yet have been begun.

Note that the adventure site listed for the Soul Husks location is a fan work, created by Paul Rokuskie.

4. The Rovers of the Barrens
(Download size: 627 kb)

The Rovers map blends information from first and second edition sources, primarily WGR5 – Iuz the Evil and the Dungeon Magazine # 32 adventure Ghost Dance.

The various other camp locations and names were extrapolated or invented, based on the Ghost Dance material. I wanted to give an idea of the lands the Rovers laid claim to before the Greyhawk Wars.

The Forlorn Forest is one of several northern locations where the dancing hut of Baba Yaga has been sighted within in the Flanaess, as detailed both in the official adventure by that name and the adventure from Dragon Magazine # 83

5. The Tiger Nomads
(Download size: 748 kb)

Canon sources for this map include the World of Greyhawk boxed set and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. The Burneal Forest is one of the locations noted for the appearance of Baba Yaga’s hut when it arrives in the Flanaess.

Fan-created locations, such as the Mind Grave and Murlynd’s Castle are drawn from an article originally located on the Codex of Greyhawk web site. My thanks go to Gary Holian for taking the time to dig up and send the article to me for use as reference material.

Even with these additions, the map was still somewhat barren. I decided to add several possible settlement locations for the Nomads, as well as the Uirtag and Guryik peoples, mentioned in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.

The Northern Heartlands

1. The Vesve Forest
(Download size: 805 kb)

The source for the Vesve was the enlargement of the forest given in WGR4 – The Marklands. Note that the post-Greyhawk Wars sites from that work have all been included.

Three fan created adventures be can found here as well as the canon locations. They are The Forgotten Hero by Terry Harrison, Delvenbrass by Paul Rokuskie and QMG2 Into the Vesve a forthcoming adventure written for Canonfire! by myself.

2. The Shield Lands
(Download size: 520 kb)

Canon sources for this map include the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, and the Living Greyhawk Shield Lands Triad gazetteer.

Further detail has been drawn from Eric Anondson’s map of the heartlands, available on Canonfire! and the portion of it adopted by the Shield Lands triad.

My additions include Honourhold, one of the possible locations for the temple from the Bastion of Faith sourcebook.

3. The Horned Society
(Download size: 1 mb)

A number of canon sources were used to create this map including WGR5 – Iuz the Evil, and From the Sorcerer’s Scroll in Dragon Magazine # 56.

Fan-created additions include locations drawn from Eric Anondson’s Heartlands map posted on Canonfire! and the Unofficial Player’s guide to Greyhawk entry written by Craig Curtis from the Greyhawk Codex web site.

Note that many of the village names and locations, as well as the hobgoblin settlements, are taken directly from the Player’s Guide entry.

4. The Bandit Kingdoms
(Download size: 813kb)

The Bandit Kingdoms map was drawn from the dragon Magazine #63 article Where the Bandits Are, as well as from WGR4 – The Marklands and WGR5 – Iuz the Evil.

Since I wanted the borders to reflect those circa 576 CY, a number of the present day Shield Lands settlements were relocated in Bandit Kingdom territory. These place names I found in the Living Greyhawk Shield Lands Triad gazetteer.

5. The Riftcanyon
(Download size: 389kb)

This map draws from three main sources for its detail. These are WGR5 – Iuz the Evil, the Return to White Plume Mountain adventure and the its web enhancement, Dragotha’s Lair.

The Western Heartlands

1. Furyondy and Veluna
(Download size: 1 mb)

The main source for this map was the sourcebook WGR4 – The Marklands. Further additions came from the Living Greyhawk maps provided online by the Veluna Triad.

Non-canon references include the third module location from the Elder Elemental God Penology by Paul Rokuskie, Erminit which is the setting for A Little Local Difficulty and Beg Steal or Barrow, two adventures by Alan Derek Jones and QMG1 Mist Hold a forthcoming module for Canonfire! by yours truly.

2. Dyvers and the Gnarley Forest
(Download size: 1.06 mb)

Canon sources used in creating this map include the map of Greyhawk and area in the From the Ashes boxed set and some additions from the map of Verbobonc from Oerth Journal #9.

Player created adventures include Haturan’s Tomb in Dyvers by Philip Niewold and Defection written by Skeetyrbug.

3. The Viscounty of Verbobonc and the Kron Hills
(Download size: 778 kb)

This map was created by combining information from the adventure T 1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil, the From the Ashes boxed set and the Verbobonc map which appeared in Oerth Journal #9.

The location of Esmerin was drawn from the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover and the site for the adventure A Serenade Before Supper is from Dungeon Magazine #53.

The Central Heartlands

1. The Cairn Hills
(Download size: 2.79 mb)

The City of Greyhawk boxed set, The Adventure Begins sourcebook and the Doomgrinder gatefold were all sources used to create this map.

Fan created works here include Xusia’s Keep, the setting for The Undead King by Thomas Miller.

Note that WG7 Castle Greyhawk has been included on this map for completeness, although you may choose to ignore it if you prefer.

2. The Greyhawk Plain
(Download size: 556 kb)

Three sources were used to compile this map. They include the City of Greyhawk boxed set, the From the Ashes boxed set and The Adventure Begins sourcebook.

Note that since the area is a small one, packed with a lot of detail, the map scale has been changed from the usual 1 hex = 15 miles to 1 hex – 6 miles.

3. The Mistmarsh
(Download size: 459 kb)

Similar to the Greyhawk Plain map above, the scale here has been “zoomed in” to 1 hex = 6 miles to allow for greater detail.

Canon sources include the From the Ashes boxed set, the Doomgrinder gatefold map and The Ruins of Mistmarsh adventure by Sean Williams, published in Oerth Journal #11.

The Lands of the Wooly Bay

1. The Abbor-Alz
(Download size: 790 kb)

I drew this map based on information from the From the Ashes boxed set, with additions from WGR3 Rary the Traitor and the adventures The Star Cairns and The Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad.

As a side note for trivia buffs, there is a second possible location for one of the Rod of Seven Parts adventures mentioned in From the Ashes: Incident at a Footbridge could also be located in one of the northern hilly areas.

2. The Bright Desert
(Download size: 1.6 mb)

Sources for the Bright Desert map include WGR3 Rary the Traitor and the From the Ashes boxed set.

In my personal campaign world Rary has not yet turned on the Circle of Eight, so I substituted the location of his stronghold with that of The Tower of Sleep mentioned in WGR3. However, the canon location has been included in grey text for those who use the post-wars version of the desert.

Note also that the Ruins of Shattados’ Palace and Geshtai’s Spring were not given fixed locations in WGR3. Feel free to move them if desired.

3. The Wild Coast
(Download size: 615kb)

Piecing this map together was a bit of a challenge, since the references were quite scattered about. The southern portion of the map, from Fax downwards was a bit sparse.

Canon references include the From the Ashes boxed set, The Adventure Begins sourcebook and the adventure Ruins of Niole Daer from Dungeon Magazine #13.

To add an extra detail I also plotted the fan created adventures Sacklewood – To capture a Troll by Dave Shawley and the fourth module of the Elder Elemental God Penology by Paul Rokuskie.

4. The Pomarj Peninsula
(Download size: 801 kb)

Another challenging map, this version of the Pomarj was drawn from the A1-4 series of modules as well as the article See the Pomarj – and Die! from Dragon Magazine # 167 and the article Robilar and Company by Rob Kuntz which appeared in Oerth Journal # 7.

To fill in some of the southern portions of the peninsula, I added the locations mentioned in Ken Newquist’s Obsidian Bay campaign, as shown on the map created by Nathan Udell. Nathan also mentioned some of these locations in his article about Blue and its circle of mages on Canonfire! Finally, The location for When a Star Falls was given by Rob Vest from his online campaign’s history.

The Western Sheldomar Lands

1. Vale of the Mage
(Download size: 2.61 mb)

One of the first maps I created for the atlas, The Vale of the Mage draws from two main sources for geographical detail. The first is the adventure by the same name, WG12, and the second is an adventure given in the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover.

Because there was a lot of detail going into the map, I zoomed the scale in to 1 hex = 5 miles.

2. Grand Duchy of Geoff
(Download size: 2.65 mb)

To be honest, I nearly gave up on this map out of frustration. Two excellent and completely different versions of Geoff were available to me and both had their merits. Most of the map is based on the one released by The Geoff Project at their old web site. I really liked the work this fan group did, so I settled on their map for the pre-wars version.

I then had the tough task of integrating the information from G4-6 The Liberation of Geoff and the Riders on the Storm adventure card from The City of Greyhawk Boxed set. Any towns with alternate names listed in grey text are from the G4-6 adventure and may be considered post wars in era.

My only personal addition was naming the lakes in the Hornwood. Note also that a newly resettled version of the Geoff map has been released by the RPGA for the third edition version on the setting. (My thanks go to Paul Newland for the heads up.)

3. Sterich
(Download size: 960 kb)

This is another map that owes its existence to fans and their works.

The canon sources include the Riders on the Storm adventure card from the city of Greyhawk boxed set and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer. This still left the map pretty bare.

The rest of the towns and sites of interest came from a map of the Sheldomar Valley which Rich Trickey (Chatdemon) from Canonfire! was kind enough to share with me.

My thanks go to Rich for giving his permission for the site names used here. His Sheldomar overview map is also available on Canonfire!, so be sure to find and download it. It’s worth every kilobyte.

4. The Yeomanry
(Download size: 1.17 mb)

This map was originally created from that given by the Living Greyhawk Yeomanry Triad, as well as the World of Greyhawk boxed set and several modules.

Fan created adventures here include the second location of the Elder Elemental God Penology by Paul Rokuskie and the entrance to Slerotin’s tunnel given in The Suel Imperium – Age of Glory by Randy Richards.

A less seen adventure by the RPGA entitled The Scarlet Brotherhood takes place in the town of Hierdraden, near the entrance to Slerotin’s tunnel as well.

5. Hold of the Sea Princes
(Download size: 836 kb)

Canon sources for this map include the World of Greyhawk boxed set, the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, the adventures UK 1-3 (Beyond the Crystal Cave and the Alderweg series), the Night Below campaign and one of the adventures from WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk.

Rich Trickey (Chatdemon) of Canonfire! gave permission for me to use several of his home-brew campaign locations to help round out the map. The city of Baymouth is one example which dovetailed nicely with the WGR2 adventure On the Town.

Osmund-Davizid also recently did an excellent Keoish Intelligence Report article on the Hold, giving me even further nuggets to play with. Though this map is supposed to cover the pre-wars setting, I included several post-wars locations from the Intelligence Report for those who prefer that era.

See the map key for further notes.

The Central and Eastern Sheldomar Lands

1. Bissel
(Download size: 803 kb)

This map was drawn from the World of Greyhawk boxed set with additions from the Living Greyhawk Bissel Triad’s map and gazetteer.

Note that because of the pre-wars date of the map, Thornward is listed as the capital as opposed to the later location of Pellalk. The adventure Sloth from Dungeon Magazine # 91 is set in Pellalk and is from the post-wars era. I included it to give some historical continuity to the area for those who prefer the latter setting.

2. Gran March
(Download size: 421 kb)

I drew from three sources for this map: the From the Ashes boxed set, the adventure Against the Cult of the Reptile God and the Living Greyhawk Gran March’s map and gazetteer.

Locations of interest include the site for the adventure Valley of the Snails from Dungeon Magazine # 87 and the finale to the fan-created Elder Elemental God Penology by Paul Rokuskie.

3. Kingdom of Keoland
(Download size: 637 kb)

I was able to draw from the excellent Living Greyhawk Keoland Triad’s map and gazetteer for inspiration here. Additional details came from the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer as well.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover the adventures Tomb of the Lizard King and Baltron’s Beacon had been adopted as canon, since I have always felt both modules were excellent fits to the Flanaess.

Fan-created adventures here include Agar’s Payment by Aubriker, from an archived copy of the Greyhawk Codex website and the final chapter in the Elder Elemental God Penology by Paul Rokuskie.

4. County of Ulek
(Download size: 580 kb)

Although a little sparse on detail, the County of Ulek still has some useful tidbits. Adventures here include the Helm of Selnor from Treasures of Greyhawk and The Mines of Elsidell, set in the village of the same name, from Oerth Journal # 10.

My sources for the map were the World of Greyhawk boxed set and the entry from the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.

5. Duchy of Ulek
(Download size: 525 kb)

Similar to the County of Ulek, the Duchy is not well detailed. I did manage to ferret out a couple of gems, such as the town of Thrutch from an NPC description in WG6 Isle of the Ape and the towns near Tringlee from the adventure card Born Again Ogres of the Blinding Light from the City of Greyhawk boxed set.

Basic geographic detail was drawn from the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer and the World of Greyhawk boxed set.

The fan created portions of the map include the village of Ulkar, the location of the first adventure of the Elder Elemental God Penology by Paul Rokuskie and the placement the naming of the roads, which were added by the cartographer.

6. Principality of Ulek
(Download size: 552 kb)

Most of the basic information for the Principality map came from the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, the Living Greyhawk Principality of Ulek Triad’s gazetteer and the adventure Patriots of Ulek.

While browsing through Rob Vest’s online history for his campaign, I came across references to two non-canon adventures which seemed to fit the setting quite well. These were The Forest Oracle and When a Star Falls. My thanks go to Rob for giving me permission to borrow from his campaign for the map and for helping me plot the adventures geographically.

My only personal addition was the naming of Diamond Point south of Gryrax. If the name doesn’t fit in your campaign, please feel free to disregard it.

Old Aerdy West

1. Duchy of Urnst
(Download size: 792 kb)

I really enjoyed creating this map. Urnst has always been a favorite of mine. Duke Karll is an interesting NPC and I like to speculate sometimes about the country that produced such a ruler.

The sources for it include the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, The Living Greyhawk Duchy of Urnst Triad map. Adventures set in this territory include Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure, The Doomgrinder and The Garden of Evil from Fate of Istus.

2. The Kingdom of Nyrond and the County of Urnst
(Download size: 2.04 mb)

I based this map almost entirely on the details given in WGR4 The Marklands. The map is quite large because I was still learning, at the time I created it, where Nyrond ended and Ahlissa began in the post-wars setting which the source book is based on.

Sites of interest include the location of the adventure Swords for Hire from WG8 Fate of Istus. Rel Mord was also one of the locations mentioned in Bastion of Faith for the Temple of Heironeous. Finally, the adventure All for a Hat comes from WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk. The exact location for the abandoned temple of St. Cuthbert in the County of Urnst was not given, so I chose to place it a little north of the town of Brotten. Feel free to move it to suit your tastes.

Old Aerdy North

1. Theocracy of the Pale
(Download size: 717 kb)

The Theocracy of the Pale is another of my favorite locations in Greyhawk. The name has always been evocative for me, although I personally have not adventured or DM’ed there very much.

Sources here include WGR5 Iuz the Evil and the well-drawn map from the Living Greyhawk Pale Triad. Since I wanted to reflect the pre-wars setting, the borders have been pulled back across the Yol river from the Duchy of Tenh. In later history, The Pale extends well into the latter territory, contesting with the forces of Iuz and Stonefist.

2. Duchy of Tenh
(Download size: 610 kb)

WGR5 Iuz the Evil provided the geography for this map. I added in the Basic D+D adventure DA4 Duchy of Tenh, which may or may not fit very well. Feel free to disregard it if you like

What does fit perfectly is the adventure A Slight Diversion from Oerth Journal # 9.

3. Archbarony of Ratik
(Download size: 905 kb)

I’ve always pictured Ratik as a beautiful place with all of its mountains and coniferous forests. Those same forests have also been a area where the plane traveling Baba Yaga’s Hut has popped up now and again.

I drew from two canon sources and one fan created work to get the details here. They were the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, the map for the Living Greyhawk Ratik Triad and the beautifully intricate map of The Pale, Ratik and Bone March by Eric Anondson. Eric has several maps available on Canonfire! and they are too well designed to miss. Definitely download them.

The Old Aerdy Heartlands

1. Bone March
(Download size: 1.18 mb)

This map is based on one of the later versions of the Living Greyhawk County of Knurl Triad’s gazetteer and maps.

Once again, I drew from the excellent maps that Eric Anondson created for Canonfire! To fill in extra details.

I also owe thanks to Paul Newland (not connected with the Triad) who was kind enough to let me know where I had made mistakes on the earliest version of this map when compared to the later information released by the Triad.

2. The Great Kingdom
(Download size: 1.88 mb)

Canon sources for this map include Ivid the Undying and the World of Greyhawk boxed set.

The original maps that I used for detailing were in Dragon Magazines # 204, 206 and 208, as well as the fan-created composite map available on Canonfire! Note that I also included the regions of Medegia and Almor here as well.

My only additions were the placement of two towns in Ahlissa (which was looking a touch bare) namely Califrax and Glyster. If you don’t like them feel free to assume they were destroyed in the wars.

3. County of Sunndi
(Download size: 511 kb)

The Living Greyhawk Sunndi Triad did a fantastic map for their territory, which was my main source for information here.

The placement of the location of the Well of All Heals adventure from WGR2 Treasures of Greyhawk was arbitrary on my part, since I wanted to give Sunndi some interesting sites. References to druidic circles in various articles on Canonfire! and in the Oerth Journal gave me the idea to locate the well in the Rieuwood.

4. Idee
(Download size: 1.02 mb)

This pre-wars version of the map is quite different from the one designed by the Living Greyhawk Naerie Triad. Paul Bendal of the Triad kindly shared the information from the early Naerie Guide with me and this map (with some additions of my own) was the result.

The following are my contributions for the period before the Scarlet Brotherhood invasion: All roads and names, most villages and names (excluding Thurbush, Bandhar, Eregern, and Osfelred), the location of the Shattered Circle adventure, the Eddri Lines and the Argule Mines.

My sincere thanks go to the Naerie Triad for their willingness to collaborate.

5. Onnwal and Irongate
(Download size: 276 kb)

Although small, these two areas have lots of interesting spots. I used the map and locations from The Scarlet Brotherhood sourcebook as my main reference.

The fan created pre-wars adventure Shadows Under Scant by Anoraks of the Coast is also located here.

The Southern Territories

1. Amedio Coast
(Download size: 1.85 mb)

The Scarlet Brotherhood sourcebook was my main inspiration here. However I also drew heavily from some if the details in the Sea of Dusty entry in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer in order to place UK6 All That Glitters.

Sculpting the coastlines on this and the Hepmonaland map took a considerable amount of time: several hours each. Hence my note in the key about listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack while working. Besides, the music was definitely appropriate.

My only personal addition here was to label the Ruins of the Nameless City as such. I went through the Amedio section of the Scarlet Brotherhood in vain trying to find out what this place was called.

2. Ancient Suel Basin
(Download size: 2.33 mb)

Though this map draws from no canon sources directly a number of them went into the historical research included in the adventure The Suel - Imperium Age of Glory by Randy Richards.

Greyhawk’s ancient history has always fascinated me, especially the Twin Cataclysms which had such sweeping effects on the politics of the setting. My only regret is that there was no material to recreate the ancient Baklunish lands as well.

3. The Sea of Dust
(Download Size: 2.92 mb )

This is a region which has always begged for more detail. The trick was to keep it general enough for anyone to use, while tying it in solidly to the milieu’s history as a whole. I hope I have come up with a good compromise through this map.

Canon sources consulted include the World of Greyhawk boxed set, the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.

Fan sources include the adventure RR01, giving me much of the inner geography, which I then had great fun destroying to match the terrain descriptions given in the canon sources.

4. The Tilvanot Peninsula
(Download size: 1.03 mb)

This maps draws from the Scarlet Brotherhood sourcebook for almost all of its details.

Canon module locations include the various incarnations of Acererak’s Tomb in the Vast Swamp and The Sunken Temple from the City of Greyhawk boxed set.

5. Lendore Isle
(Download size: 562 kb)

This was a tough map to get source material for. On one hand, there are The Secret of Bone Hill and The Assassin’s Knot which both have excellent terrain maps for their surroundings. After that, I was scrabbling for every reference I could locate on the island.

I did manage to get a little more from Deep Dwarven Delve and the article on the life of Lendore in Oerth Journal #10. My only other references were the City of Glass, mentioned in Dragon Magazine # 65 and a town of Dwarfhaven from the article on the Suel gods in Dragon Magazine # 88.

The rest of the details for this map were invented for my present home campaign, set in the pre-Greyhawk Wars era. See the map key notes for further information.

6. Hepmonaland
(Download size: 1.74 mb)

Along with the Amedio, this map took the longest in terms of drawing time. Only my personal version of the master map for the Flanaess took more time to do.

My sources here are, of course, the Scarlet Brotherhood sourcebook and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer.

I chose to locate two lesser known adventures on this island continent. They were The Swamp Hag from the city of Greyhawk boxed set and Diver Down from the Greyhawk Adventures Hardcover. Two Dungeon Magazine adventures also found their homes here: The Leopard Men and The Elephant’s Graveyard.

Copyright © by Canonfire! All Right Reserved.

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