Random Monster Generator

Greyhawk magic item
Random Monster Generator
Type Artifact
Price n/a
Body slot n/a
Caster level n/a
Weight Tons
First appearance Castle Greyhawk

The Random Monster Generator is an artifact found on the 12th level of the parody version of Castle Greyhawk.



The Random Monster Generator takes the form of a room seventy feet wide and ninety feet long. The walls of the room are covered in metal grids, circuits, and small flashing lights, and the construction shows evidence of being taken apart and put back together with no regard for aesthetics. The supporting structures were obviously hacked apart and welded together very crudely. On the east wall is a door leading in and out, while on the north, west, and south walls are portals through which monsters of every shape, size, and description emerge, randomly, with a new group arriving every hour or so. Some of the monsters are exceedingly bizarre and unplayable, while others may be completely normal.

No one knows where the monsters come from. Perhaps the Monster Generator creates them, or perhaps they are transported from other worlds or planes. The monsters themselves believe they come from elsewhere, though it is possible the artifact provides them with false memories.


The Random Monster Generator was discovered by Voyeaux the Whimsical a few centuries ago deep in a dungeon he was exploring late in his career as a magic-user. Fascinated by the artifact, he fought his way back down to the dungeon level with a vast fleet of carts, disassembled it, loaded the pieces up in the carts, fought his way out again, and left the Generator in the safe keeping of a friend. After Voyeux had leveled up in several more character classes, he decided he was worthy of the artifact and settled in Castle Greyhawk to retire. He has constructed portals to the other levels of the castle in order to efficiently distribute the monsters to the most appropriate places.

However, the fact that the Random Monster Generator may provide false memories makes everything in the dungeon suspect, including Voyeaux himself. Could he have been a creation of his own device?

Creative origins

The Random Monster Generator is a literal version of the random monster encounter charts found in the Dungeons & Dragons game.


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