Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Gray Son, The Gentle Hand
Home Plane Elysium
Power Level Lesser
Gender male
Alignment Neutral good
Portfolio Mercy, Hope, Benevolence
Domains Good, Healing, Protection
Alias(es) none
Superior Rao

Zodal is the Flan god of Mercy, Hope, and Benevolence. His holy symbol is a man's hand partially wrapped in gray cloth.



Zodal is depicted as man dressed in simple gray robes with large, careworn hands. He encourages compassion in situations where vengeance and anger might be easier, and diffuses the negative emotions of all around him.


Zodal is a servant of Rao and Joramy's estranged lover. He is allied with Heironeous and Pelor. He considers even the most hateful gods to be his friends, believing that with his encouragement they might change their ways.


Zodal's realm in Elysium, Morninglory, is shared with the gods of several other pantheons (and sometimes Atroa). Morninglory is tinted with the colors of dawn - rubies, crimsons, yellows, and pinks. Sleep and similar spells do not function within Zodal's domain, but creatures who rest here find themselves refreshed in half the normal time, and gain a temporary wisdom bonus. There are said to be one-way portals in this realm leading to realms of darkness and evil, through which the powers here hope to bring hope and goodness.


Kindness and mercy is the sole cure for evil, in Zodal's philosophy, and that these traits can turn even the most evil from their path. Zodal urges that one retain faith and hope despite adversity and trouble. Zodal will guide those who would be pulled into pain, anger, and despair. Zodal teaches that the individual is capable of mastering their feelings and acting only on their positive ones, setting an example for others.


Zodal is worshipped in Perrenland, Tenh, and elsewhere.


Zodal's clerics live simply, using their abilities to help people in need and alleviate their pain. They often visit battlefields in order to minister to the wounded and attempt to convince the combatants to make things right and stop committing atrocities. They adventure to show what hope and mercy can do in the right hands, to rescue artifacts of good, and to destroy artifacts of evil.



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