Forgotten Gods of the Suloise II
Date: Fri, October 05, 2001
Topic: Gods & Followers

From the ashes of a long dead empire comes a corruption which rots the heart of the modern Flanaess. The faithful of the Horned Prince lurk hidden in the fastnesses of kingdoms and temples, sowing their treachery and deceit unnoticed.

Author: Chatdemon

Forgotten Gods of the Suel: Zaragon

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Credits notes: This god is adapted from a creature that appeared in Module B4: The Lost City (TSR9049) by Tom Moldvay. Special thanks to Mar Deltorre for help with the conversion and new material.

"Fellow scholars, by now I am sure you have heard the tales of the expeditions into the ruined city of Zinbyle on the eastern fringes of the old Suloise Empire, just west of the mouth of the fabled tunnel of Slerotin. The research and recovery of relics and tomes from the ruins by the respectful and less greedy explorers has yeilded great returns in the manner of insights into the lives and society of our ancestors. Sadly, there is one rumor that must be dispelled, that of the so called "trolls of Wee Jas' pyramid" that has been the talk of every bard from here to Loftwick. While there is no doubt to the validity of the story of troll clerics ambushing a stalwart band of explorer's deep in the catacombs beneath the grand pyramid temple complex in the foothills of the Crystalmists near Zinbyle, in a well preserved ruined town called Zeltra, which some of you might remember that I was part of the expedition that discovered it some years ago, the fact cannot be overlooked that the Ruby Goddess' church has never shown any sort of tolerance for bestial humanoid shamans, and that the Holy Mother herself, who praises the value of beauty and civility among all peoples, would be hard to imagine accepting such savage animals among her faithful. These facts, and my ever present insatiable curiosity, led to months of research on the subject, including funding a second expedtion into the Zeltran Pyramid complex by a band of upstanding young lads from Flen earlier this year. Upon recieving their report, and gathering my own findings on the matter, I once again enlisted the aid of my good friend and colleague in study, Shiara Ferlalt. I return your attention to Shiara, to explain the results of our research."

- Ilbrysis of Cryllor, from a speech to the Keoland Divinity Council, 19 Wealsun, 591 CY.

What follows is the information on the Suel Demi-God Zaragon, translated into 3e D&D stats.


The Savage Lord, The Horned Prince

CE Demigod of Greed, Jealousy, Lies and Hate

The demigod Zaragon was by all accounts a hated, feared and despised figure amoung the Imperial Suloise people, his few clerics leading secretive lives on the fringes of society, spreading discontent and lies among the bitter and wicked people of the empire. The clergy of both Wee Jas, and her ever loyal daughter Zaliira led merciless campaigns against the followers of the Horned prince, which he was dubbed due his savage bestial appearance, which was inflicted upon him by the Goddess Beltar, as punishment for some crime against her that remains unknown to mortals. Before that punishment, he appeared as a darkly handsome Suloise male, quick of wit and sharp of tongue, but now he appears as a 15 foot tall vaguely humanoid beast with masses of writhing tentacles sprouting from where his arms and legs should be, and bearing a head marked by a gaping maw of razor sharp black teeth, one huge eye in the center of his head, and an immense blood red horn protruding just above his unblinking eye.

To covet is to own, take what is yours and smite all who would keep you from it. Lies and truth are one and the same, and those who seek to control the words of others are fit only to be devoured by the Savage Lord himself. Keep your emotions close and your weapons handy, and revel in the opportunity to serve your vengeance upon all who wrong you.

Zargon's followers are extremely rare, and usually masquerade as clergy of other deities, or as other practitioners of other occupations altogether. Zargon's clerics may be CE, CN, or NE, per the normal 1 step rules for clerics, and his faithful also includes a rare blackguard or cleric/assassin individual. The reputation of these characters as scum of the lowest variety, as well as their solitary nature makes this faith best suited for NPC use only.

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Domination, Madness

Weapon: Dagger or Whip (player must choose one upon first taking levels as a cleric or blackguard of this faith, and may not change it later)

Garb: Since Zaragon has no formal church or established dogma among his followers, there is no formal garb that his followers wear. His holy symbol is a metal pendant crafted to look like a horn and etched with suel runes denoting hate, evil, and defiance.

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