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The Canonfire! Crier!
The Greyhawk Wiki has been up at its new home,

Sorry for scare and the delay in making that clear.  None of the content has been lost.

In the weeks to come, I'd like to open a dialogue about the future of the site and where Greyhawk fandom goes from here.  Drop me a line if you need something specific from me, ... read more
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-Blood And Treasure
CruelSummerLord writes "“You worry too much about foolish things,” Kalrek said, the smile returning to his face. “You let them rule you instead of tearing through them and taking what you want. Why do you think I’ve prospered the way I have? What’s your reverence for the likes of Baravan and Segojan ever gotten you? Or are you just letting Garl Glittergold play an especially sick joke on you?”"
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-Fog Of War
CruelSummerLord writes "Luna felt sick at what the companions would have to do, but she knew that the consequences of not doing it would be far, far worse. "
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-My Kingdom For A Crown
CruelSummerLord writes "Kalrek would have the power of the Crown on his brow, the power of the public face of his kingdom in one hand, and the power of the hidden face of his kingdom in the other. That kingdom, Kalrek’s visible and hidden kingdom, would grow like an ever-expanding tunnel. It would bring him new treasures, new glory… …and new victims. He could hear Urdlen laughing again."
The Silver Wolf-Ghosts Of The Past: The Shadow Knows
CruelSummerLord writes "Amyalla whirled around, thinking that the dogs might be responsible, but then she screamed in pain as a blade slashed her viciously across the back. Twisting around, Amyalla tried to stab whatever attacked her, but then she heard cruel laughter that no dog could make. She also heard the cries of her friends in the darkness."
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-Rivers Of Blood On My Hands
CruelSummerLord writes "And please let me punish Kalrek for his crimes. I accept my fate, but please let me make Kalrek suffer his first for all the blood he’s spilled.  Those are the boons I ask of you. My failings are mine alone-no one else should suffer for them. "
The Silver Wolf: Ghosts Of The Past-Highway Robbery
CruelSummerLord writes "An image of Urdlen tearing his victims apart passed through Kalrek’s mind, and he began to laugh out loud at the thought of it. He saw that image a lot. It pleased him to no end."
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