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The Canonfire! Crier!
Most Thursdays at 5pt/8et and usually running 2 hours.
Season 2, Ep 1
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Dragon Quest, the Grandwood Edition
Abysslin writes "In the heart of the Grandwood Forest lie mostly creatures and beings of good inclination. From the great tree fortresses of the Grugach to the lowly mounds of rabbit holes, the Grandwood is a sanctuary for many seeking refuge from the surrounding evil and oppression of the country that it lie within. There is however, one locale that houses a great evil – Spikerift, an evil that has lied dormant for centuries. The denizens of the Grandwood are wise to avoid it and only the ranger, Fiona Goldhand and her companion Auruma dare patrol the rift. They have informed Queen Sera of the Grugach that this evil is awakening. The Grandwood is in need of heroes indeed!"
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: There's No Place Like Home
CruelSummerLord writes "Weimar cheered up a bit from that. It was one thing to insult Keoland’s shameful military history--he did it all the time himself. It was quite another to take the insult from a coddled young dandy who’d never cut his mother’s apron strings or seen a day of hard combat in his entire life!"
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: All In The Family
CruelSummerLord writes "Sixteen years old now, and as wealthy as he is wise,” Jerrica said, smiling admiringly at the thought of the handsome young prince. “He’s the pride and hope of House Darmen-artist, philosopher, romantic…and the most eligible bachelor in the whole of the Great Kingdom,” she finished with a twinkle in her eye. “Is that why you and Luna really returned? Seeking a husband?"
EDIT: The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Many Paths Become One
CruelSummerLord writes "“I think it means he’s a better fighter than most of the rabble that make up the Keoish Army,” Luna said with a wry smile. “After all, it’s the same army that’s been defeated by everyone from the Ulekian states to the Grand Duchy of Geoff to the Hold of the Sea Princes.”"
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: A Portrait Is Worth A Thousand Wo
CruelSummerLord writes "“He’s perhaps driven more than any other man for this to succeed,” Sylphianna said. “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear he wanted to avenge his honor.”“…Is that right,” Xavener said, as he suddenly switched his focus to painting the chessboard that Ewain and Norreck had left on the table next to the divan Sylphianna was lying on."
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Skull And Crossbones
CruelSummerLord writes "One looked like a hideous cross between a hobgoblin and a fish. It had the build and face of a hobgoblin, but its body was covered in slimy green scales, and it had webbed feet and hands. The other looked like nothing so much as a demonic-looking fish that somehow grew arms and legs and learned to walk upright. It too was covered in scales, but they were a deep greenish black on its back, leading to a lighter green on its belly. The creature’s fins were pure black, which contrasted all the more with its gleaming white, razor-sharp teeth. Both creatures carried short stabbing spears, which were already splattered with the blood of the two dead sailors at their feet."
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