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Is Down :(

The Canonfire! Crier!

Thanks to vestcoat for the heads up, The Scarlet Brotherhood is up for sale in both pdf and print-on-demand softcover forms at

Direct Link: The Scarlet Brotherhood

Here's hoping for more Greyhawk offerings in the future! ... read more
A New Greyhawk Campaign is Coming!
woliver writes "When is the last time your heard those three words put together?  "New," "Greyhawk," and "Campaign." Well, it’s true: A new 1st Edition AD&D Greyhawk campaign is coming and it begins on March 24, 2017 at"
Gods Of The Flanaess: Beory
CruelSummerLord writes ""Nature can be joy, beauty, birth and life. It can also be suffering, ugliness, death and destruction. All such things are part of the greater whole, the eternal cycle, that Beory personifies in physical form upon the Oerth."-His Noble Mercy, Lewenn, Count Palatine of Ulek."
Gods of the Flanaess: The Elder Elemental God
CruelSummerLord writes ""Demons such as Lolth and Orcus are indeed evil, but this creature lies somehow deeper. It manifests the incipient madness and depravity that may lurk at the back of all our minds that we cannot control, so irrational and deranged, yet so hateful and full of purpose. Such is the disgust this foul thing inspires even in myself."-Iuz, Lord Of Pain. "
The Conclave of Ull
mortellan writes "It is said in more civilized corners of the Flanaess, that the remote frontier land of Ull is a godless wasteland; home to only nomadic horselords, hill ogres, cruel slavers and debauched gladiatorial fights. No mention is ever given to the denizens of Ull having a tradition for the arcane arts. This is for good reason because its most powerful mages are foreigners who like to stay out of sight and out of reach of their contemporaries. In such a small realm however, these rare practitioners of magic cannot exist peacefully without some contact and certain unwritten rules."
Al 'Temlorn
Kraftwerk writes "Throughout history, many are they that have slaved at easel, wheel, and loom -- giving life and breath to vagrant dreams and unfettered imagination in the form of art.  In turn, such is the greatness of some few of these artistic works that they have indelibly shaped the very history of the Oerth itself.  Two such legendary pieces were created by the Baklunish painter al'Temlorn:  Perhaps the greatest artist to have ever put brush and quill to paint and pigment in a relentless endeavor to bring everlasting beauty to the World of Greyhawk.  Come learn more of his life and times, his work and legacy, here!"
All Things Weird and Wonderful: The Magic Items of Zagyg
Kraftwerk writes "There can be no doubt that Zagyg Yragerne was one of the most powerful and accomplished magi ever to stride the face of the Oerth.  Even before his apotheosis to the divine, the tales of his epic feats and adventures were long the stuff of legend.   In the lifetime of such a wizard, nonesuch enchanted items aplenty were created:   Weird and wonderful, as ever was the wont of the Mad Archmage.   In honor of Gary Gygax Day – commemorating the birthday of the father of our beloved Campaign World – come gaze upon some of these magic items.   May they ever bring a smile to your lips...just as Zagyg himself would wish it!"
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• Chapter 10: Iron Wood
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• Possible Origins Of The Term Despotrix
• Chapter 9: Dapple Wood
• Salt Harbor?
• Chapter 8: Veluna
• Distances In Blackmoor
• Chapter 7: Highfolk

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