Postfest XVII (Richfest 2012): Daan Rhuul Gharlaan Ac
Date: Wed, July 18, 2012
Topic: Beyond the Flanaess

From what we know of humanoid society they differ greatly from what we see amongst the more civilized races. It is rare to see any items of art from goblins and orcs. Who has ever seen a troll scholar or bricklayer? In the lands beyond the Flanaess, amongst the plains and hilltops of Darak Urtag lies parts of humanoid civilization where goods and services are sold. One, such place a refuge, for weary travelers, flesh traders, or humanoid tribal’s looking for a neutral site to ply their trade and traditions.

Daan Rhuul Gharlaan Ac

The Blood Mage Inn or Daan Rhuul Gharlaan Ac, as it is known in its goblin translation. Believed to have been the site where Mem’et a famed blood mage created his blood goblin tribe and some of his constructs during the war of the tusked. The structure made in a dry stone construction pattern and can hold fifty patrons. The interior is simple at best, a few stone benches, a small stone counter which resembles an altar, and behind it a small fire pit that passes for a cooking area. Three casks are often present in the room two hold fermented milk, one a common mead or ale. Patrons of the inn pay the barkeep up front and are given a stone cup or drinking horn. As such each one drinks their fill by taking from the tap of whatever cask they choose. Some patrons may take the fermented milk and pay the barkeep to blood the milk. An animal skin full of blood rests behind the counter a small amount of blood is added to the milk and it is an aphrodisiac of a sort for those that drink it. Foodstuffs often available by request are usually horse, or yak meat and in rare cases salted bear paw imported from Hyborea.
Outside the structure, many huts are set up and can be rented to any who wish to reside on the property. Flesh traders ply their wares here as many like to sample a few females especially after drinking blooded milk. Tribes often meet here for ceremonies especially during a blood moon. While shedding humanoid blood is forbidden here, slaves of human or demi-human stock can be sacrificed on site. However, the inn’s owner is tilted a skin full of blood for every sacrifice that takes place here. What happens to the remains from the sacrifices, only the blood mage knows for sure.

There have been several attempts by tribals, to claim the blood mage for themselves, all have failed. One such occurrence involved an orc lead tribe whom had the inn surrounded. With all his staff slain before him the  goblin Bre’bal stood amongst the army and called upon Ogon to aid him. When the fog of war cleared, all the orc’s were slain, and somehow his staff rose again. While many claim this is a rumor, there has been no clear threat to the inn’s existence since then.

DM Notes: Bre’bal is a 12th level blood mage, and he is one of the last remnants of the blood goblins. He has several goblin’s on staff and his two compatriots  Gor’kon a 7th level hobgoblin ranger who carries two hand axes named Shaagaan and Hor and Ghach’el a 6th level bugbear barbarian who carries an onyx-colored maul named Ghach’tan. Ogon is the deity Bre’bal and his followers serve.  Ogon is goblin for Orcus, and though it is rumored in the flanaess that he was slain, his worship is still common amongst many natives of western oerik. 

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