Greyhawk Adventurers Atlas - Appendices
Date: Thu, October 11, 2012
Topic: Cartography & Geography

Several useful additions to the Adventurer’s Atlas for adventure tracking and campaign creation, including:

  • A master list of adventures sorted by module code and party experience level.
  • A master list of adventures sorted by geographic location.
  • A collection of links and research sources for online items referred to in the atlas.

The appendices to the Adventurer’s Atlas contain several useful additions for adventure tracking and campaign creation. The first two sections are master lists of all of the adventures plotted in the atlas maps. In Appendix I the adventures are sorted by module code and party experience level to allow the DM to put together a comprehensive campaign listing for game play. This appendix updates and supersedes the Greyhawk Modules by Level chart currently hosted at Canonfire.

 Appendix II sorts the adventures by geographical location, which can be used to plot the physical area covered by a campaign. Alternately, if the campaign is free-form, the geographic listings will be useful in keeping the DM apprized of what adventures already exist for use in neighboring states should the characters happen to wind up in a given locale.

 Finally, Appendix III is an exhaustive listing of online sources. Many of the adventures and scenarios used in the atlas entries are drawn from fan-created works from the Internet. The links given in this appendix are for research purposes, to allow those interested access to the original materials. The appendix lists current links for as many of the atlas source materials as is possible. It also gives research methods and suggestions for tracking down sources that are no longer actively maintained online.

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