Rockburg-on-the-Marsh Map
Date: Tue, August 06, 2013
Topic: Cartography & Geography

Putting the Rock and the Marsh on Rockburg-on-the-Marsh with shaded relief.

The Greyhawk Adventures module "Gargoyle," WG9, is considered by many, including this author, to be one of the few production letdowns for Greyhawk.  Goofy is not an inaccurate description.  Some have said it is suitable for very young children.  But I have found that once one takes out the objectionable parts, there is a fairly solid structure to module, though retconning requires a fair amount of work.  Although technically set in the Yeomanry, geographically it is part of the Hold of the Sea Princes, an area little developed in canon.  For these reasons, it is worth rehabilitating.  Toward that end, I present a modified version of the module map for the town central to that adventure, Rockburg-on-the-Marsh.  Now you can see how I like to think it got its name.

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