Salinmoor: A Saltmarsh Primer for Greyhawk Reborn
Date: Thu, November 07, 2013
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Viscount Cronin Secunforth III has been at the reigns of Salinmoor for over 20 years.  Whether his decisions will lead to the rise of the towns of Saltmarsh and Seaton or their ultimate downfall has yet to be written in the history books.

A history of Salinmoor bridging the gap between Living Greyhawk and Greyhawk Reborn.   Currently being used as a foundation for the Grehawk Reborn Interactive at Mepacon Fall 2013 in Clark Summit, Pennsylvania.

Recent History  598-613cy

Year of the Invasion – 598cy

The invasion by the Army of the Returned caught Keoland unaware and destroyed the breadbasket of the Sheldomar Valley.  Many able bodied men and women answered the call to arms and marched north to combat the enemy.  Even with the defeat of the enemy at the capital, very few returned back to Salinmoor.

Salinmoor has always been a place where the dregs of society gravitated.  With the best and strongest removed from the Viscounty, the  shadowy nature of those remaining tried to expand their influence.  In response, Viscount Cronin Secunforth III recruited some of the strongest thugs, paid them well to join the Royal Guards and then used them in an attempt to keep the peace.  The result was a corrupt justice system where anything goes as long as open violence is avoided and one can bribe their way out of almost any situation.  Provided the bribe was high enough. This situation still remains unchanged till this day.

Year of the Plague – 599cy

The plague ran rampant throughout Keoland and the Salinmoor suffered more than most.  The Hool Marsh was a perfect incubator for the disease. 


As the population of the major races dwindled in the region, the reptilian (lizardfolk) and amphibian (bullywugs) were found to be all but immune to the plague.  In a rare show of empathy for those suffering from the plague, several tribes of lizardfolk, lead by the Marshgrove Tribe, brought medicinal plants and herbal remedies to the town of Saltmarsh.  


The lizardfolk aid turned into a mixed blessing.  On the plus side, many lives were saved thanks to the improved relations between the residents of Salinmoor and the lizardfolk.  The down side was an influx of refugees in search of something to ease their sufferings under the plague.  These refugees were fair game to every con artist selling snake oil.  The guards did little to interfere with such trade unless their share of the take was refused.


The Years of Famine – 600 to 605cy+

The six years of famine were a time of relative peace in Salinmoor.  ‘The Breaking’ and the ‘Flight of Fiends’ that went with it happened far enough to the north that its effects were not felt for some time.  While violence was low, it was due to the insidious ways the lack of food sapped the strength and the will of the people. 


What little farmland there was in Salinmoor fell to the rapid expansion of the Dreadwood.  Farmers swore that every week new trees would be found on the edge of their fields and by the end of the growing season the Dreadwood retook a quarter or more of their farmland.  Many turned to hunting and gathering within the woods but only a few had a surplus of edibles to share.   Those who did not develop the needed skills  either disappeared or moved into the towns. 


Salinmoor turned to the sea to feed its people but harvesting fish was unreliable.  At times, the fisherman pulled in a great many fish but ,more often their nets contained only enough to ease the hunger pains.  In the end, it was the worst of times.


The Years of Seige – 606 to 612cy

In the spring of 606, ‘the Breaking’ came to Salinmoor.  Some of the fiends from the breaking have wandered into the Hool and Dreadwood and established lairs within.  Now, they were strong enough to leave their lairs and the people of Salinmoor were easy prey.  Many died fighting the evil fiends and their minions.  Over time, the people were driven to the costal towns for protection. 


Desperate actions were needed for survival.  Viscount Secunforth brought forth designs for strengthening Bale’s Keep and building fortifications to Saltmarsh.  To accomplish this, Cronin made two controversial decisions.


The first was to abandon Seaton and concentrate all efforts at fortification at Saltmarsh and Bale’s Keep.  Anyone wishing to come within the new defenses had to contribute to the cause. Those with the coin or skills where welcome in the town of Saltmarsh.  Those without either of those were faced with Cronin’s second decision, the institution of indentured servitude.

To build the walls quickly while facing attacks from fiends and their minions, enemy marsh folk such as evil lizardfolk and bullywugs, pirates from the Sea Princes and other threats, Salinmoor needed a large labor force.  One can choose to do hard labor for a period of time and receive the protection of the new defenses.   Many refugees saw this as a fair exchange including lizardfolk and other minor races who would rather be safe behind walls than return to the marsh or woods.  Those who saw the cost as being too high in coin, skill or labor were forced to leave.  Many of these have made Seaton a refugee camp.


The Year of Hope – 613cy

The walls of Saltmarsh are finished and Viscount Cronin Seconforth III declares a holiday to celebrate.  It is time to rejoice and hope that with the defenses in place Salinmoor can start taking back the land from those in the Hool and Dreadwood.  In addition, the Viscount will make official the status of Saltmarsh as a “Free Port” open to all those who trade by sea.  As long as the peace is kept, and the appropriate fees (or bribes) paid then the actions taken outside of Salinmoor by any captain or crew will not be judged.  First in a long time, the people of Salinmoor have hope of a better tomorrow.


The Powers of Salinmoor

Who controls what

·         Governing Faction – LN with LE tendencies
Lead by Viscount Secunforth, this faction in dedicated to keeping peace within Salinmoor even if draconian measures are necessary.

·         The Merchants Guild – N / NG
This group is controlled by the richest merchants in Salinmoor.  They control most of the trade that occurs by land and are in direct competition with the Sailor’s Guild

·         The Sailor’s Guild – N with CE tendencies
The council of the Sailor’s Guild is compromised of a number of experience captains and traders.  They control most of the trade that occurs by sea along with all of the fishing.

·         The Workman’s Association – LN / LE
The Workman’s Association control the indentured servitude system and is rumored to be a cover for many thieves and bandits.

·         The Liberators – CG / NG
The leaders of this group are unknown but their goal is to end the practice of indentured servitude that they believe is slavery in all but name.  Going hand in hand with this is the belief that the lesser races, especially the lizardfolk who came to Salinmoor’s aid during the year of the plague, deserve equal treatment and freedom.


It should be obvious that the power players in the Viscounty have goals that sometimes overlap with the exception of the Governing Faction.  This faction tries to keep any of the other powers from disturbing the general peace of Salinmoor.  In other words, those governing try to be the puppet masters.


Behind the scenes

Rumors, tales and other “truths”

·         Saltmarsh has been operating as a ‘free port’ for years due to a secret agreement between Cronin and some of the stronger Sea Princes.

·         Cronin is jealous of Gradsul.  Especially the Royal Navy that calls Gradsul it’s home port.  The ships of Saltmarsh are mostly fishing vessels but Cronin hopes to change that.

·         Gradsul is aware of Saltmarsh and sees pirates and smugglers using a Keoish town as a port as offensive in the least and treasonous at the worst.  The Viscount words of “working together for survival” rings hollow to the people of Gradsul.

·         The practice of ending the practice of indentured servitude has yet to be addressed.  The major races are easily set free at the end of their contracts but lizardfolk, half-orcs and the like seem to be heavily discriminated against.

·         There are constant rumors that the Scarlet Brotherhood has been increasing in influence in the south and it is said by some the Cronin has a high ranking brotherhood member as a close advisor.

·         The practice of clear cutting and back burning parts of the Dreadwood to make way for farmland has attracted the attention of the Dreadwalkers.  What this means has yet to be determined.

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