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Date: Sun, December 02, 2001
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Given the less than sterling track record of the Suel, is it any surprise that they just might revere certain diabolical creatures as they do their own gods? Here are a few of those that are venerated among the Suel, all taken from the book Legions of Hell, as well as those that are merely servitors to the more powerful true gods of the Suel.

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Forgotten Gods of the Suloise: The Devils

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Credit Notes: This article is a GH adaptation of some of the personas introduced in Legions of Hell (2001, Green Ronin Publishing), by Chris Pramas, Jim Bishop, Brian Kirby, and Erik Mona. That book is required to make any real use of these Devils in your game.

The D&D game has introduced many fascinating and unique infernal personages over the years, and many of us have incorporated them full bore into the cosmology of our game world. What follows are my notes on using Legions of Hell's superb collection of devils in a GH game, set into my ongoing look at the myths and religion of the Suloise people. I'll just go down the list alphabetically, giving brief notes on a few of the major devils I have adapted and how they fit into the Suloise Pantheon. Again, the Legions of Hell book is basically needed to have any of this make sense, and keep in mind, some of the creatures in that book are nothing more than lowly (albeit nasty) cannfodder devils, so not everything in that book gets ported over.

The Black Witch
LE Infernal Lord of Witches and Ritual Magic
Antaia has a sort of intense friendly rivalry with Wee Jas, who she grudgingly respects as her superior in both rank in the pantheon and in terms of sheer power. She is a matron of sorts to Suloise dabblers in witchcraft, as well as practitioners of the growing art of Ritual Arcane Magic. (As described in Sword & Sorcery Studios' Relics & Rituals, if those options are in use.) The Ruby Queen has forbade Antaia from allowing her followers to establish any sort of formal church, but most formal temples to Wee Jas contain a small Onyx shrine to the Black Witch.

The Father of Lies
LE Infernal Lord of Lies and Politics
Bune serves a strange role within the pantheon, being commissioned at various times to test the loyalty (or lack thereof) of the other gods by Wee Jas, Lendor, and Beltar. His following is strongest among the spies and infiltrators of the Scarlet Brotherhood, who offer tribute to the Devil in hopes of better acomplishing their agenda and maintaining their secrecy. Bune, and his followers, prefer working within the organizations of others, and have no true church, but can be found meddling the affairs of almost every Suloise faith and government in the Flanaess. Bune is hated and despised by Zaliira, whose followers will usually attack his on sight.

Chamagon Devils
LE lesser Devils
Chamagon Devils are used extensively by both Wee Jas and Antaia as their pawns in directly serving their will on Oerth. Whenever a mortal wizard or sorceror, or the rare treacherous cleric of Wee Jas provokes the wrath of either, a visit from a Chamagon is sure to follow, to show the mortal the folly of his errant ways. Thought by many to be a bogey man type being invented by Wizards to scare their apprentices into obediance, the true nature, abilities, and even existance of these creatures is intensely debated among Suloise academics.

The Ruby Suitor
LE Infernal Lord of Rhetoric and Research
Furcas plays no role in the activities or politics of the Suloise pantheon, and is included only because of the believe of the followers of Wee Jas that he is the Ruby Queen's true lover. It is believed that the stories of Wee Jas' affair with Norebo is simply a lie perpetuated by the followers of that god's faith to discredit the Ruby Queen and lend some atmosphere of the tragic hero to rogues and other lowlifes. The truth of such things is beyond the understanding of any mortal on Oerth.

The Hategrinder, Lady Cindara
LE Intermediate Goddess of Domination, Matriarchy, Nobility, and Divine Right (the concept that nobles and politicians rule by some grace of their people's gods)
Hadriel has ascended to true godhood in the Suloise pantheon, earning the respect and admiration of most of the other lawful gods, and gaining a huge following among the middle and upper class females of civilized Suloise areas. In the fabled Empire of Cind, far to the south (which it should be noted is a matriachal empire named in her honor) her Shrieking Violet Societies are commonplace, and her church's power and influence is unmatched. In the Flanaess her church is slightly more obscure, and usually defers to the more militant and personally powerful clerics of Wee Jas.

Hadriel's Clerics:
Note: MUST be Suloise Females of the Human, Half-orc or Half-elf races, Tiefling and half-Fiend type individuals are not unknown, and may be allowed at the DM's discretion
Domains: Law, Strength, Domination, Inquisition
Weapons: Dire Flail or Whip
Garb: Submitters, as the clergy are called, favor expensive fineries of the latest trends in local noble circles. When in religious ceremonies (which invariably include whippings, cruel beatings, and other symbolic rites expressing their submission to their goddess) they appear nude. Their holy symbol is a ruby or other scarlet gem cut into the shape of a violet bud, worn as a necklace pendant or brooch.

Gladiatrix Devils
LE Lesser Devils
Gladiatrixes are the infernal servants of Hadriel, sent to Oerth only to aid or punish her followers. In circumstances of persecution of the clergy of a temple in a large metropolitan community, a Gladiatrix may be indefinately assigned to that temple to aid in organizing the resistance and to defend the faithful. Gladiatrixes are not loved by the mortal followers, being savage, hateful and cruel creatures who revel in torture and spreading misery.

The Rotting Lord
LE Infernal Lord of Disease, Pestilence and Plague
Nergal offers his services to the pantheon should any of the gods wish to punish a group of their followers, or their followers' enemies on a grand scale. Almost all Suloise communities have at least a small shrine to this devil where they make offerings in hopes of avoiding the catastrophic results of his anger. The goddess Lydia, and her followers, are engaged in an endless war against Nergal and those affiliated with him. Painmistress Devils
LE Lesser Devils
Painmistresses are servants of Hadriel, and serve the same purpose as Gladiatrixes, but when dealing with smaller threats or lower ranking followers.

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