Adventure Seeds: Stories of the Sheldomar I
Date: Fri, December 07, 2001
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Every city has its tales of young lovers and broken dreams, and Cryllor is no exception. Can the party help two frightened young newlyweds seek their future in spite of the objections of a powerful noble family?

Author: chatdemon

Stories of the Sheldomar I
"Romeo, Romeo"

by chatdemon

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(This is a series of adventure ideas I'm drawing up based on some of the little side treks I've thrown at my players over the years in our Secrets of the Sheldomar campaign. Each should make for a fun 1 or 2 session diversion, or could be developed further into a full fledged campaign plotline. I hope they provide some inspiration and enjoyment. Have at it - chatdemon)

An adventure seed for a party of 4-6 characters of levels 1-3

The Setup: While resting and purchasing supplies in Cryllor, the party is approached by a young Keoish man named Artir Vashden. Artir claims to be a minor cousin of the Eowyn noble family, who has recently married a common girl in a hushed ceremony and now fears his family is unhappy and will take actions to interfere with his relationship. He asks the party to escort him and his bride across the river to the city of Longspear where they may start a new life in peace. He offers a modest compensation in silver coins, the amount of which is left up to the DM to determine.

The Possible Outcomes:

(In all outcomes, Artir and his bride are level 1 commoners who do not engage in combat)

1> Artir his misunderstood his families reaction and grossly overestimated their intent. Non interference is forthcoming, however, depending on the actions of the party while hiring a ferry to Longspear (or depending on the actions of Artir and his bride, Evana, if the DM is feeling mean) the local authorities may become suspicious of the parties nervousness and secrecy. Should this lead to a confrontation, the following statistics should be used for the Cryllor gaurdsmen:

Severt Remden, 1/2Elf male, fighter 2, 17 HP, splintmail, medium shield and mace.

Onika Thalosk, Human female, Wizard 1, 3 HP, has Shield, Sleep and Magic Missile available.

Tyren Iralar, Dwarf male, fighter 1, 9 HP, leather armor and mace.

Olek Werklo, Human male, fighter 1, 10 HP, leather armor and mace.

2>Artir is correct that his family intends to interfere, and as the party attempts to hire a ferry to Longspear, a rogue hired by the family attempts to kidnap Artir. The rogue is careful to wait until the party is in a secluded area of the docks so as to avoid attracting the city watch. Artir will be pummeled into unconsciouness, but not seriously harmed.

Kayara Provos, Human female, rogue 2/monk 1, 12 HP, unarmored, weilds a dagger and is proficient in unarmed combat as fitting a monk of her level.

3>Artir is correct in his suspicions, but has underestimated his families displeasure. An attempt to kidnap him will be made, as above, but the family also intends to have the bride killed, and the assassin (actually a half orc fighter) will gladly kill anyone who interferes as well.

Kayara Provos, Human female, rogue 2/monk 1, 12 HP, unarmored, weilds a dagger and is proficient in unarmed combat as fitting a monk of her level.

Malkai Corvain, 1/2Orc male, fighter 3, 20 HP, studded leather armor and short sword.

Conclusion: If the party succeeds in escorting the couple to Longspear, they are paid the reward agreed upon, and they can also count Artir, who takes on work in a privately owned stables in the city, as a good friend and contact in the future.

If Artir is kidnapped, Evana quietly asks to be taken back to her home in Archer's Bluff, a small village in the Good Hills overlooking the city of Cryllor. This task should take no more than an afternoon for the party to complete, and Evana's family will offer a warm meal and lodging in their barn to the party in return for their kindness.

If Evana is killed, Artir will likely show up again later on begging the party to aid him in seeking revenge for his slain bride on his brother Torik, who is responsible. Artir is still a relatively untrained and incapable combatant, and the Eowyn family is well known to be active in the military and government in Cryllor County, so the party is best advised to try and talk their new friend into a less drastic course of action. Attempts to go to the authorities will ultimately be ignored, since Count Ignas Manz, the lord of Cryllor, is close with the elders of the Eowyn family and doesn't wish to soil his relations with the powerful clan.

Keoland, Yeomanry

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