First Liche of Greyhawk
Date: Wed, March 13, 2002
Topic: Rogue's Gallery

The first lich the World of Greyhawk has ever known? ...perhaps...

Author: geologyrocks

First Liche of Greyhawk
Used with permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission. Arinanin was a Suel noble (-5026 cy) who was freed by Tilorop (a Suel noble), from prison, to aid him in the Second Regent War. In the campaign in the War, Arinanin was destroyed but Tilorop used arcane energy to transform him into the first lich on Oerth.

(-5003 cy) Tilorop and Arinanin mount an attack in the Third Regent War and overthrow the Regency Council. Tilorop is appointed Priest Regent and Arinanin, as a lich, proclaims himself Chief Regent of the Se-Ul. The Time of Darkness begins.

(-4616) The chief houses of the Se-Ul rise up in unison and overthrow the Priest Regent and drive Arinanin into the north. This is the last recorded history of the first lich of Oerth.

Arinanin-b-Koran, Suel Lich

Level/Class: 20th Level Wizard (Lich)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Str :12
Dex : 16
Con : -
Int : 22 (28)
Wis : 14
Chr: 12

Hp : 140
AC : 24
Init: +7
Spd : 30
CR: 24

For: +9
Ref: +12
Wil: +17
  • +5 Natural Armor
  • Touch attack 2d6 +5 dam of negative energy (Will save DC20 for 1/2 damage).
  • Paralyzing Touch (For. save DC20 or be paralyzed permanently)
  • Radiate Fear 120' radius (Wil save DC 20 versus fear (10hd or less))
  • +6 Turn resistance
  • Damage Reduction 20/+2
  • Immune to cold, electricity, Polymorph and mind influenced effects

Scribe scroll, Toughness, combat casting, brew potion, improved initiative, lightning reflexes, quicken spell, heighten spell, maximize spell, spell penetration, craft staff, craft wondrous item.

Skills: (abreviated)
Concentration +24, Knowledge ( history) +31, Alchemy +31, Spell Craft +31, Scry +20


Arinanin should have access to all spells in his extensive spell books.

Headband of Intellect +6
Bracers of Armor +6
Staff of Frost (20th level)
Wand of Lightning (20th level)
Ring of Spell Turning
Suel Binder ( an amulet that acts as a Ring of Djinni Calling but allows the Djinn to stay for 3 hours at a time and is Huge with 21 hit dice)

Suel Lich

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