Lore of the Amedio III: The 'Other' Amedio Gods
Date: Sun, July 07, 2002
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It is commonly thought by sages in the Flanaess that the gods represented in the ruins of Tamoachan, as reported by the expeditions there, are the only deities worshipped by the people of that huge jungle. This is incorrect though, the non-human residents of the jungle, as well as growing numbers of modern Olman people, follow a little known pantheon of gods, described here.

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Lore of the Amedio III: The 'other' Amedio Gods
By chatdemon (corndemon@hotmail.com)
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Ixa - CN (G) Intermediate Goddess of Felines, Feline type Lycanthropes, Rakasta, Rakshasha, Wemics, and Hunting

Ixa (EE-shuh) is worshipped mainly by hunters, trackers and guides in the jungle, though most villages also pay her tribute to keep the jungle's feline predators at bay. She is portrayed as aloof and fickle, and is noted for her intense dislike of the Suloise people.

Favored Weapon - Leopard's Paw (Treat as Blade Gauntlet)
Domains - Animal, Travel, Trickery, Beastmaster, Celerity

Ixel - NG Intermediate Goddess of the Moons, Fertility, Healing, Community, and the Heavens.

Ixel (EE-shell) is considered the mother goddess of the pantheon, and boasts clerics and shamans in almost every village in the jungle. Her followers preside over pregnant women and childbirths, and are generally peaceful, but will take up arms in the defense of their community.

Favored Weapon - Dagger
Domains - Good, Healing, Protection, and Community

Ixabna - LN Greater God of the Sun, War, and Tradition

Ixabna (Ick-SOB-nah) is revered as the lord of battle and the keeper of the sun's flame. His faithful are predominantly males, and tend to be soldiers in the youth, and village leaders as they grow old. It is said that each morning Ixabna pierces the great flame of eternity with a spear and hurls it across the heavens, providing light and warmth for his mortal children, and for that reason, warriors who revere him always carry a spear on their person when entering battle, even if they are proficient in, and using, another weapon.

Favored Weapon - Spear (Long or Short)
Domains - Fire, Law, Strength, Sun, War, Glory

Itzamya - N Lesser God of Magic, Divination and Serpents

Itzamya (its-AHM-yaw) is the reclusive and mysterious patron of diviners, seers and arcane magicians. His worshippers are usually found among the wise women of villages and towns. Residents of the jungle often watch the behavior of snakes ( a practice known as Ophidiomancy) placed in a sacred pit in their village. The Jungle people also consider Wee Jas and Boccob to be heretical names for Itzamyah, since they have little patience with arcanists in general, and foreigners as well, there has been little opportunity to correct this misunderstanding. In order for a jungle native to become an arcane caster, they must kill a serpent (of equal hit dice to their total level) and consume its flesh, this is believed to grant the character the mystic bond with Itzamya that allows them to tap into arcane power. This requirement is waived for 1st level PC Wizards and Bards, and is obviously not required for Sorcerors at all (since it is believed that sorcerors are somehow born with serpent blood in their veins). Any character multiclassing into an arcane class must fulfill this requirement though.

Favored Weapon - Ko (Whip dagger)
Domains - Knowledge, Magic, Divination, Mysticism

Makara - N Intermediate God of Jungles, Marshlands, Reptiles and Reptilian creatures (except snakes)

Makara (mack-ARE-eh) is fully detailed here (link).
Favored Weapon - Spear or Dagger
Domains - Animal, Plant, Water, Beastmaster

Cauchukik - CE Intermediate Goddess of Death, Destruction, Insanity, and the 9 hells.

Cauchukik (COW-chew-kick) is feared and hated by all the jungle's people. She is the bringer of famine, plague and death. Offerings are commonly made to appease her, but actual worship is rare, usually restricted to hermits living away from the villages and towns and only consulted if a tribe feels they have offended the goddess somehow. It is a common belief among the people of the jungle that the ancient Olman people offended Cauchukik by abandoning the worship of this pantheon and following the Olman gods, whom she considered interlopers, and that this is what brought about their downfall. For this reason, the jungle's residents are very cautious and wary of foreign clerics and similar servants of heretic gods.

Favored Weapon - Nepri (a cross between a machete and a sickle, it's basically a long, slightly curved piece of stone or bone, sharpened on the inner edge, and strapped to a wooden handle that runs the length of the outer edge. Holes are piered through the stone or bone to recieve the lashings. Stats: cost: 4gp, dmg: 1d6, critical x2, weight (varies) 2 to 8 pounds, type: S)
Domains - Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Pestilence.

Lotun - LN Lesser Goddess of Flowers, Insects and Insectoid creatures

Lotun (LOW-toon) is the local name for the goddess Bralm, who is fully detailed here (link). The people of the jungle do not venerate Lotun for her industry and community aspects, since those are covered by Ixel, but knowledge gained during the enlightened ages of high science during the Olman empire has taught these folk the symbiotic relationship between insect life and plants, especially flowers. Lotun's faithful are often druids or rangers who tend to the insect life of the jungle and harvest the flowers that are used in making ceremonial and decorative garb. Lotun's followers use the same rules as Bralm's regarding fire.

Favored Weapon - Dagger or Ko (whip dagger) Lotun's followers use the normal rules (described in Bralm's write-up) for poison use by followers of Bralm.
Domains - Animal, Law, Plant, Beastmaster

It may seem that this Pantheon is fairly small, and that is true. Keep in mind however, that the people of the Amedio jungle worship countless spirits that reflect the rest of their religion. Only the actual gods are listed here.

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