A Listing of Drow Vaults in the Flanaess
Date: Sun, August 11, 2002
Topic: Greyhawk Gazetteer

A brief listing of the six drow vaults known in the Flanaess proper...

Author: CruelSummerLord

A Listing of Drow Vaults in the Flanaess



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Respected Iquander,

One has begun to note the presence of the mysterious creatures known as the "drow" in various places across the Flanaess once again. These alien creatures have always been hostile to man and olve, and so it would be worthwhile to identify the various drow vaults I have found in the course of my research. Jevredan's Dream Journey has identified six of these places for the benefit of this letter:

Erelhei-Cinlu: Lurking in a very dangerous, out of the way place deep beneath the Hellfurnaces, which are hostile at the best of times. The most decadent, debauched of the drow vaults. A serious power imbalance has occured in this city since adventurers ravaged the Fane of Lolth in the 570s CY. Since then, Eclavdra and the priesthood of the Elder Elemental God have acted to seize power over a large part of the city.

Erelhei-Tabbanta: The vaults located beneath the Sulhauts are much more insular, and firmly in the grip of Lolth's priestesses. They draw power from the faerzress to grow crops and plants for food, and hunt cave fishers, displacer beasts, subterranean lizards, and others for food. Few outsiders are welcome here-the drow are suspicious and unfriendly.

Erelhei-Kinestan: This vault located beneath the Drachensgrabs in the Pomarj is home to a society of drow famous for their slave-taking. The Slave Lords were noted for their illicit trade with these evil elves during the 570s, and even today, with Turrosh Mak in the prime of his power, it is thought that he sees drow ambassadors from Erelhei-Kinestan. Adventurers who raided the Slave Lords during the 570s CY were the first to encounter these wicked hellspawn.

Erelhei-Roban: This vault supposedly is hidden beneath the Hestmark Highlands between the See of Medegia and Sunndi. Few know what they are like or how they live, but it is thought they are allies with the horrific alien creatues known as aboleth. Drow ambassadors are rumored to have appeared in Overking Xavener's court in Patchwall 591 CY, offering potential alliances against their enemies. I can only dread what this would mean for the people of Onnwal and the elves of Sunndi.

Erelhei-Gwynne: This isolated vault lurks in the Corusk Mountains, far to the north of the Kingdom of Schnai, or the Snow Barbarians. They are thought to command many of the humanoids in that bleak land, raiding the lowlands of the barbarians time and again. Human visitors are accepted, albeit with some restraint and suspicion. Humanoids actually outnumber drow in this vault.

Erelhei-Sikhen: This small vault is located in the Bluff Hills near the bloody fields of Tenh, in the land of the Rovers of the Barrens. Their activities are unknown, but unconfirmed reports tell of an attempted invasion of the Hold of Stonefist in 580 CY by a horde of men and humanoids, which was brutally repelled by Sevvord Redbeard and the Fists. It is thought that the drow of Erelhei-Sikhen organized this raid, and have suffered badly due to its failure. I cannot confirm this, but with the situation in Tenh, they may have some future plans.

I dread the thought of what may come in the future, my friend. Please pass this on to your fellow scholars. As I write this from Rel Mord, I should hope to see a copy of it in your ongoing folio in the Greyhawk Library.

Yours faithfully,
the Brother of the Cruel Summer.

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