The Future of This Week in Greyhawk Fandom; Your Input Needed!
Date: Sat, September 21, 2002
Topic: Canonfire!

The time has come for some changes in the This Week in Greyhawk Fandom newsletter! Please vote for what you'd like to see!
Author: richadmin

The polls are now closed! The fate of TWiGFb has been decided, by you, the Greyhawk fans.

29 people voted, with the votes breaking down as follows:

1> No changes 7 votes

2> Bi-weekly, same format, more content 13 votes

3> Bi-weekly, fancy schmancy pdf format 8 votes

4> You know, TWiGF doesn't interest me 1 vote

While some new features for the newsletter are still in the works, you can view the current issue (as of 25 Sept, 2002) at the TWiGF homepage. Thanks for your feedback, and happy 'hawking!

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