What made Zagyg so mad anyway?
Date: Tue, May 20, 2003
Topic: Heretic's Nest

There's more than one theory about the source of Zagyg's madness, or is it his anger? Come vote in this fun poll and let's find out what the real story is.

Originally submitted as a poll idea, this one is a bit verbose for our poll engine, so it gets its own article!

What made Zagyg so mad?
By Don Tucker
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Okay folks, here's the options, you can vote on your favorite over there to the right. Let's get to the bottom of this and have a little fun!

1) Spent time as an apprentice to Lyzandred the Mad, and suffered from being in Lyzandred's Maze.
2) Zagyg was taught magic by Cairn Hill gnomes and picked up their sense of humor and love of practical jokes.
3) Over-used Fraz Urb Lu's (sp?) rod of illusion and could no longer discern illusion from reality.
4) Having researched esoteric arcane mysteries, he learned things man was not meant to know.
5) His creator, Gygax, was "mad" at TSR and tried to express his frustration in published tongue-in-cheek references.
6) He was actually from another world, and his alien viewpoints made him seem mad to Flanaess natives.
7) He behaved erratically on purpose so that those scheming to overthrow him could never predict his actions.
8) Victim of a psionic attack.
9) Victim of a spell, potion, or magic item that caused the insanity.
10) Inbreeding of the Despotrix line resulted in the occasional "eccentric" personality.

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