Greyhack: Gawds of the Wurld of Oerth, part 1
Date: Wed, November 26, 2003
Topic: Gods & Followers

Greyhack: Wurld of Oerth is blessed with a huge plethora of deities for your zealot to place their faith in, but sadly, Gawds & Demi-Gawds only details a select a few of them. Fear not, though, brave cleric! Grab your holy symbol and explore the rest of Oerth's pantheon!
This issue: Aasterinian, Lesser Gawdess of Gnomes, DragonFairies, Playfulness and Invention

Greyhack: Gawds of the Wurld of Oerth, part 1
By: chatdemon
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Aasterinian (Lesser Gawdess)

AKA: Winged Prankster, Mother of Invention
Turf: Limbo
Armor Class: -8
Move: 15" (40" Fly (A))
Hit Points: 1,892
No. Of Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 1d4 (+6)
Special Attacks: Rainbow Breath
Special Defenses: Per character class
Magic Resistance: 60%
Size: T (1½ feet long)
Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral
Spheres of Control: Playfulness, Invention, Pleasure, DragonFairies
Symbol: An 8 pointed star (The Morning Star)
Cleric: 12th level Cleric
Fighter: Fights as a 10 hit dice creature
Magic-User: 16th level Illusionist
Thief: 14th level Bard
S: 19/99 (+3, +6) D: 23/99 C: 21/99 I: 27/99 W: 21/99 CH: 30 COM: 18/99

Aasterinian, the diminutive Gawdess of playfulness and invention, is a little known deity in most of the lands of Oerth. Primarily worshipped by Pixie Fairies and Gnomes (and of course their cousins the Gnome Titans and Gnomelings), her dogma is one of playful ingenuity, encouraging invention and innovation to make the mundane daily tasks her followers face easier and more enjoyable.

Aasterinian appears as a sickeningly cute Dragonfairie, slightly larger than normal for that species and with huge (for her size) gossamer wings. She fights as a typical example of DragonFairies, though if seriously endangered she will not hesitate to make use of her class skills or her unique breath attack. This breath attack appears as a beam of misty rainbows, and functions in all regards as the Magic-User spell Rainbow Pattern (HackMaster Player?s Handbook page 214) except that the effect can penetrate Obscurement, magical darkness and other effects that would block the spell, and there is no lingering effect afterward (ignore the 1d3 rounds of residual effect that the spell recieves).

Aasterinian avoids the other Dragon Gawds, whom she feels intimidated by, and spends most of her time among the deities of the Gnomes and Pixie Fairie peoples. She holds little interest in the politics and wars of Oerth, caring more for the peace and prosperity of her followers and her own leisure and frivolous pasttimes.

Aasterinian?s Clerics, called Flitterbies among their people, are usually of the DragonFairie, Gnome or Pixie Fairie races, though some Bards and Illusionists of other races pay homage to her when in the lands of her primary worshippers.

Flitterbies and other followers are encouraged to learn a broad spectrum of skills and never spend too much time focused on one task or pursuit. Inventors and innovators who share their creations for the benefit of their people are held in great esteem by the church, as are Illusionists and pranksters with goodhearted senses of humor.

The center of Aasterinian?s worship is in the Gnome and Pixie Fairie enclaves of the Kron hills and Gnarley Forest, but even in those areas, her Clerics are somewhat uncommon.

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