Dreadlands: The Pomarj Peninsula!
Date: Wed, April 28, 2004
Topic: Cartography & Geography

Here is the next in my series of geographically realistic maps, detailing the Flanaess and all its wonders. Finally moving into the Sheldomar Valley proper now, I present the Pomarj Peninsula and its lands of villainy!

Dreadlands: The Pomarj Peninsula!
By: eanondson
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This is the next portion of the Sheldomar Valley map project of mine. It fits directly below the Central Flanaess map found here.

Included in this map is great portion of the Sea of Gearnat, the northwest coast of the Azure Sea, the west coast of Onnwal, the south Wild Coast, most of the Suss Forest. All of the Principality of Ulek and the Pomarj are here as well! Far to the south you'll spot Fairwind Isle and Sybarate Isle of the Sea Princes. I have pictured the islands of the Sea Princes as similar to the large Caribbean islands, in particular Hispaniola, so I added some rugged terrain there.

More than other maps, this one has the greatest portion of its area filled with water. To make things interesting, I drew a barrier reef and sea trench off the coast of Fairwind Isle. You might even spot a few sea mounts here and there.



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