Postfest IV: The Talisman of Zagy
Date: Mon, April 04, 2005
Topic: Spells of Oerth

Uncover the arcane mystery and invariable rumors that cloud the mystery of these strange artifacts originally crafted by the late Zagig Yragerne.

The Talisman of Zagy
By: Gahennachild
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The Talisman of Zagy
As presented by Gahennachild and Duicarthan

In 305 CY, Zagig Yragerne and the Company of Seven entered the Crypt-Maze of Lyzandred the Mad. Making their way past the traps and many guardians that lay within, Zagig and his companions finally reached the outer chamber of the lich Lyzandred.

After some conversation, the lich dismissed all but Zagig, whom he thought as having great potential. So Lyzandred took Zagig on as a student and taught him the wonders of the demiplane and told him of his quest to remove dangerous magical items from those who might abuse them. Zagig stayed on the demiplane for many years learning the variable nature of the plane while increasing his abilities and arcane knowledge. Slowly Lyzandred, saw what others had seen in him, though more pronounced in the young man. The isolation and alien nature of the demiplane were driving Zagig slowly mad. Lyzandred then told Zagig that he had learned all he had needed to and it was time to take this knowledge into the world.

Zagig was still slowly going crazy from being in the demiplane as he stayed with Lyzandred to learn. After learning all he could, Zagig left the demiplane to practice what he been taught. Before leaving the demiplane, Zagig, inspired by Lyzandredís maze-crypt, developed a special talisman to detect magical and mechanical traps and to give its user the ability to right mistakes made with via wishes. It was not until later that Zagig realized that the entropic energies had altered the formula, giving the item a sort of semi-sentience Ė the very same sentience that determines whether the talisman will function for the user.

It was not until later though, that the talismans made by Zagig took on a different twist. Each of these talismans would either have a cursed or beneficial effect on the user. The cursed effect would have those who failed to gain favor with the talisman to be encumbered with a stone of weight that harms the malevolent user. The beneficial effect is that as long as the user received a positive reaction, the stone would transmute into a wondrous diamond after the time expires.

These effects, did not manifest until Zagig, became the demigod, Zagyg and took his hand at controlling the flow of magic, so that each of these rare talismans have been imbued with the essence of Lyzandredís demiplane. All wishes granted from any of these talismans draw the attention of their original creator Zagyg (Zagig Yragerne). Upon the utterance of a wish, the possessor is scryed upon by Lyzandred, and perhaps by Zagyg himself. At which point, Zagyg grants the wish if the userís intentions are adequate to him. If he finds them lacking, however, Zagyg may alter the wish in some deviant or humorous fashion. Favorable wishes are treated as a salient divine ability and are not altered in any way. However, any other wish is treated as an arcane spell, which can be removed via another wish or similar magic.

Talisman of Zagy: minor artifact; strong conjuration; CL 20; Weight 1lb.; DMG pg. 280

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