Postfest IV: Jaran's Prismatic Blade
Date: Mon, April 04, 2005
Topic: Spells of Oerth

From the arcane library of the Mage of the Vale (The Black One) comes a spell from the tome of Exalted Dweomercraft, Jaran's Prismatic Blade!

Jaran's Prismatic Blade
By: Duicarthan
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Jaran’s Prismatic Blade
Level: 9
Range: Personal
Components: V
Duration: 1 round/level
Effect: Personal
Saving Throw: Special

This spell condenses the colors and powers of a prismatic sphere spell into a sword-shaped blade, which appears in the caster’s hand. The blade acts the same as a prismatic sphere and must be removed in the same fashion. The caster is treated as having proficiency with the weapon. Further, the weapon is treated as a +5 enhancement bonus weapon for purposes of hitting.

Historical Background: Following his exile from the Great Kingdom in CY 436, Jaran Krimeah, under the pseudonym The Black One, traveled the Flanaess with many adventuring parties in search of spells and magical protections. It was not until he reached the brutal land of the bandit lords, now called the Bandit Kingdoms that he truly began to detest personal melee combat. It was during this time as court wizard of the bandit lords, that The Black One developed this spell to “even” the playing field against his erstwhile enemies. He modified the verbal incantation of a prismatic sphere spell to summon a blade of the same potent energy to aid his capabilities in melee combat. Though he despised melee combat, the ability to irrevocably destroy potential adversaries enticed him. It was this same ferocity that enamored him to the bandit lords as well as many adventuring parties spanning from the Bandit Kingdoms to the Yeomanry. This spell, along with many others were detailed in a tome of spells, titled Exalted Dweomercraft, a traveling spellbook used by the Black One prior to 584 CY when the tome was stolen. Rumors abound as to the exact location of the tome, but it is known that the Black One would pay a handsome sum to have it returned to him. Those who choose to keep the book from him may very well draw his eternal ire.

Resources: Player’s Handbook, 3.5 Ed., Dungeon Master’s Guide 3.5 Ed. Dragon #241, World of Greyhawk Campaign Setting, and the History of Jaran Krimeah by Rick “Duicarthan” Miller.

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