Postfest IV: Hurricane Bow of the Sea Princes
Date: Mon, April 04, 2005
Topic: Spells of Oerth

Considered by some to be a national treasure, the famed hurricane bow was lost during the greyhawk wars, read on to find out some of the history and powers of this unique magical item.

Hurricane Bow of the Sea Princes
By: C. Wesley Clough, aka cwslyclgh
Used with Permission. Do not repost without obtaining prior permission from the author.

Crafted of the finest wood, horn and bone, layered together brilliantly, and set with precious metals and gems this composite longbow has long been considered a national treasure of the Sea Princes. Originally the property of a Keoish expatriate, a mighty pirate captain who helped to found the fledgling pirate nation, the hurricane bow was passed down from pirate lord to pirate lord for more then a century only to be lost during the confusion when the foul Scarlet Brotherhood struck with its bid for taking over the Hold of the Sea Princes in 584 CY. The bow has not been accounted for since that time, although unconfirmed reports of it being wielded by a bandit leader raising an army in the duchy of Berghof have been circulating for nearly a year.

The Hurricane Bow of the Sea Princes is a +2 distance composite longbow (up to +4 strength bonus can be added to damage). Any creature struck by an arrow fired from the hurricane bow will be affected as if by a Bull Rush attempt in a direct line away from the archer's position, treat the arrow as a large creature with a strength score equal to ten plus the amount of damage dealt by the arrow.

Moderate divination and evocation; CL: 6th; Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, clairaudience/clairvoyance, gust of wind; Market Price: 50,800 gp. Weight: 3lbs.

Previous edition statistics: The Hurricane Bow is a composite longbow +2, that has double the normal range increments in all categories [short, medium, long]. In addition any creature struck by an arrow fired from the hurricane bow must make a Save vs. Wands or be moved ten feet in a direct line away from the shooter.

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