Diary of Inaed Emondav
Date: Tue, April 12, 2005
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The intrigues of court life are rarely honestly documented, and when they are, woe to the hapless adventurers who get caught up in them. This is one such noble secret laid bare, the diary of the sister of Querchard Emondav, Earl of Sterich. What will the the adventurers do with the information it contains?

Diary of Inaed Emondav
By: chatdemon
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Diary of Inaed Emondav
Author: Inaed Emondav, Reevess of Sterich
Type: Mundane small leatherbound handwritten book
Scrivener: None, unique book (1 copy)
Language: Keolandish
Subject: Personal Diary, see notes
Clarity: Very Clear, Int check at +3 to comprehend
Study Time: 1d8 hours
Study Benefit: None, except as noted below
Value: worthless, except as noted below
Notes: This is the daily diary of Reevess Inaed Emondav of Sterich, the deceased sister of Earl Querchard Emondav (1). Aside from rather boring details of daily court life and family matters, the only content of interest is a rather scathing commentary on the romantic interests of her brother. The diary goes so far as to accuse Querchard of aldutery, naming the young noblewomen involved. Accusations are made of blackmail and bribery in some of the cases, and the content of the book as a whole would be quite embarassing to the Earl, who has taken great steps to ensure popularity among the nobles of his land.
The book has been missing for some time, since shortly after Inaed's death (2) in Harvester of 569, but the Earl and his agents have heard enough rumors of its content to be actively seeking it. If it is learned that a PC has possession of the tome, a quiet but respectable offer for its purchase will be made, actual amount is left to the DM to decide based on his campaign's economy. PCs who refuse will be harassed by thugs and bullies now and then until the book is recovered by the Earl's men or the party leaves Sterich.

(1) In the court of Sterich, members of the Earl's family (except the Earl himself, his wife and heir) take the nominal title Reeve/Reevess. The Earl's wife holds the title Contessa, and his heir is addressed as Ardreeve.

(2) Inaed is not really dead. After her brother's marriage to Resbin Dren, Inaed shared the secrets recounted in her diary with the new Contessa. In recent years, Resbin and Querchard have grown noticeably distant, and some observers suspect that Resbin has aspirations of power herself. To protect Inaed, and possibly further her own agenda, Resbin aided her sister in law in staging her own death. Inaed now lives hidden in the temple of Lydia in Istivin, with the aid of a magical disguise and an assumed name.

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Inaed Emondav (Elise Maldrik in Istivin)
4th level Nuetral Cleric, female, age 31; ST 7, DE 11, CO 10, IN 10, WI 16, CH 12; HP 42; AC 7 (Leather); Money: 19 GP; Items: None of note

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