Postfest V, Part II: Admiral's Day
Date: Tue, August 09, 2005
Topic: Peoples & Culture

The fleet is in and it is time to celebrate all things nautical! Admiral's Day gives the navies of the Flanaess their due.

Admiral's Day
By: Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung
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Date: 7th Wealsun (Varies)
Location: Oakenhart (Sea Barons), Rel Astra (Aerdi), Willip (Furyondy), Gradsul (Keoland)
Type: Military

Admiralís Day is a celebration of all things nautical. It was originally celebrated exclusively in the islands of the Sea Barons, reflecting that landís proud naval history. It was later adopted in Rel Astra, a city with its own substantial interest in the sea. Admiralís Day celebrations have since been adopted as far afield as Willip on the Nyr Dyv and Gradsul, chief port of the Kingdom of Keoland. Wherever it is celebrated, Admiralís Day takes on a distinctly local character, generally celebrating the naval accomplishments of the area. There is no specific "admiral" after whom the holiday is named. The name was general among the Sea Barons and a reference to their traditional role as admirals of the navy of the Great Kingdom. In other places, the name is generic.

Admiralís Day activities begin with a review of the fleet, where the ships of the royal, ducal or what-have-you navy sail past a reviewing area under full sail and with the majority of the crew standing to arms at the railing. Boat, ship or yacht races are, thereafter, the feature of the day. In Gradsul, river races are also held on the Sheldomar among single, two man, four man and crewed racing shells, with much betting on the proceedings. Horse races may also feature in the dayís events. The Rel Astran Derby is perhaps the most renowned. Admiralís Day ends with the Admiralís Ball, a formal function exclusively the province of the nobility with high ranking military officers of the navy as honored guests. Merchants or guildsmen with substantial maritime ventures will often sponsor an Admiralís Day ball of their own where ship captains and lesser officers are feted. At the lowest rung of society, there is a general debauch. When the fleet having been at sea newly makes port on Admiralís Day, the carousing may reach epic proportions.

Akin to Admiralís Day are the so-called "Fleet Weeks" that occur when a fleet will make port and grant the sailors liberty. The Furyondian Navy is notorious for the Fleet Weeks in Dyvers, Leukish and Radigast City, when a fleet or squadron, having been on anti-pirate patrol on the Nyr Dyv, makes port in an allied nation or city-state after an extended time at sea. The sailors at liberty waste no time in reacquainting themselves with the comforts they went without while at sea. Drunken revelry keeps the local constabulary very busy. The City of Greyhawk, using the excuse that it is more a river city and thus cannot accommodate so many warships at one time within its anchorage, has banned Furyondian Fleet Week after the notorious events of 577 CY when much of the city was nearly consumed by rioting sailors having partaken of too much good cheer.

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