Characters of Jurnre and the County of Ulek
Date: Fri, June 23, 2006
Topic: Rogue's Gallery

Descriptions of eight characters that may be important in seeing the future of the County of Ulek and the World of Greyhawk to a brighter end than now seems possible. Character updates for the Fhoi Myore campaign, set in 591 CY.

Lady Caitlin, Court Wizard is the wife of Meliander Corthan, who held the position of Court Wizard before he disappeared in 582 CY. Upon her accession to the post shortly thereafter, she had to deal with the invasion from the Pomarj of "General" Turmosh Mak and his horde of humanoids - with most of Ulek's forces away to the north, the County and Principality found themselves in an unenviable position. Together with Knight Marshal Lachlan, she managed to inspire the folk of Ulek to resist the invaders.
Today, nine years later and in her mid 30s, Lady Caitlin is well regarded as the Court Wizard. Lady Caitlin still holds out hope for her husband's return, and has not remarried.

Lady Caitlin seldom makes overt use of her magical skills, instead preferring to rely on her insight and charm. She has made several enemies amongst the more fanatical in the military and church, although Count Lewenn and his heir Lady Paeneitha are strong supporters of their wizard. Caitlin splits her time between the Royal Court and a tower constructed by her husband in the Silver Wood.

Adventurers in the County are likely to find Caitlin sympathetic and an occasional source of commissions, as she has a wide ranging network of informants keeping her up to date on events throughout the western portion of the Flanaess.

Teresa Corthan was born in 581 C.Y, and has no conscious memory of her father, which greatly grieves her mother. She is training in the Bardic College of Ulek, although Teresa has not yet settled on her discipline, absorbing skills in learning, music and magic extremely well.

Branagh is one of the younger masters of the Bardic College of Ulek. He is highly intelligent and charming, but has a selfish streak that may undermine what he achieves for the county. He is a master of song, oratory and history, especially the history of magic. On occasion, he travels on expeditions to research some piece of lore or another, mostly with a few mercenaries he has hired for the purpose.

It is rumoured that Branagh is in contact with the rogue wizard Lochiel, once a pupil of Lady Caitlin's, but banished from the County Ulek for unknown reasons.

Raina is a senior librarian of the Bardic College and rather wedded to her job. She has a love of new knowledge that is only paralleled by her fear of venturing outside Jurnre - or her library! She is often the first person visitors to the library will meet, and will happily engage them in conversation for hours as she tries to learn everything they know. If the visitor can get a word in sideways, they find that she has an enormous store of knowledge - in addition to remembering everything she hears, she knows where most of the books are kept.

Huntmaster Haldir
is the leader of the elven rangers of the Silverwood. He was captured by the Priests of Chaos when they first became active, and after being rescued became a strong voice in demanding action be taken against them. However, as they went quiet after their initial activity, he found himself the lone voice suggesting such action. With their recent resurgence, he is likely to find more support.

Lady Paenaitha is the orphaned niece of Count Lewenn - in fact, the count has never married - and in recent years has become his adopted daughter and heir. Well, as much of an heir as is possible in the County, where the druidical circles have final say in who becomes Count.

Her initial tomboyish ways have somewhat ameliorated, and she has been studying with the druids. That she displays some talent for the druidical arts is not in doubt, nor that she is drawn towards the faith of Ehlonna. This may prove troublesome down the path. Count Lewenn honours Berei above other deities, and the druids of Beory and Obad-hai are jealous of their diminished stature.

The halfling knight Savy is her protector and champion. A veteran of many adventures, Savy is occasionally sent on missions that Paenaitha considers important. (A recent example of this was during the recent incursion into the Bright Desert by forces loyal to Rahotep, a evil being from another plane).

Paenaitha is a NG Human Druid 3 or thereabouts - she certainly can scribe her own druidical scrolls, and sent some as a present to Sionaid of Copperleaf, with whom she is friendly.

She is most friendly with the Leafsisters of Ehlonna that live in the Oakhurst barony, along with members of the Baron's court there. She wants to discover what happened to Willem of Copperleaf, who disappeared during the last incursion of the Fhoi Myore, but her studies and position preclude her from doing more at this time.

Sionaid of Copperleaf
is the younger daughter of the cantankerous Baron Copperleaf. With her recent kidnapping by the Priests of Chaos, Baron Copperleaf has become even more disaffected with the Count and the druidic hierarchy, and has threatened to secede from the County!

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