Postfest X(Brewfest 2009): The White Feather Inn
Date: Mon, April 06, 2009
Topic: Greyhawk Gazetteer

Sitting on a muddy side street, just off the Marlbridge road sits a small well kept inn. Wedged between a blacksmith and a stable, the building is three stories of whitewashed timber and pale gray brick; small windows peek out from under the wide eaves. A weathered sign showing a large white feather overlaying a tankard creaks in the light breeze.

The White Feather Inn:
A Travellers Rest In Shiboleth

The White Feather Inn has been a fixture in Shiboleth for over two hundred years. The inn is convenient to caravans and merchants travelling the great north road, and is popular for the comfortable beds. The prices are excellent, and the stable next door can hold 50 wagons and horses (it, like the inn, extends completely through the block). 

When you step through the door, the room is comfortable and cool, which is surprising as a cheery fire is burning in the large hearth. Comfortable chairs surround the hearth, and over a dozen large round tables are scattered throughout the room, each with eight comfortable and well crafted wooden chairs. A second glance reveals that the room is much larger than one would expect from the street, and stretches around the corner. The interior is lit with smokeless lamps and a long polished bar stands to the left, behind which are numerous beverages in casks, kegs and bottles. The floor is freshly swept, and several young women are distributing food, glasses and tankards to the patrons. Behind the bar stands a white haired man filling a glass with pale wine, a clean apron tied around a stout frame.

Merchants and tradesmen of all types gather at the tables, and the hubbub of comfortable conversation can be heard. Also, scattered around the room are small knots of older men, wearing sashes of various colors, but all showing a patch with the Shield of the March. These men appear to be friendly and jovial, and have the air of permanent residents. A few of these men wear clubs at their belts, but these are the only weapons in evidence.

The inn has seating for over 100 patrons, and is often filled to capacity, as several “veterans companies,” use it as a meeting place, including the Shiboleth 5th Horsed and the Souldern Legion. These veterans are warm and friendly, glad to have the trade from the road. They are a semi-formal military unit with a chain of command, and their commander, Onwrith Lertan, does not tolerate brawling. Rather, every night, four of the group are assigned as “marshalls,” and they aid the staff in keeping order if there is a problem with a patron. For this, their long winded stories about the glory days are tolerated. However, problems are rare, as it is a friendly place, and not one that attracts those that seek trouble.

The city of Shiboleth has always been a trade center, and caravans carrying Shiboleth Red Silk to the west often begin the trail at the White Feather. Those carrying exquisite spices or other trade goods south to Keoland often make a point to stop. There is always good ale and a friendly game of dice or cards. The White Feather is one of the only inns in town which can handle multiple caravans, and the drovers like to be able to exchange recent news of what lies ahead on the road. Iudrel, is a veteran of the 5th Horsed, and he tries to coordinate the guests so that a north bound caravan stays on the same nights as a south bound caravan. This type of courtesy keeps his common room filled, and news is constantly circulating.

The White Feather offers all food and beverages at Players Handbook Prices. However, all items are of a superior grade, and this makes the inn equally popular. They generally stock certain Keoish Red Wines, and for a little more, red or white wines from Duchy of Hethiye (near to Geoff), can be had. Ale is brewed locally, though other regional vintages can be had for a few coppers more, both Keoish and Marcher. The bar stocks a few exotics, such as wines from Celene and the Ulek states can be had. However, these are little called for, as demi-humans are rare, unless they happen to be from one of the veteran companies (and there are a few, mainly half-elves and gnomes). There are also several unique bottles behind the bar which contain unusual spirits from lands such as Zeif, and some merchants request these, though they are sold by the tumbler and are frightfully expensive.

Meals are excellent, and complaints are rare. This is helpful as the “chef,” is a vicious tempered man named Gwynwyn who is very prideful about his cooking. Gwynwyn is a halforc, though his human parentage is dominant, and he is rarely recognized as such.

Besides the common room, the White Feather also has a private dining room, 12 private bed rooms (sleeping 2 (1gp)), 10 group sleeping rooms (sleeping 4 (3 sp per bed)), and two common sleeping rooms (20 cots (5cp each). In total the inn can board over 100 persons, and often do. The inn also has an arrangement with the stable next door to handle patrons horses as very reasonable prices.

It is a poorly kept secret that the White Feather is owned by the Knights of the Watch. The Knights use the White Feather as a hostel for travelling Knights (as they have no fortress in Shiboleth), and as a place to gather information. While it is commonly known that the Knights own the inn, most do not realize that the staff are all very capable listeners who provide detailed reports to the Knights. These reports are generally more of road conditions, rumors from other lands (particularly the Baklunish regions) and political sentiment. Rarely do they monitor individuals unless something specific calls they to the staffs attention.

The staff is aware that other inns, or similar institutions are owned by the Knights in towns throughout the Sheldomar, though only Irudel knows any specific locations. In addition to a watcher, Irudel can provide money changing and banking services on behalf of the Knights. He can loan surprising amounts, based upon the purse of the Knights of the Watch. To a Knight of the Watch, he can loan up to 10,000 gp. To a noble or temple, he can loan up to 7,500 gp. To a citizen of the March he can loan up to 5,000 gp. These loans are up to his discretion, and loans are never made without a pledge of collateral. Irudel is an astute judge of character, and is cautious of making a loan that cannot be repaid.

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