Revised & Expanded Druid Spell List
Date: Wed, January 28, 2009
Topic: Spells of Oerth

This article uses fifteen sources spanning thirty years to compile a comprehensive list of nearly four hundred druid spells from First and Second Editions.  I have edited the spells to select the best variants and assign the most appropriate levels.

The original version of this article (Revised Druid Spell List) presented a list of all the spells I found suitable for druids, drawing from the four most fundamental sources in First and Second Edition: both Player's Handbooks, Unearthed Arcana, and the Tome of Magic.  The purpose was twofold: first, to synthesize First and Second Editions with a unified vision of druids.  Second, to build a comprehensive spell list, so as to allow different subsets of spells for druids of different patron Powers (e.g., Obad-Hai, Beory, Ehlonna) or faiths (Flan, Oerid, Tuov).  While the first goal was accomplished within the article itself, the second was intended for a subsequent article.  As I labored over the subsequent article, I decided to expand the list of source materials in order to have more spells to choose from and to further highlight the differences between druids.  

This article uses peripheral sources to add more spells to the comprehensive list.  In addition to the four core references, sources now include, in order of publication (1), "Leomund's Tiny Hut" (in Dragon #58), Isle of the Ape, Greyhawk Adventures, The Monstrous Manual, "Arcane Lore" (in Dragon #205), The Complete Druid's Handbook, The Player's Option: Spells & Magic, Faiths & Avatars, Powers & Pantheons, Demihuman Deities, and a spell from the Mystic Class by David Prata (in Footprints #11), for a total of fifteen sources spanning thirty years of print.  The list is by no means exhaustive, but is composed of the sources currently available to me and yields a total of nearly four hundred spells.

The approach of this article is to incorporate all spells from the fifteen sources listed above that I believe are appropriate for druid casters.  This results in 35 to 76 spells per spell level, counting reversed forms.  I have selected the spells for their "druid feel," independently of their Sphere, so as to not leave out spells simply because they fall in the "wrong" Sphere or include inappropriate spells simply because they fall in the "right" Sphere.  Furthermore, I follow the 1E convention of adjusting the level of many healing spells to make druids less potent healers than non-druid priests. 

In First Edition, druids are a sub-class of clerics, but are highly distinct from other clerics, having their own spell advancement and spell list separate from clerical spells.  Druids have many spells and abilities that other clerics lack, but are not as effective at supporting and healing PC's as other clerics are.
Second Edition introduces the concept of spell Spheres as a means of customizing priests, by giving each faith-specific priest access to a certain limited number of Spheres (while the generic cleric of undetermined mythos has access to many more Spheres).  In 2E, druids are "folded into" the class of priests, sharing the same spell advancement rate and a common list of spells.  Their unique spell selection is represented by their access to certain Spheres, which is meant to serve as a model for DM's to design other mythos-specific selections of Spheres.

While a sound idea in principle, 2E created three basic problems for the practical application of the concept of druids.  First, the placement of druid and priest spells into common Spheres made some spells that had previously been reserved for druids available to any cleric.  Second, and more egregiously, the Spheres permitted to druids, and the particular definition of which spells fell into which Spheres, removed from druids the ability to use spells that had previously been used exclusively by them, even while non-druid priests were now allowed to use these hallmark druid spells.  Third, by unifying the spell lists and spell levels of druid and non-druid priests, 2E made druids much more effective at healing than they had been in 1E, eliminating one important distinction between them and other priests. 

Thus, 2E removed much of the "flavor" and distinctiveness of druids, by making other priests more like druids and by making druids more like other priests (for a more detailed discussion of particularly problematic spells, see Appendix III).

My own solution for this is to ignore the limitations of Spheres when selecting druid spells, using them as guidelines rather than fixed rules.  I have reviewed the spells found in the fifteen sources listed above.  I have selected all the spells that I believe are appropriate for druids, without considering their Spheres, to arrive at the list of spells given below. 

It is important to note that any particular druid will not have access to all of these spells.  Instead, the faith or patron Power of the druid will determine which subset of these spells is available.  Thus, my approach is to completely tailor the spells permitted to a druid character based on the druid's Patron, while selecting from a general list of druid spells rather than all priest spells.

One of the largest differences between First and Second Edition druids is their access to healing magic.  I favor the "one level greater than non-druid priests" for spells that heal instantly, and that cure magical conditions such as curses.  In contrast, I have left at their stated level those spells that accentuate natural healing, or treat poison, natural disease, weakness, fatigue, or death. 

Spells that I treated as "level plus one" were

(1 but halved effectiveness) Orison (of healing)
(1+1) Cure Light Wounds
(2+1) Cure Moderate Wounds
(3+1) Cure Blindness or Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis,
     Repair Injury

(4+1) Cure Serious Wounds
(5+1) Cure Critical Wounds
(6+1) Dance of Life, Heal

I left Regeneration, Reincarnation, and Restoration at their base level (7) because although they are magical healing, they are already at the level limit for druid spells and so could not be placed a level higher.

More "natural" spells that were listed with their base priest level unchanged were

(1) Dispel Fatigue
(2) Feign Death, Fortifying Stew, Goodberry, Nap, Restore Strength,
     Slow Poison

(3) Accelerate Healing, Cure Disease, Hold Poison, Renewed Youth
(4) Neutralize Poison, Suspended Animation, Tree Nap
(5) Raise Dead, Royalberry, Tree Healing
(7) Breath of Life 

I left Support at its base level (4) as it does not actually heal, but helps power the healing of another.

In PH1, Neutralize Poison is a third level spell, while in PH2 it is fourth level.  If the campaign includes the spell Hold Poison (from Spells & Magic), I suggest that Neutralize Poison be fourth level, so that the progression is (1) Detect Poison, (2) Slow Poison, (3) Hold Poison, (4) Neutralize Poison (R).  If the campaign does not include Hold Poison, I suggest keeping Neutralize Poison as fourth level, but allowing the reversed form at third level for druids, so the sequence would be (1) Detect Poison, (2) Slow Poison, (3) Poison, (4) Neutralize Poison.  If the campaign draws on all the sources used in this article, the complete poison sequence would be

(1) Detect Poison, Orison - Resistance to Poison
(2) Handfang, Poison Touch, Slow Poison
(3) Hold Poison
(4) Cloud of Pestilence, Neutralize Poison, Poison

Druids and Reversed Spells
Druids are the quintessential agents of Balance.  Their strict Neutrality ensures that they sometimes undertake actions others would consider Good, and sometimes commit actions that others would consider Evil, all with an eye to preserving the Balance.  They are capable of healing and harming, blessing and cursing, as suits their purpose.  Most druids should have unlimited access to the reversed forms of most spells.  One exception is druids of Ehlonna, who would hesitate in casting harmful spells on sentient creatures.  But by and large, most druids should have no reluctance about using spells to curse, poison, or cause wounds or disease.  In the spell tables below, (R) indicates the spells with reversed forms available to druids.
Most reversed spells are harmful versions of beneficial spells.  However, many divination spells have reversed forms that serve to obscure or deceive.  Druids are not known for their abilities at illusion or deception, and indeed some druids would consider creating a "false nature" to be sacrilegious!  I suggest that druids do not have access to Undetectable Charm, Undetectable Alignment, or False Seeing (the reversed forms, respectively, of Detect Charm, Detect Alignment, and True Seeing).  Similarly, I suggest druids do not receive the normal spell Hallucinatory Forest, but receive instead the reversed form counter-spell, Reveal Wood.

Spell Lists
First Level Spells (62 spells)
Animal Friendship
Anti-Vermin Barrier
Banish Flame
Beast Tattoo
Blessed Watchfulness
Call Upon Faith
Calm Animals
Circle of Faith
Create Water (R)
Detect Balance
Detect Disease
Detect Living
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Detect Snares & Pits
Dispel Fatigue
Endure Cold
Endure Heat
Faerie Fire
Frost Fingers
Ice Walk
Invisibility to Animals
Keen Eye
Know Age
Know Direction
Know Time
Light (R)
Locate Animals or Plants
Log of Everburning
Magical Stone
Motes of Moonlight
Nature's Blessing (R)
Of this Oerth Only
Pass without Trace
Predict Weather
Purify Food & Drink (R)
Reed Staff
Sacred Guardian
Speak with Animals
Strength of Stone
Wailing Wind
Water Sprint
Wind Column

Notes on Spells of First Level
Create Water is second level in UA, but first level in PH2.  I believe first level is more appropriate.
Of the three variants of first level alignment detection spells, I find Detect Balance (from UA) to be the most appropriate for druids.  It automatically gives the druid caster a rough idea of how strongly non-Neutral an object or creature is.  The PH2 version must be memorized separately as either Detect Evil or Detect Good and typically does not reveal character alignment.  The TM spell Analyze Balance works on characters and gives specific information about how far removed a creature is from Neutral, but only along one axis specified by the caster and with only a percent chance of success.
Circle of Faith is herein a variant of the aligned spells Ring of Hands (TM) and Ring of Woe (TM).  It acts as a combined Protection from Evil and Protection from Good but with modifiers on attacks and saves as -1/2 and +1/2 per individual druid (round up).

Dispel Fatigue (SM), as a spell affecting energy level and not healing per se, may be taken by druids at normal level.

Fortitude is herein a more general form of the shamanic spell Fortitude of Uthgar (PP).  Unlike the Uthgardt spell, Fortitude does not require that the target carry a beast totem token, nor that he or she be a member of the caster's tribe.  Its duration is much reduced, being only one hour per caster level, and its casting time is one round.  Otherwise it is the same. 

In both PH1 and UA, Locate Animals is a first level spell while Locate Plants is second level.  PH2 combines these into the single first level spell Locate Animals or Plants, which I believe is an appropriate simplification.
I believe it is appropriate for druids to have access to the first level spell Light, but not the third level Continual Light.  Certainly the sun is part of nature and a focus of worship for druids, as are the cycles of light and darkness.  But druids would not worship an unchanging sun to the exclusion the darkness, that is, they would not worship an archetypal Sun God.

Nature's Blessing is a herein renamed version the same in all other details as Bless.  The reverse is Nature's Curse.

Of the Orisons specifically delineated in SM, I would suggest the following be usable by druids: Alleviate, Calm, Clarity, Courage, Guidance, Healing (costs two Orisons for one point of healing as it is magical healing), Memory, and Resistance to Poison.  I suggest that druids do not have access to the Orisons of Magic Sense or Resistance to Magic.
Of this Oerth Only is herein a variant of the aligned spells Protection from Evil and Protection from Good.  It acts simultaneously as both of those spells but with modifiers on attacks and saves as -1 and +1.

Predict Weather is a PH1 first level druidic spell that is not on the cleric lists and which yields foreknowledge of the weather for two hours per druid level into the future.  The spell is absent from PH2, but it reappears in 2E as a third level spell in SM, with the same name but with a much increased duration of 1 day per level.  I favor the use of both spells, but with the third level version herein re-titled Extended Forecast.  A first level version called Weathertell was later added to 2E in PP.  The forecast it allows is only one hour per level, but the spell reveals whether magic is currently affecting the weather at the time of casting.  I favor the use of Predict Weather by Flan druids, Weathertell by Oeridian druids, and Extended Forecast by both.

In PH1, druids receive Purify Water as a first level spell, but never gain the ability to purify food.  I think the first level Purify Food and Drink in PH2 is more appropriate.
In PH1, Speak with Animals is a first level spell, but PH2 raised it to second level.  While I believe second level is appropriate for non-druid priests, the special affinity of druids for animals renders it suitable as a first level druid spell.  It also makes a nice complement to the first level Animal Friendship, as that permits friendship but not communication, while Speak with Animals allows communication but does not ensure friendship.

For discussion of Weathertell, see Predict Weather above.

Second Level Spells (60 spells)
Acorn Barrage
Alicorn Lance
Animal Spy
Arboreal Scamper
Aura of Comfort
Banish Blight
Beast Claw
Charm Person or Mammal
Chilling Scythe
Create Holy Symbol
Cure Light Wounds (R)
Death Prayer
Detect Charm
Draw upon Power Primeval
Dust Devil
Earth Anchor
Feign Death
Fire Trap
Flame Blade
Fortifying Stew
Frost Whip
Gift of Speech
Goodberry (R)
Heat Metal (R)
Iron Vigil
Mystic Transfer
Natural Attunement
Poison Touch
Produce Flame
Protection from Aging
Resist Acid and Corrosion
Resist Fire/Resist Cold
Restore Strength
Slow Poison
Snake Charm
Soften Earth and Stone
Warp Wood (R)
Watery Fist
Wind Lash
Wood Sword

Notes on Spells of Second Level
Bounty is the Chauntean spell Favor of the Goddess (FA), herein renamed to have more generic association and applicability.

Create Holy Symbol (TM), when used by druids, does not have the effect of creating a permanent holy symbol from nothing.  Instead, it has two different functions.  It can call forth a sprig of lesser mistletoe (see PH1 p. 54) to appear from nothing, but this is not permanent.  Instead, the plant rapidly dries and withers.  Six hours after its summoning, it is treated as borrowed mistletoe.  After twelve hours, while still being mistletoe, it functions as holly.  After eighteen hours, it is the equivalent of oak leaves, and after a full day it can no longer serve as a holy symbol.  The second function of the spell occurs in conjunction with the harvesting of greater mistletoe by the proscribed method.  When the druid casts Create Holy Symbol on harvested greater mistletoe, it acts to preserve the mistletoe, keeping it fresh, green, and alive for one full year.  While the plant is carried on the person of the druid, it makes saves as the druid would if they would be better than that of a living plant.    

Cure Light Wounds, as a "magical healing" spell, is treated as "level plus one", or second level.
Draw Upon Power Primeval is a herein renamed and unaligned version of Draw Upon Holy Might (TM).

Feign Death is treated as a second level spell in PH1 and as third level spell in PH2.  Given the strong association of druids with cycles of life and death, I think it is appropriate for them to receive it at the lower level.
Fortifying Stew (CDH) and Goodberry (UA, PH2) are both healing spells, but their strong association with nature and the fact that the maximum number of points healed does not exceed that of cure light wounds argue for them remaining at second level.

Nap (TM) does not magically heal so much as it accentuates natural healing, so I feel it appropriate for druids to receive at its base second level.

Restore Strength (SM), as a spell affecting energy level and not healing per se, may be taken by druids at base level.

Sanctify (TM) may be cast by druids, but not the reversed form, Defile.  A Sanctify cast by a druid would create bonuses for others to turn undead, even if those were useless to the caster herself.  For example, if a druidess of Beory created holy ground through the use of Sanctify, she would still not be able to turn undead, but a priestess of Beory would then be able to turn undead as one level higher in the sanctified area.

Slow Poison (UA, PH2), as a spell involving poison, is taken at its base second level and not "level plus one" as for magical healing spells.

Third Level Spells (59 spells)
Accelerate Healing
Archer's Redoubt
Call Lightning
Create Campsite (R)
Cure Disease (R)
Cure Moderate Wounds (R)
Ease Labor (R)
Efficacious Monster Ward
Everfull Quiver
Extended Forecast
Find Sustenance
Flame Shield
Flame Walk
Hold Animal
Hold Poison
Know Alignment
Mold Touch
Moon Blade
Nature's Eyes
Pass without Trace, 10' Radius
Plant Growth
Protection from Cold
Protection from Fire
Reflecting Pool
Renewed Youth (R)
Shape Wood
Slow Rot (R)
Spike Growth
Stone Shape
Storm Shield
Summon Animal Spirit
Summon Insects
Water Breathing (R)
Water Walk
Wheel of Bones
Wind Blast
Wind Servant
Zone of Sweet Air

Notes on Spells of Third Level
Accelerate Healing (TM) does not magically heal; rather it accentuates natural healing.  Thus it is received at its base third level.
Cure Disease is essentially for treating natural disease, and so is received at the base third level.

Cure Moderate Wounds (SM), as a "magical healing" spell, is treated as "level plus one", or third level.
Note that the third level Fortify is from Spells & Magic and is used to make a site easier to defend.  It is not the fourth level Fortify from the Tome of Magic that is used by one priest to help power the healing spells of another, and which is herein renamed Support so as not to be confused with its namesake.

Hold Poison (SM), as a spell that affects poison, is received at base level.

In PH1, clerics receive a long-duration, reversible Know Alignment as a second level spell while druids receive a short-duration, non-reversible Know Alignment as a third level spell.  In PH2 there is only one spell, of second level, but unwilling recipients receive a saving throw.  For druids, I prefer the PH1 version in all details; shorter duration, higher casting level, no saving throw, and no reversed form available.
Reflecting Pool is given in UA as a second level spell, but I believe that is too low for a spell of such power.  In PH1, the spell is fourth level, which I think is too high.  Herein I list the spell as third level.

Fourth Level Spells (76 Spells)
Age Plant
Amber Prison
Animal Sight
Animal Summoning I
Bag of Winds
Blessed Warmth
Call Woodland Beings
Calm Winds
Circle of Privacy
Clear Air
Cloud of Pestilence
Control Temperature
Cure Blindness/Deafness (R)
Dead March
Detect Animal Attacker
Dispel Magic
Find Companion
Fire Purge
Giant Insect (R)
Hold Plant
Hurl Thunderbolt
Ice Blade
Log to Lizard (R)
Lower Water (R)
Neutralize Poison (R)
Oars to Snakes (R)
Plant Door
Plant Lance
Produce Fire (R)
Protection from Lightning
Reaving Blades
Remove Curse (R)
Remove Paralysis
Repair Injury
Repel Insects
Reveal Wood
Smoke Ghost
Speak with Plants
Sticks to Snakes (R)
Striking Wave
Suspended Animation
Swirling Scythes
Tanglefoot (R)
Thorn Spray
Tree Nap
Tree Steed
Unfailing Endurance
Weather Stasis

Notes on Spells of Fourth Level
Bag of Winds is herein a more generic name for the Shaundakun spell Gauntlet of Winds (FA).

In the PH2 description of Cure Blindness or Deafness it says that the spell does not work on sense organs damaged by disease.  I take this to mean that it is primarily designed to heal magical deafness or blindness, and as such counts as a "magical healing", and is "level plus one" spell.  Thus, I have listed it for druids as a fourth level spell, not the third level that it would be for non-druid priests.

In PH1, Dispel magic is cast as third level for clerics but fourth for druids, while the spell is simply third level in PH2.  I think that in keeping with the lesser facility druids have with abjuration magic, the spell should be listed as fourth level for druids.
Neutralize Poison (R) - see the discussion on Poison at the start of the article.

Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis (both UA, PH2), and Repair Injury (SM) are all "magical healing" spells, and so are treated as "level plus one".  Druids have access to all of these as fourth level spells.
Reveal Wood is the reversed form of Hallucinatory Forest.  Its only use is to counter the normal form.
In PH1, Sticks to Snakes is a fourth level spell for clerics but is fifth level for druids.  In PH2 it is a fourth level Plant Sphere spell.  Given the druidic affinity for both plants and animals, I think that druids should receive the spell at fourth, at least as low a level as non-druid clerics do.

Support is just the fourth level Fortify spell from the Tome of Magic that is used by one priest to help power the healing spells of another, and which is herein renamed so as not to be confused with the third level Fortify spell from Spells & Magic that is used to make a site easier to defend. 

Suspended Animation (SM), as basically a more powerful version of Feign Death, can be taken by druids at its normal level.  Although there is magical healing involved, its role in the spell is so minor as to not warrant the "level plus one" treatment.

Fifth Level Spells (56 spells)
Age Object (R)
Air Walk
Animal Growth (R)
Animal Summoning II
Animate Flame
Anti-Plant Shell 10' Radius
Blessed Abundance
Clear Path (R)
Cloud of Purification
Commune with Nature
Control Vapor
Control Winds
Cure Serious Wounds (R)
Elemental Forbiddance
Flame Strike
Greater Touchsickle
Insect Plague
Moon Path
Nature's Charm
Pass Plant
Produce Ice
Raise Dead (R)
Restore Balance
Rising Rot
Spike Stones
Spring Mastery
Storm Cone
Strengthen Stone
Time Pool
Transmute Rock to Mud (R)
Tree Healing
True Seeing
Unceasing Vigilance of the Faithful Sentinel
Wall of Fire

Notes of Spells of Fifth Level
A druid capable of casting fifth level spells has no personal need for either Clear Path or its reverse Clutter Path, as druids at 3rd level gain the ability to move at full movement rate regardless of terrain and without leaving a discernible trail.  However, a druid might at some point wish to extend one of these abilities to companions who are not Initiates by means of these spells.

Even though Cure Serious Wounds is fourth level for both clerics and druids in PH1, I believe that this is an oversight and that, like CLW and CCW, it should be "level plus one" for druids, that is, fifth level.
Flame Strike is not a druid spell in PH1, and in PH2 it was placed in the Combat Sphere (not accessible to druids).  However, I think it could easily be placed in the Elemental and Elemental Fire Spheres as well, and that it should be accessible to druids, given their affinity for fire.
Raise Dead is a difficult call, since most druids would prefer Reincarnation.  Also, one must decide whether it falls in the "natural disease and death" camp at base level or the "magical healing" camp at "level plus one".  Ultimately, I favor treating it as base fifth level spell.  However, I think it would be avoided by many, if not most druidic orders, and only allowed to those most closely verging on good or with the greatest affinity for healing (Ehlonna and Beory).  The reverse form, Slay Living, should be available to most druids.
Restore Balance as used herein would have the same effect as both a Dispel Evil and Dispel Good.  Creatures affected would be any non-neutral.

Royalberry (DD) is a healing spell, but its strong association with nature and the fact that the maximum number of points healed does not exceed that of Cure Serious Wounds argue for it remaining at fifth level.

Unceasing Vigilance of the Faithful Sentinel is a herein renamed version of Unceasing Vigilance of the Holy Sentinel (FA).

Vigor is a herein renamed version of Talona's Blessing (FA).

Sixth Level Spells (35 Spells)
Age Creature (R)
Animal Summoning III
Anti-Animal Shell
Call Phoenix
Command Earth
Conjure Fire Elemental (R)
Cure Critical Wounds (R)
Fire Seeds
Find the Path (R)
Ivy Seige
Land of Stability
Merge with Nature
Part Water
Quench the Spirit
Roots of the Assassin
Sol's Searing Orb
Speak with Monsters
Stone Tell
Transmute Water to Dust (R)
Transport Via Plants
Turn Wood
Wall of Thorns
Weather Summoning

Notes on Spells of Sixth Level
Cure Critical Wounds, as a magical healing spell, is taken as "level plus one" by druids.
Feeblemind is listed as a sixth level druid spell in both PH1 and UA, but did not make it into PH2 as a priest spell.  Interestingly, even in the PH1, Feeblemind is not a cleric spell; its use is restricted to druids and magic-users.  While there are five other First Edition druid spells that did not make it into PH2 (Ceremony, Precipitation, Predict Weather, Cloudburst, Finger of Death), three of these were featured in UA only.  Thus, of the 78 druid spells listed in PH1, only three did not make it into the PH2: Feeblemind, Finger of Death, and Predict Weather.  While it is immediately obvious that Predict Weather should be a druid spell, Feeblemind is not so obvious.  Most druid spells are either Alteration or Divination magic.  Of the Enchantment/Charm spells of druids, most of them act on non-sentients (e.g., Animal Friendship, Hold Plant).  Druids do not have a strong foundation in magical mental attack.  Thus, I can see why the spell was not included in PH2.  However, I have included it because personally, I see a connection with the spells Charm Person or Mammal and Confusion in that druids do have some power to confound the minds of sentient creatures.  
Part Water is not a druid spell in First Edition, but its connection with Elemental Water justifies it as a druid spell.
Quench the Spirit causes death if the victim fails a saving throw, but has no effect otherwise.  See the discussion below under the seventh level spell Finger of Death.

Speak with Monsters is not a druid spell in PH1, but the druid ability to learn languages such as hill giant and green dragon argues for its inclusion.
Stone Tell is not a druid spell in PH1, but its connection with Elemental Earth justifies it as a druid spell.

Note that Whirlwind here refers to the Spells & Magic version of the spell.  The more powerful, seventh level version of Whirlwind from "Arcane Lore" and FA has been herein renamed Tornado for the purposes of this article.

Seventh Level Spells (49 spells)
Age Dragon
Ancient Curse
Antimineral Shell
Animate Rock
Breath of Life (R)
Chariot of Sustarre
Conjure Air Elemental (R)
Conjure Earth Elemental (R)
Conjure Nature Elemental (R)
Conjure Water Elemental (R)
Control Weather
Create Treant
Creeping Doom
Dance of Life
Death Chariot
Divine Inspiration
Faithful Mount
Finger of Death
Fire Storm (R)
Heal (R)
Inner Sanctum
Regenerate (R)
Restoration (R)
Sanctify Sacred Site
Spirit of Power
Transmute Metal to Wood
Tree Spirit
Uncontrolled Weather
Unwilling Wood
Word of Ultimate Balance

Notes on spells of seventh level
Conjure Air Elemental (AL) is not explicitly listed as having a reversed form, but it does say that the Elemental summoned may be sent away by dismissal, implying that the reversed form of the spell is Dismiss Air Elemental.

Conjure Water Elemental has nearly the same description in FA and SM with the exception that it is listed as being sixth level in FA and seventh level in SM (where it is actually called Conjure Air or Water Elemental).  Independent of these two sources, Conjure Fire Elemental is given at sixth level but Conjure Earth Elemental (PH1, UA, PH2, TM) and Conjure Air Elemental (AL) at seventh level.  Aside from FA, all other sources place Fire Elementals as one level lower than all other Elementals, so I have kept that designation. 

Destruction is the reversed form of Resurrection.  While I would allow some druids use of Raise Dead, I do not believe any druid should be allowed ResurrectionRaise Dead operates in the small window of time when the soul of the deceased has left the body but is still in transit to the Outer Planes.  However, Resurrection takes a soul that has completed its journey, reached its final destination, and forces it to return to its old life.  Thus, the spell is anathema to the druidical teaching of acceptance of change, death, and rebirth.  The reversed form of the spell, Destruction, just gives the soul a push into the next stage of its existence, and thus is acceptable to all druids.
Finger of Death is a seventh level druid spell in First Edition, and is a druid spell only - it is not available to either non-druid clerics or to magic-users.  It simply causes death if the victim fails a saving throw, but has no effect if the victim succeeds.  In the PH2 Finger of Death is not a priest spell but is a seventh level Wizard spell (See also Feeblemind (herein Dr6) for discussion of other druid spells that did not make it to Second Edition).  In addition, a victim slain by the PH2 version of the spell can neither be raised nor resurrected and, if human, can be animated by the Wizard as a juju zombie.  Furthermore, even a successful save still results in 2d8+1 damage.  FA introduced the spell Quench the Spirit as a sixth level Necromantic Sphere priest spell based on the 2E Wizard spell.  I believe the Finger of Death variants accurately represent a high-level druid's power over life and death, so I have included them here.  I would allow the 1E version (simple death only, saving throw negates) as a sixth level spell (herein called Quench the Spirit) and the 2E version (death with no chance of raise or resurrect, saving throw still results in damage) as a seventh level spell (herein called Finger of Death).  Neither version will allow a druid to create undead. 
Heal, as a magical healing spell, is taken as "level plus one" by druids.
Tornado is the seventh level spell Whirlwind found in both "Arcane Lore" and FA.  It has been renamed herein to avoid confusing it with the less powerful sixth level spell Whirlwind found in Spells & Magic.

Word of Ultimate Balance herein has the same effect as either a Holy Word or Unholy Word as appropriate.  Creatures affected would be any non-neutral.

Appendix I - Abbreviations Used in this Article

AL = "Arcane Lore", Dragon #205
CDH = Complete Druid's Handbook
DD = Demihuman Deities
DMG1 = Dungeon Master's Guide, First Edition
FA = Faiths & Avatars
GA = Greyhawk Adventures
GD = World of Greyhawk (r) Deitybase (tm)  
IA = Isle of the Ape
LH = "Leomund's Tiny Hut", Dragon #58
MM = Monstrous Manual
My = "Four new "Gygaxian" classes for your AD&D(r) game!
     Part One - Mystic and Savant", Footprints #11
PH1 = Player's Handbook, First Edition
PH2 = Player's Handbook, Second Edition
PP = Powers & Pantheons
SM = The Player's Option(tm): Spells & Magic
TM = Tome of Magic
UA = Unearthed Arcana, First Edition

(R) = Spell has reversed form available
Cl = Cleric Spell
Dr = Druid Spell
*  = Class of spell not specified (2)

All = All Sphere
An = Animal Sphere
Cb = Combat Sphere
Ch = Charm Sphere
Cr = Creation Sphere
Cs = Chaos Sphere
Dv = Divination Sphere
El = Elemental Sphere
Ela = Elemental Air Sphere
Ele = Elemental Earth Sphere
Elf = Elemental Fire Sphere
Elw = Elemental Water Sphere
Gu = Guardian Sphere
Hl = Healing Sphere
Nc = Necromantic Sphere
Nm = Numbers Sphere
Pr = Protection Sphere
Pt = Plant Sphere
Sm = Summoning Sphere
Su = Sun Sphere
Tm = Time Sphere
Tv = Travelers Sphere
Wd = Wards Sphere
We = Weather Sphere
Wr = War Sphere

Appendix II: Bibliography of Spell Sources

Spells are listed under the name and level in which they appear in this article, not necessarily their name or level in the original source.  If the name has been changed, the original source is indicated in quotation marks. 

Spells are referenced in the format:
Name / Sphere or Class and Level (Source)

For example, the entry:

Detect Balance /
     Dr1 (UA), Dv1 (= "Detect Evil (R)" PH2),
     Dv1, Nm1 (= "Analyze Balance" TM)

can be read as follows:  "The spell Detect Balance is found under that name in Unearthed Arcana where it is a first level druid spell.  It can also be found under the name Detect Evil (a reversible spell) in the 2nd Edition Player's Handbook where it is a first level priest spell in the Divination Sphere, and under the name Analyze Balance in the Tome of Magic where it is a first level priest spell in both the Divination and Numbers Spheres."

First Level Spells
Animal Friendship / Dr1 (PH1, UA), An1 (PH2, TM)
Anti-Vermin Barrier / Wd1 (TM)
Banish Flame / Elf1 (FA)
Beastmask / An1 (CDH)
Beast Tattoo / All1 (DD)
Blessed Watchfulness / Gu1 (DD, SM)
Call Upon Faith / Sm1 (TM)
Calm Animals / An1 (SM)
Ceremony / Dr1 (UA)
Circle of Faith / Pr1 (="Ring of Hands (R)" TM)
Combine / All1 (PH2, TM)
Courage / Wr1 (TM)
Create Water (R) / Dr2 (UA), El1 (PH2), El1, Elw1 (TM)     
Detect Balance /
     Dr1 (UA), Dv1 (= "Detect Evil (R)" PH2),
     Dv1/Nm1 (= "Analyze Balance" TM)
Detect Disease / Mystic 1 (My)
Detect Living / Dv1, Nc1 (PP)
Detect Magic / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Dv1 (PH2, TM)
Detect Poison / Dr1 (UA), Dv1 (PH2, TM)
Detect Snares & Pits / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Dv1 (PH2, TM)
Dispel Fatigue / Nc1 (SM)
Endure Cold / Endure Heat / Pr1 (PH2, TM)
Entangle / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Pt1 (PH2, TM)
Faerie Fire / Dr1 (PH1, UA), We1 (PH2, TM)
Firelight / Elf1 (SM)
Fortitude / Ch1 (= "Fortitude of Uthgar" PP)
Frost Fingers / Cb1, We1 (FA)
Ice Walk / El1, Elw1 (PP)
Invisibility to Animals / Dr1 (PH1, UA1), An1 (PH2, TM)
Keen Eye / Cb1 (DD)
Know Age / Tm1 (TM)
Know Direction / Tv1 (TM)
Know Time / Tm1 (TM)
Light (R) / Su1 (PH2, TM)
Locate Animals or Plants /
     An1 (PH2, TM),
     Dr1 (= "Locate Animals" PH1, UA),
     Dr2 (= "Locate Plants" PH1, UA)
Log of Everburning / Pt1, El1, Elf1 (TM)
Magical Stone / Cb1 (PH2, TM)
Motes of Moonlight / Su1 (DD)
Nature's Blessing (R) /
     Cl1 (= "Bless" PH1, UA),
     All1 (= "Bless" PH2, TM)
Orison / (various spheres)1 (SM)
Of this Oerth Only / Cl1 (PH1), Pr1 (PH2) (="Protection from Evil (R)")
Pass without Trace / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Pt1 (PH2, TM)
Precipitation / Dr1 (UA), Elw1, Ela1, We1 (AL), Elw1 (FA)
Predict Weather /
     Dr1 (PH1, UA), We3 (SM), We1, Dv1 (="Weathertell" PP)
Puffball / Pt1 (CDH)
Purify Food & Drink (R) /
     Dr1 (= "Purify Water" PH1, UA), All1 (PH2, TM)
Reed Staff / Pt1 (DD)
Shillelagh / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Pt1/Cb1 (PH2, TM)
Sacred Guardian / Gu1 (TM)
Sap / Pt1 (DD)
Speak with Animals / Dr1 (PH1, UA), An2/Dv2 (PH2, TM)
Strength of Stone / Ele1 (SM)
Sunscorch / Su1 (SM)
Wailing Wind / Ela1, We1 (FA)
Water Sprint / Cb1 (PP)
Weathertell / We1, Dv1 (PP)
Whisperward / Gu1, We1 (CDH)
Wind Column / Ela (SM)

Second Level Spells
Acorn Barrage / Cb2, Pt2 (DD)
Alicorn Lance / Cb2 (PP)
Animal Spy / An2 (CDH)
Arboreal Scamper / Pt2 (DD)
Augury / Cl2 (PH1, UA), Dv2 (PH2, TM)
Aura of Comfort / Tv2 (TM)
Banish Blight / Pt2 (FA)
Barkskin / Dr2 (PH1, UA), Pt2, Pr2 (PH2, TM)
Beast Claw / Cb2, Nc2 (FA)
Beastspite / An2 (CDH)
Bounty / Pt2 (="Favor of the Goddess" FA)
Charm Person or Mammal / Dr2 (PH1, UA), An2 (PH2, TM)
Chilling Scythe / Cb2, Nc2 (FA)
Create Holy Symbol / Cr2 (TM)
Cure Light Wounds (R) / Dr2 (PH1, UA), Hl1 (PH2, TM)
Death Prayer /Cl2 (LH)
Detect Charm / Cl2 (PH1, UA), Dv2 (PH2, TM)
Draw Upon Power Primeval / Sm2 (="Draw Upon Holy Might" TM)
Dust Devil / El2 (PH2), El2, Ela2 (TM)
Earth Anchor / Ele2 (DD)
Feign Death / Dr2 (PH1, UA), Nc3 (PH2, TM)
Fire Trap / Dr2 (PH1, UA), El2 (PH2), El2, Elf2 (TM)
Flame Blade / Dr2 (UA), El2 (PH2), El2, Elf2 (TM)
Fortifying Stew / Hl2 (CDH)
Frost Whip / Cb2, We2 (FA)
Gift of Speech / An2 (CDH)
Goodberry (R) / Dr2 (UA), Pt2 (PH2, TM)
Handfang / Cb2, Nc2 (FA)
Heat Metal (R) / Dr2 (PH1, UA), El2 (PH2), El2, Elf2 (TM)
Iron Vigil / Gu2 (SM, DD)
Lionheart / Ch2 (PP)
Messenger / An2 (PH2, TM)
Mystic Transfer / Ch2 (TM)
Nap / Tm2 (TM)
Natural Attunement / An2, Pt2 (PP)
Nurture / An2 (PP)
Obscurement / Dr2 (PH1, UA), We2 (PH2, TM)
Poison Touch / Cb2, Nc2 (FA)
Produce Flame / Dr2 (PH1, UA), El2 (PH2), El2, Elf2 (TM)
Protection from Aging / Pr4, Tm4 (DD)
Resist Acid and Corrosion / Pr2 (SM)
Resist Fire/Resist Cold / Pr2 (PH2, TM)
Restore Strength / Nc2 (SM)
Sanctify (R) / All2 (TM)
Slow Poison / Dr2 (UA), Hl2 (PH2, TM)
Snake Charm / An2 (PH2, TM)
Stalk / *2 (GA, GD (Ehlonna)), An2 (FA)
Stormvoice / We2 (PP)
Soften Earth and Stone / Ele2 (SM, DD)
Touchsickle / Cb2, Pt2 (FA)
Trip / Dr2 (PH1, UA), Pt2 (PH2, TM)
Warp Wood (R) / Dr2 (PH2, UA), Pt2 (PH2, TM)
Watery Fist / El2, Elw2 (SM)
Wind Lash / We2 (FA)
Wood Sword / Cb2 (FA)

Third Level Spells
Accelerate Healing / Tm3 (TM)
Adaptation / Wr3 (TM)
Archer's Redoubt / Pr3 (DD)
Call Lightning / Dr3 (PH1, UA), We3 (PH2, TM)
Chill / Cb3 (PP)
Cloudburst / Dr3 (UA), Elw3, Ela3, Wr3 (AL), Elw3 (FA)
Create Campsite (R) / Tv3 (TM)
Cure Disease (R) / Dr3 (PH1, UA), Nc3 (PH2, TM)
Cure Moderate Wounds (R) / Hl3 (SM)
Earthenair / Ele3 (FA)
Ease Labor (R) / Hl3 (PP)
Efficacious Monster Ward / Wd3 (TM)
Everfull Quiver / Cb3 (DD)
Extended Forecast / We3 (="Predict Weather" SM)
Find Sustenance / Dv3 (DD)
Flame Shield / Elf3 (FA)
Flame Walk / El3 (PH2), El3, Elf3 (TM)
Fortify / Wr3 (SM)
Greenwood / Pt3 (FA)
Hold Animal / Dr3 (PH1, UA), An3 (PH2, TM)
Hold Poison / Hl3 (SM)
Know Alignment / Dr3 (UA), Dv2 (PH2, TM)
Mold Touch / Pt3 (FA)
Moon Blade / Cb3, Su3 (FA)
Nature's Eyes / An3, Dv3 (DD)
Pass without Trace, 10' Radius / Pt3 (CDH)
Plant Growth / Dr3 (PH1, UA), Pt3 (PH2, TM)
Protection from Cold / El3, Ela3, Elw3 (PP)        
Protection from Fire /
     Dr3 (PH1, UA),
     El3 (PH2),
     El3, Elf3, Pr3 (TM)
Pyrotechnics / Dr3 (PH1, UA), El3 (PH2), El3, Elf3 (TM)
Reflecting Pool / Dr2 (UA), Dv4 (PH2, TM)
Renewed Youth (R) / Hl3 (DD), Tm3 (DD)
Shape Wood / Pt3 (CDH)
Slow Rot (R) / Pt 3 (TM), reversed form Speed Rot / Pt3 (FA)
Snare / Dr3 (PH1, UA), Pt3 (PH2, TM)
Spike Growth / Dr3 (UA), Pt3 (PH2, TM)
Starshine / Dr3 (UA), Su3 (PH2, TM)
Stone Shape / Dr3 (PH1, UA), El3 (PH2), El3, Ele3 (TM)
Storm Shield / Pr3, We3 (FA)
Summon Animal Spirit / Nc3 (SM)
Summon Insects / Dr3 (PH1, UA), An3, Sm3 (PH2, TM)
Sunrise / Su3 (FA)
Sunstroke / Su3 (PP)
Tree / Dr3 (PH1, UA), An3 (PH2, TM)
Warmth / Su3 (AL)
Water Breathing (R) /
     Dr3 (PH1, UA),
     El3 (PH2),
     El3, Ela3, Elw3 (TM)
Water Walk / El3 (PH2), El3, Elw3 (TM)
Wheel of Bones / Nc3 (FA)
Windbearer / Ela3 (AL, FA)
Wind Blast / Ela3 (DD)
Wind Servant / El3, Ela3 (SM)
Zone of Sweet Air / Wd3 (TM)

Fourth Level Spells
Age Plant / Tm4 (TM)
Amber Prison / Pt4 (CC)
Animal Sight / An4 (FA, ="Animal Vision" PP)
Animal Summoning I / Dr4 (PH1, UA), An4, Sm4 (PH2, TM)
Bag of Winds / Ela4, We4 (= "Gauntlet of Winds" FA)
Blessed Warmth / Su4 (TM)
Briartangle / Pt4 (FA)
Call Woodland Beings / Dr4 (PH1, UA), An4, Sm4 (PH2, TM)
Calm Winds / Ela4 (AL, FA)
Circle of Privacy / Tv4 (TM)
Clear Air / Ela4 (AL, FA)
Cloud of Pestilence / Cb4, Ela4 (FA)
Control Temperature /
     Dr4 (PH1, UA),
     We4 (= "Control Temperature, 10' Radius" PH2, TM)
Cure Blindness/Deafness (R) / Cl3 (PH1, UA), Nc3 (PH2, TM)
Dead March / Nc4 (FA)
Detect Animal Attacker / An4 (CDH)
Dispel Magic / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pr3 (PH2, TM)
Earthmaw / El4, Ele4 (CDH)
Entrench / Wr4 (SM)
Fertility / Cr4 (PP)
Find Companion / An4 (FA)
Fire Purge / Wd4 (TM)
Focus / All4 (TM)
Giant Insect (R) / An4 (PH2, TM)
Hold Plant / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
Hunger / An4, Pt4 (CDH)
Hurl Thunderbolt / Cb4, We4 (PP)
Ice Blade / Cb4, We4 (FA)
Knurl / Pt4 (CDH)
Log to Lizard / Cl4 (IA)
Lower Water (R) / CL4 (PH1, UA), El4 (PH2), El4, Elw4 (TM)
Needlestorm / Pt4 (CDH)
Neutralize Poison (R) /
     Dr3 (PH1, UA),
     Hl4 (PH2, TM)        
Oakheart / Pt4 (FA)
Oars to Snakes / Pt4 (FA)
Plague / *4 (GA)
Plant Door / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
Plant Lance / Pt4 (FA)
Produce Fire (R) / Dr4 (PH1, UA), El4 (PH2), El4, Elf4 (TM)
Protection from Lightning /
     Dr4 (PH1, UA),
     Pr4, We4 (PH2, TM)
Reaving Blades / Cb4 (FA)
Recitation / Cb4 (SM)
Remove Curse (R) / Cl3 (PH1, UA), Pr3 (PH2, TM)
Remove Paralysis / Cl3 (UA), Pr3 (PH2, TM)
Repair Injury / Hl3 (SM)
Repel Insects / Dr4 (PH1, UA), An4/Pr4 (PH2, TM)
Reveal Wood (Hallucinatory Forest reversed) /
     Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
Smoke Ghost / Elf4 (FA)
Solitude / Wd4 (DD)
Speak with Plants / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
Sticks to Snakes (R) / Dr5 (PH, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
Striking Wave / Elw4 (FA)
Sunburst / *4 (GA), Su4 (AL)
Support / Nc4 (= "Fortify" TM)
Suspended Animation / Nc4 (SM)
Swirling Scythes / Pt4, Cb4
Tanglefoot (R) / Wr4 (TM)
Thorn Spray / Pt4 (FA)
Thunderstroke / Cb4, We4 (PP)
Tree Nap / Pt4 (DD)
Tree Steed / Tv4 (TM)
Unfailing Endurance / Nc4 (SM)
Uplift / All4 (TM)
Waterwall / Elw4 (FA)
Weather Stasis / We4/Wd4 (TM)
Windborne / El4, Ela4 (SM)

Fifth Level Spells
Age Object (R) / Tm5 (TM)
Air Walk / Cl5 (UA), El5 (PH2), El5, Ela5 (TM)
Animal Growth (R) / Dr5 (PH1, UA), An5 (PH2, TM)
Animal Summoning II /
     Dr5 (PH1, UA),
     An5/Sm5 (PH2, TM)
Animate Flame / El5, Elf5 (SM)
Anti-Plant Shell 10' Radius /
     Dr5 (PH1, UA),
     Pt5/Pr5 (= "Anti-Plant Shell" PH2, TM)
Atonement / Cl5 (PH1, UA), All5 (PH2, TM)
Blessed Abundance / Cr5 (TM)
Clear Path (R) / Tv5 (TM)
Cloud of Purification / El5, Ela5 (TM)
Cloudscape / We5 (CDH)
Commune with Nature / Dr5 (PH1, UA), Dv5 (PH2, TM)
Consequence / Dv5, Nm5 (TM)
Control Vapor / Ela5, Elw5 (FA)
Control Winds / Dr5 (PH1, UA), We5 (PH2, TM)
Cure Serious Wounds (R) / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Hl4 (PH2, TM)
Earthenport / Ele5 (FA)
Earthshake / El5, Ele5 (PP)
Elemental Forbiddance / El5, Ela5, Ele5, Elf5, Elw5, Wd5 (TM)
Fireward / Elf5 (FA)
Flame Strike / Cl5 (PH1, UA), Cb5 (PH2, TM)
Greater Touchsickle / Cb5, Pt5 (FA)
Grounding / Wd5 (TM)
Insect Plague / Dr5 (PH1, UA), Cb5 (PH2, TM)
Moon Path / Su5, Tv5 (FA)
Moonbeam / Dr5 (UA), Su5 (PH2, TM)
Mulch / Pt5, Nc5 (FA)
Nature's Charm / El5, Ele5, Elw5 (CDH)
Othertime / Tm5 (SM)
Pass Plant / Dr5 (PH1, UA), Pt5 (PH2, TM)
Produce Ice / El5, Elw5 (SM)
Rainbow / Cl5 (UA), Su5 (PH2, TM)
Raise Dead (R) / Cl5 (PH1, UA), Nc5 (PH2, TM)
Restore Balance /
     Cl5 (PH1, UA), Pr5, Sm5 (PH2, TM)
     (= "Dispel Evil" and "Dispel Good")
Rising Rot / Cb5, Nc5 (FA)
Royalberry / Pt5 (DD)
Seedstorm / Pt5, Cb5 (PP)
Spike Stones / Dr5 (UA), El5 (PH2), El5, Ele5 (TM)
Spring Mastery / Cr5, Elw5 (FA)
Storm Cone / Ela5, We5 (FA)
Strengthen Stone / El5, Ele5 (CDH)
Thornwrack / Pt5 (CDH)
Time Pool / Tm5 (TM)
Transmute Rock to Mud (R) /
     Dr5 (PH1, UA),
     El5 (PH2), El5, Ele5, Elw5 (TM)
Tree Healing / Hl5, Nc5, Pt5
True Seeing / Cl5 (PH1, UA), Dv5 (PH2, TM)
Unceasing Vigilance of the Faithful Sentinel /
     Gu5 (="Unceasing Vigilance of the Holy Sentinel" TM)
Vigor / Pr5, Nc5 (="Talona's Blessing" FA)
Wall of Fire / Dr5 (PH1, UA), El5 (PH2), El5, Elf5 (TM)
Wither / Nc5 (FA)

Sixth Level Spells
Age Creature (R) / Tm6 (TM)
Animal Summoning III /
     Dr6 (PH1, UA),
     An6/Sm6 (PH2, TM)
Anti-Animal Shell /
     Dr6 (PH1, UA),
     An6/Pr6 (PH2, TM)
Call Phoenix / An6 (MM)
Command Earth / *6 (GA, GD)
Conjure Fire Elemental (R) /
     Dr6 (PH1, UA),
     El6/Sm6 (PH2)
     El6, Elf6, Sm6 (TM)
Cure Critical Wounds (R) /
     Dr6 (PH1, UA),
     Hl5 (PH2, TM)
Dragonbane / Wd6 (TM)
Earthwrack / Nc6, Pt6 (CDH)
Feeblemind / Dr6 (PH1, UA)
Fire Seeds /
     Dr6 (PH1, UA),
     El6 (PH2),
     El6, Elf6 (TM)
Find the Path (R) / Cl6 (PH1, UA), Dv6 (PH2, TM)
Forbiddance / Pr6 (PH2, TM)
Ivy Seige / Pt6 (CDH)
Land of Stability / Wd6 (TM)
Liveoak / Dr6 (UA), Pt6 (PH2, TM)
Merge with Nature / Ch6, Nc6, Pt6 (FA)
Part Water / Cl6 (PH1, UA), El6 (PH2), El6, Elw6 (TM)
Quench the Spirit / Dr7 (= "Finger of Death" PH1, UA)
Roots of the Assassin / Sm7, Pt7 (FA)
Sol's Searing Orb / Su6 (TM)
Speak with Monsters / Cl6 (PH1, UA), Dv6 (PH2, TM)
Stone Tell /
     Cl6 (PH1, UA),
     Dv6, El6 (PH2),
     Dv6, El6, Ele6 (TM)
Transmute Water to Dust (R) /
     Dr6 (UA),
     El6 (PH2),
     El6, Ele6, Elw6 (TM)
Transport Via Plants / Dr6 (PH1, UA), Pt6 (PH2, TM)
Turn Wood / Dr6 (PH1, UA), Pt6 (PH2, TM)
Wall of Thorns /
     Dr6 (PH1, UA),
     Pt6, Cr6, Sm6 (PH2, TM)
Waterspout / Elw6 (FA)
Weather Summoning /
     Dr6 (PH1, UA),
     Sm6/We6 (PH2, TM)
Whirlwind / El6, Ela6 (SM)

Seventh Level Spells
Age Dragon / Tm7 (TM)
Ancient Curse / Gu7 (AL)
Antimineral Shell / Pr7, El6, Ele6 (SM)
Animate Rock / Dr7 (PH1, UA), El7 (PH2), El7, Ele7 (TM)
Breath of Life (R) / Nc7 (TM)
Changestaff / Dr7 (UA), Pt7, Cr7 (PH2, TM)
Chariot of Sustarre /
     Dr7 (PH1, UA),
     Cr7, El7 (PH2),
     Cr7, El7, Elf7 (TM)
Confusion / Dr7 (PH1, UA), Ch7 (PH2, TM)
Conjure Air Elemental (R)/
      Ela7 (AL)
      El7, Ela7 (="Conjure Air or Water Elemental" SM)
Conjure Earth Elemental (R) /
     Dr7 (PH1, UA),
     El7, Sm7 (PH2),
     El7, Ele7, Sm7 (TM)
Conjure Nature Elemental / Ela7, Ele7, Elf7, Elw7, Pt7, Sm7 (FA)
Conjure Water Elemental (R)/ Elw6, Sm6 (FA)
    El7, Elw7 (="Conjure Air or Water Elemental" SM)
Control Weather / Dr7 (PH1, UA), We7 (PH2, TM)
Create Treant / Pt7 (FA)
Creeping Doom / Dr7 (PH1, UA), An7, Sm7 (PH2, TM)
Dance of Life / Hl6 (PP)
Death Chariot / Elf7 (FA)
Destruction (reversed form of Resurrection) /
     Dr7 (PH1, UA), Nc7 (PH2, TM)
Divine Inspiration / Dv7 (TM)
Earthquake / Cl7 (PH1, UA), El7 (PH2), El7, Ele7 (TM)
Faithful Mount / An7, Ch7
Finger of Death / Nc6 (= "Quench the Spirit" FA)
Fire Storm (R) / Dr7 (PH1, UA), El7 (PH2), El7, Elf7 (TM)
Heal (R) / Cl6 (PH1, UA), Hl6 (PH2, TM)
Inner Sanctum / Gu7 (AL)
Maelstrom / Elw7 (FA)
Regenerate (R) / Cl7 (PH1, UA), Nc7 (PH2, TM)
Reincarnate / Dr7 (PH1, UA), Nc7 (PH2, TM)
Restoration (R) / Cl7 (PH1, UA), Nc7 (PH2, TM)
Sanctify Sacred Site / All7, Su7, Pt7 (FA)
Spirit of Power / Sm7 (TM)
Sunray / Dr7 (UA), Su7 (PH2, TM)
Tornado / Ela7 (AL, FA)
Transmute Metal to Wood /
     Dr7 (PH1, UA),
     El7 (PH2),
     El7, Ele7 (TM)
Tree Spirit / Pt7 (CDH)
Tsunami / Elw7 (AL, FA, SM), El7 (SM)
Uncontrolled Weather / Cs7 (TM)
Unwilling Wood / Pt7 (CDH)
Windwalk / Cl7 (PH1, UA), El7 (PH2), El7, Ela7 (TM)
Word of Ultimate Balance /
     Cl7 (PH1, UA),
     Cb7 (PH2, TM)
     (= "Holy Word" and "Unholy Word")

Appendix III: The Evolution of Druid Spells
In Second Edition rules (PH2 p.35), a druid had major access to the Spheres of All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plant, and Weather, and had minor access (spells of third level or less) to Divination.

Also according to Second Edition rules (PH2 p.35), a general cleric had major access to every sphere of influence except the Plant, Animal, Weather, and Elemental spheres.  A cleric had minor access (spells of 3rd level or less) to the Elemental sphere.  The majority of spells used by druids were thus prohibited to clerics, but were allowed to priests of specific nature gods that would grant access to the Plant, Animal, Weather, and Elemental spheres.

While a good idea in principle, there were many problems in execution.  By the rules of the PH2 (1989), a druid would have no access to Call Woodland Beings (Summoning), Commune with Nature (major Divination), Insect Plague (Conjuration/Summoning), or Reincarnate (Necromancy).  Obviously there is a problem when generic clerics can cast Commune with Nature, but druids can not!

The Tome of Magic (1991) added Call Woodland Beings to the Animal Sphere in addition to that of Summoning, but omitted any sphere designation for Insect Plague and kept Commune with Nature and Reincarnate in their original PH2 spheres.

The Complete Druid's Handbook (August, 1994) suggested adding all four of these spells to the Animal sphere (and Commune to the Plant sphere as well), but these changes were considered optional. 

Several important druid-flavor spells went untouched through these revisions, however.  While 2E druids retained access to Heat Metal, Protection from Fire and Protection from Lightning, these spells had become freely available to any cleric.  Heat Metal was a second level (minor access) Elemental Sphere spell, and Protection from Fire and Protection from Lightning were both in the Protection Sphere.

Worse, a 2E druid still had no access to the spells Reflecting Pool (Major Divination), or Starshine, Moonbeam, and Sunray (all three Sun Sphere).  All of these spells had, in 1E, been created for the exclusive use of druids.  In 2E the spells still existed, but were not allowed to druids. 

Furthermore, a 2E druid had no access to Cure Disease (Necromantic), or Dispel Magic (Protection), both of which were on the druid spell lists in 1E (3).
Three months before the publication of the Complete Druid's Handbook, Jon Pickens wrote an article called “Getting Back to Nature: Re-aligning the druid’s spell repertoire” in Dragon #205.  There, he suggested a complete overhaul of the Sphere system.  Although he kept the Spheres that druids had access to, he placed greater limitations on the spheres allowed to a generic cleric.  He eliminated the Astral Sphere, and he re-arranged which spells fell into which Spheres.  Really re-arranged them.  As in made over one hundred changes.  He also suggested that druids get cure light wounds at a higher level, but speak with animals and neutralize poison at a lower level than other priests.  His work, of which I was unaware when I wrote my original article, largely follows the same philosophy as I did in trying to restore the 1E flavor of the druid class.  He addresses the same problems that I did, though with a very different methodology.  He completely reengineered the Sphere system, while I have given up on it entirely.    

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(2) This specific objection was raised by Jon Pickens in the Dragon article cited above.  I am indebted to Canonfire’s Thanael for bringing the article to my attention.  Pickens also oddly lamented that 2E druids had no access to Remove Curse – but 1E druids did not, either!


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