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    Revised Druid Spell List
    Posted on Wed, July 11, 2007 by Farcluun
    kirt writes "This article presents a list of all the spells I find suitable for druids, drawing on the four most fundamental sources in First and Second Edition: both Player’s Handbooks, Unearthed Arcana, and the Tome of Magic.  The purpose is twofold: first, to synthesize First and Second Editions with a unified vision of druids.  Second, to build a comprehensive spell list, so that a subsequent article can detail the different subsets of spells available to druids of various patron Powers (e.g., Obad-Hai, Beory, Ehlonna) or faiths (Flan, Tuov, Oerid).

    The approach of this article is to use the expanded spell selection of druids found in Second Edition, incorporating as many spells as I believe are appropriate for druid casters, while drawing on all four of the main sources of druid spells.  This yields a total of between 21 and 28 spells available per level.  At the same time, the spells have been selected independently of their Sphere, so as not to leave out spells simply because they fall in the “wrong” Sphere or include spells that are not appropriate for druids simply because they fall in the “right” Sphere.  Furthermore, I follow the convention of First Edition in adjusting the level of many healing spells to make druids less potent healers than other priests. 

    In all of what follows, the following abbreviations are used:
    PH1 = Player’s Handbook, First Edition
    UA = Unearthed Arcana
    PH2 = Player’s Handbook, 2nd Edition
    TM = Tome of Magic
    (R) = Spell has reversed form available

    Justification and Discussion
    In First Edition, druids were a sub-class of clerics, but were highly distinct from clerics, having their own spell list independent of cleric spells, as well as their own experience totals for advancement.  Druids had many spells and abilities that other clerics lacked, but were not as effective at supporting and healing PC’s as other clerics were.
    Second Edition expanded the total number of spells available to priests.  It also introduced the concept of spell Spheres as a means of customizing priests, by giving each faith access (major or minor) to a certain limited number of Spheres.  In Second Edition, druids were “folded into” the class of priests, sharing the same experience table and a common list of spells.  Their unique spell selection was represented by their access to certain Spheres, which served as a model for DM’s to design other faith-specific selections of Spheres.
    While a sound idea in principle, Second Edition created two basic problems for the practical application of the concept of druids.  First, the Spheres permitted to druids, and the definition of which spells fell in which Spheres, removed the ability to use spells that had been (in First Edition) created for and used exclusively by druids,  while allowing other non-druid priests to use these hallmark druid spells.  Second, by unifying the spell lists and levels of druid and non-druid priest spells, Second Edition made druids much more effective at healing than they had been, eliminating one important distinction between them and other priests.  Thus, Second Edition removed much of the “flavor” and distinctiveness of druids, by making them more like other priests and other priests more like them. 
    Specifically, according to Second Edition rules (PH2 p.35) a druid has major access to the Spheres of All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plant, and Weather, and has minor access (spells of 3rd level or less only) to Divination.  Under these rules, a Second Edition druid has no access to the spells Reflecting Pool or Commune With Nature (both Divination Sphere but both greater than 3rd level); Reincarnate (Necromantic Sphere); and Starshine, Moonbeam, or Sunray (all three Sun Sphere).  All of these spells had, in First Edition, been created for the exclusive use of druids.  In Second Edition the spells still existed, but were not allowed to druids.  Personally, I have difficulty accepting that non-druid priests can cast Commune with Nature, but druids can not!
    As mentioned above, I reviewed all of the druid spells found in the First Edition Player’s Handbook (PH1) and Unearthed Arcana (UA).  I also examined all of the priest spells in the Second Edition Player’s Handbook (PH2) and the Tome of Magic (TM).  I selected any spell that I believed was appropriate for druids, without considering its Sphere, to arrive at the list of spells. 

    It is important to note that any particular druid will not have access to all of these spells. 
    Instead, the faith or patron Power of the druid will determine which subset of these spells are available.  That is the subject of a subsequent article. 
    One of the largest differences between First and Second Edition druids is in their access to healing magic.  I favor the “one level greater than other priests” access to magical healing spells for druids, with the exception of spells that accentuate natural healing, or treat poison, natural disease, or death.  Spells that I treated as “level plus one” were Cure Light Wounds, Cure Blindness or Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds, and Heal.  More “natural” spells that were taken as their same priest level were Feign Death, Nap, Slow Poison, Accelerate Healing, Cure Disease, Neutralize Poison, Raise Dead, and Destruction.

    Druids and Reversed Spells
    Druids are the quintessential agents of Balance.  Their strict Neutrality ensures that they sometimes undertake actions that others would consider Good, and sometimes commit actions others would consider Evil, all with an eye to preserving the Balance.  They are capable of healing and harming, blessing and cursing, as suits their purposes.  Most druids should have unlimited access to the reversed forms of most spells.  One exception might be druids of Ehlonna, who would hesitate in casting harmful spells on sentient, Good creatures.  But by and large, most druids should have no reluctance about using the various Cause Wounds and Cause Disease spells, etc.  In the spell tables below, (R) indicates the spells with reversed forms available to druids.
    Most reversed spells are harmful versions of beneficial spells.  However, many divination spells have reversed forms that serve to obscure or deceive.  Druids are not known for their abilities at illusion or deception, and indeed some druids would consider creating a “false nature” to be sacrilegious!  I suggest that druids do not have access to Undetectable Charm, Undetectable Alignment, or False Seeing (the reversed forms, respectively, of Detect Charm, Detect Alignment, and True Seeing).  Similarly, I suggest that druids not receive the normal spell Hallucinatory Forest, but receive the reversed form counter-spell, Reveal Wood.

    Spell Lists
    First Level Spells (27 spells)
    Animal Friendship
    Anti-Vermin Barrier
    Create Water (R)
    Detect Balance
    Detect Magic
    Detect Poison
    Detect Snares & Pits
    Endure Cold/Endure Heat
    Faerie Fire
    Invisibility to Animals
    Know Age
    Know Direction
    Know Time
    Light (R)
    Locate Animals or Plants
    Log of Everburning
    Magical Stone
    Nature’s Blessing (R)
    Pass without Trace
    Predict Weather
    Purify Food & Drink (R)
    Speak with Animals 
    Notes on Spells of First Level 
    Create Water is second level in Unearthed Arcana, but first level in Second Edition.  I believe first level is more appropriate.
    Of the three variants of first level alignment detection spells, I find Detect Balance (from Unearthed Arcana) to be the most appropriate.  It automatically gives the druid caster a rough idea of how strongly non-Neutral an object or creature is.  The Second Edition Player’s Handbook version must be memorized separately as either Detect Evil or Detect Good and typically does not reveal character alignment.  The Tome of Magic spell Analyze Balance works on characters and gives specific information about how far removed a creature is from Neutral, but only along one axis specified by the caster and with only a percent chance of success.
    In both First Edition sources, Locate Animals is a first level spell while Locate Plants is second level.  Second Edition combines these into a single first level spell, which I believe is an appropriate simplification.
    I believe it is appropriate for druids to have access to the first level spell Light, but not the third level Continual Light.  Certainly the sun is part of nature and a focus of worship for druids, as are the cycles of light and darkness.  But druids would not worship an unchanging sun to the exclusion the darkness, that is, they do not worship an archetypic Sun God.
    First Edition druids received Purify Water as a first level spell, but never gained the ability to purify food.  I think the Second Edition Purify Food and Drink as a first level spell is more appropriate.
    In First Edition, Speak with Animals was a first level spell, but Second Edition raised it to second level.  While I believe second level is more appropriate for a non-druid priest, the special affinity of druids for animals renders it suitable as a first level druid spell.  It makes a nice complement to the first level Animal Friendship, as this permits friendship but not communication, while Speak with Animals allows communication but does not ensure friendship.

    Second Level Spells (22 spells)
    Aura of Comfort
    Charm Person or Mammal
    Cure Light Wounds (R)
    Detect Charm
    Dust Devil
    Feign Death
    Fire Trap
    Flame Blade
    Goodberry (R)
    Heat Metal (R)
    Produce Flame
    Resist Fire/Resist Cold
    Sanctify (R)
    Slow Poison
    Snake Charm
    Warp Wood (R)

    Notes on Spells of Second Level
    Cure Light Wounds, as a “magical healing” spell, is treated as “level plus one”, or second level.
    Feign Death is treated as a second level spell in First Edition and a third level spell in Second Edition.  Given the strong association of druids with cycles of life and death, I think it is appropriate for them to receive at the lower level.
    Nap does not magically heal so much as it accentuates natural healing, so I feel it appropriate for druids to receive at its designed second level.
    Slow Poison, as a spell involving poison, is taken at its designed second level and not “level plus one” as for magical healing spells.

    Third Level Spells (22 spells)
    Accelerate Healing
    Call Lightning
    Cure Disease (R)
    Flame Walk
    Hold Animal
    Know Alignment
    Neutralize Poison (R)
    Plant Growth
    Protection from Fire
    Reflecting Pool
    Slow Rot
    Spike Growth
    Stone Shape
    Summon Insects
    Water Breathing (R)
    Water Walk
    Zone of Sweet Air
    Notes on Spells of Third Level
    Accelerate Healing does not magically heal, rather it accentuates natural healing.  Thus it is received at its designed third level.
    Cure Disease is essentially for treating natural disease, and so is received at the designed third level.
    In First Edition, clerics received a long-duration, reversible Know Alignment as a second level spell while druids received a short-duration, non-reversible Know Alignment as a third level spell.  In Second Edition, there was only one spell, that of second level, but unwilling recipients received a saving throw.  For druids, I prefer the First Edition version in all details; the shorter duration, higher casting level, no saving throw, and no reversed form available.
    Druids should receive Neutralize Poison, as a spell that affects poison, as a third level spell like in First Edition, not the fourth level spell of Second Edition.
    Reflecting Pool is given in Unearthed Arcana as a second level spell, but I believe that is too low for a spell of such power.  In Second Edition, the spell is made fourth level, which I think is too high.  Thus I list the spell as third level.

    Fourth Level Spells (22 Spells)
    Age Plant
    Animal Summoning I
    Blessed Warmth
    Call Woodland Beings
    Control Temperature
    Cure Blindness/Deafness (R)
    Dispel Magic
    Fire Purge
    Giant Insect (R)
    Reveal Wood
    Hold Plant
    Lower Water (R)
    Plant Door
    Produce Fire (R)
    Protection from Lightning
    Remove Curse (R)
    Remove Paralysis
    Repel Insects
    Speak with Plants
    Sticks to Snakes (R)
    Tree Steed
    Weather Stasis
    Notes on Spells of Fourth Level
    In the Second Edition description of Cure Blindness or Deafness it says that the spell does not work on sense organs damaged by disease.  I take this to mean that it is primarily designed to heal magical deafness or blindness, and as such counts as a “magical healing”, or “level plus one” spell.  Thus, I have listed it for druids as a fourth level spell, not the third level that it would be for priests.
    In First Edition, Dispel magic is cast as third level for clerics but fourth for druids, while the spell is simply third level in Second Edition.  I think that in keeping with the lesser facility druids have with abjuration magic, the spell should be listed as fourth level for druids.
    Both Remove Curse and Remove Paralysis for me are “magical healing” spells, and so are treated as “level plus one”.  Druids have access to both of these as fourth level spells.
    Reveal Wood is the reversed form of Hallucinatory Forest.  So far as I can tell, its only use is to dispel the normal form.
    In First Edition, Sticks to Snakes was a fourth level spell for clerics but was fifth level for druids.  In Second Edition it was a fourth level Plant Sphere spell.  Given the druidic affinity for both plants and animals, I think that druids should receive the spell at fourth, at least as low a level as non-druid clerics do.

    Fifth Level Spells (28 spells)
    Age Object (R)
    Air Walk
    Animal Growth (R)
    Animal Summoning II
    Anti-Plant Shell 10’ Radius
    Blessed Abundance
    Clear Path (R)
    Cloud of Purification
    Commune with Nature
    Control Winds
    Cure Serious Wounds (R)
    Elemental Forbiddance
    Flame Strike
    Insect Plague
    Pass Plant
    Raise Dead (R)
    Restore Balance
    Spike Stones
    Time Pool
    Transmute Rock to Mud (R)
    True Seeing
    Wall of Fire
    Notes of Spells of Fifth Level
    Even though Cure Serious Wounds is fourth level for both clerics and druids in First Edition, I believe that this is an oversight and that, like CLW and CCW, it should be “level plus one” for druids, that is, fifth level.
    Flame Strike was not a druid spell in First Edition, and in Second Edition it was placed in the Combat Sphere (not accessible to druids).  However, I think it could easily be placed in the Elemental and Elemental Fire Spheres as well, and that it should be accessible to druids given their affinity for fire.
    Raise Dead is a difficult call, since most druids would prefer Reincarnation.  Also, one must decide whether it falls in the “natural disease and death” camp at designed level or the “magical healing” camp at “level plus one”.  Ultimately, I favor treating it as designed as a fifth level spell.  However, I think it would be avoided by many, if not most druidic orders, and only allowed to those most closely verging on good or with the greatest affinity for healing.  The reverse form, Slay Living, should be available to most druids.
    Restore Balance cast by a druid would have the same effect as either a Dispel Evil or Dispel Good as appropriate.  Creatures affected would be any non-neutral.

    Sixth Level Spells (22 Spells)
    Age Creature (R)
    Animal Summoning III
    Anti-Animal Shell
    Call Phoenix
    Conjure Fire Elemental (R)
    Cure Critical Wounds (R)
    Fire Seeds
    Find the Path (R)
    Land of Stability
    Part Water
    Sol’s Searing Orb
    Speak with Monsters
    Stone Tell
    Transmute Water to Dust (R)
    Transport Via Plants
    Turn Wood
    Wall of Thorns
    Weather Summoning
    Notes on Spells of Sixth Level
    Cure Critical Wounds, as a magical healing spell, is taken as “level plus one” by druids.
    Feeblemind was listed as a sixth level druid spell in both PH1 and the UA, but did not make it into Second Edition as a priest spell.  Interestingly, even in the First Edition Feeblemind was not a cleric spell; its use was restricted to druids and magic-users.  While there are other First Edition druid spells that did not make it into Second Edition (Ceremony, Precipitation, Predict Weather, Cloudburst, Finger of Death), all but Predict Weather and Finger of Death were featured in UA only.  Thus, of the 78 druid spells listed in PH1, only three did not make it into the PH2: Feeblemind, Finger of Death, and Predict Weather.  While it is immediately obvious that Predict Weather should be a druid spell, Feeblemind is not so obvious.  Most druid spells are either Alteration or Divination magic.  Of the Enchantment/Charm spells of druids, most of them act on non-sentients (e.g., Animal Friendship, Hold Plant).  Druids do not have a strong foundation in magical mental attack.  Thus, I can see the reason why the spell was dropped from Second Edition.  However, I have included it because personally, I see a connection with the spells Charm Person or Mammal and Confusion.  It does seem that druids do have some spells to confound the minds of sentient creatures, after all.   
    Part Water was not a druid spell in First Edition, but its connection with the Elemental (Water) Sphere justifies it as a druid spell.
    Speak with Monsters was not a druid spell in First Edition, but the druid ability to learn languages such as hill giant and green dragon argues for its inclusion.
    Stone Tell was not a druid spell in first edition, but its connection with the Elemental (Earth) Sphere justifies it as a druid spell.

    Seventh Level Spells (22 spells)
    Age Dragon
    Animate Rock
    Breath of Life (R)
    Chariot of Sustarre
    Conjure Earth Elemental (R)
    Control Weather
    Creeping Doom
    Divine Inspiration
    Finger of Death
    Fire Storm (R)
    Heal (R)
    Regenerate (R)
    Restoration (R) Sunray
    Transmute Metal to Wood
    Word of Ultimate Balance
    Notes on spells of seventh level
    Destruction is the reversed form of Resurrection.  While I would allow some druids use of Raise Dead, I do not believe any druid should be allowed Resurrection.  Raise Dead operates in the small window of time when the soul of the deceased has left the body but is still in transit to the Outer Planes.  However, Resurrection takes a soul that has completed its journey, reached its final destination, and forces it to return to its old life.  Thus, the spell is anathema to the druidical teaching of acceptance of change, death, and rebirth.  The reversed form of the spell, Destruction, just gives the soul a push into the next stage of its existence, and thus is acceptable to all druids.
    Finger of Death was a druid spell in First Edition (PH1 and UA), and was a druid spell only – it was not available to either non-druid clerics or to magic-users.  In Second Edition, it was no longer a priest spell but became a fifth level Wizard spell.  I believe it accurately represents a high-level druid’s power over life and death, so I have included it here.  See also Feeblemind (herein Dr6) for discussion of druid spells that did not make it to Second Edition. 
    Heal, as a magical healing spell, is taken as “level plus one” by druids.
    Word of Ultimate Balance cast by a druid would have the same effect as either a Holy Word or Unholy Word as appropriate.  Creatures affected would be any non-neutral.

    Non-druid casters of druid spells – rangers
    I believe it is worth considering the source of ranger druid spells – both the source of the knowledge and the power of the spell itself.  Starting at eighth level, rangers have access to druid spells, but who teaches them these spells?  I presume they learn their spells from other rangers but also from druids.  Probably it will be more frequent that they learn their spells from druids, since it would take a ranger of name level to teach them the same spells that even a low-level druid could.   Their selection of spells will thus be limited to the ones that are taught them, and these will be limited by the knowledge of their tutors.  In a subsequent article, I will specifically list what spells are available to druids depending on their patron Power. 
    Note that rangers do not necessarily worship a Power that grants druid spells.  Their general reverence for nature will be sufficient to provide the faith for spells of first and second level.  In this case, there will be no restrictions on what spells they can learn, though they may have to find druid tutors of several different faiths to learn all the spells possible.  Upon attaining the ability to cast spells of third level, however, they will need a divine source.  The DM will have to determine whether the ranger’s patron Power is willing and able to grant druid spells.  If not, does that Power maintain a friendly relationship with another Power that could grant spells on its behalf?  If the ranger has no patron Power, but is of sufficient character, the servant Powers of Ehlonna often consent to grant third level spells.  In extreme cases the DM may rule that no Power is willing or able to provide the spells, and the ranger will not receive them, despite being of the requisite level.
    If the ranger actually worships a Power that is a patron for druids, there are no such problems of divine support.  In this case, however, the ranger’s access to spells will be restricted to only those spells granted by the patron Power, as if he was a priest of that Power.
    In First Edition, a ranger of 8th level was granted access to one first level druid spell per day.  This access increased to its maximum at 17th level, where a ranger could cast two spells per day for each of levels one, two, and three.  These spells came directly from the druid spell lists.  In Second Edition, ranger access to Priest Spells also starts at 8th level, but there is a faster progression until the maximum at 16th level where three spells each of levels one, two, and three may be cast.  While Second Edition rangers access Priest spells, they are only allowed spells from the Spheres of Plant and Animal (a subset of all the spheres available to Second Edition druids).
    As with druids, I see no reason to grant rangers spells that are inappropriate just because they fall in a certain Sphere while denying them others because they are from a different Sphere.  What follows is a list of those spells which I believe rangers should have access to.  After that are notes on the spells that I did not allow rangers, explaining why they were restricted.  

    Level One druid spells allowed rangers
    Anti-Vermin Barrier
    Animal Friendship
    Create Water (R)
    Detect Magic
    Detect Poison
    Detect Snares & Pits
    Endure Cold/Endure Heat
    Fearie Fire
    Invisibility to Animals
    Know Age
    Know Direction
    Know Time
    Light (R)
    Locate Animals or Plants
    Log of Everburning
    Pass without Trace
    Predict Weather
    Purify Food and Drink
    Speak with Animals
    First level druid spells not allowed rangers
    This is essentially a priest spell and not applicable to rangers.
    Detect Balance
    Given the requirement that rangers be of Good alignment, this spell, founded in the Neutrality of druids, can not be understood by them.
    Magical Stone
    Given that rangers can use bows, they have little need of sling stones.  By the level at which they can cast spells, they should have access to magic arrows.
    Nature’s Blessing (R)
    Calling upon a Power to Bless or Curse is the purview of that Power’s official representatives, the priests.  It would be presumptuous for a ranger to exercise this ability.
    Putrefy Food and Drink
    While rangers are allowed Purify Food and Drink, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.
    As with Magical Stone, a ranger of eighth level most likely has access to a magical sword, obviating the need for this spell.
    Level Two druid spells allowed rangers
    Aura of Comfort
    Charm Person or Mammal
    Cure Light Wounds
    Detect Charm
    Dust Devil
    Feign Death
    Fire Trap
    Flame Blade
    Heat Metal (R)
    Produce Flame
    Resist Fire/Resist Cold
    Slow Poison
    Snake Charm
    Warp Wood (R)
    Second level druid spells not allowed rangers
    The gods regard information on fate and future to be only for their priests.
    While rangers are allowed Goodberry, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.
    Not necessary, as rangers have armor, and likely magic armor, by this level.   
    Cause Light Wounds
    While rangers are allowed Cure Light Wounds, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.
    Sanctify (R)
    This spell, and its reverse, are the province of the clergy.
    Level Three druid spells allowed rangers
    Accelerate Healing
    Call Lightning
    Cure Disease
    Flame Walk
    Hold Animal
    Neutralize Poison
    Plant Growth
    Protection from Fire
    Slow Rot
    Spike Growth
    Stone Shape
    Summon Insects
    Water Breathing (R)
    Water Walk
    Zone of Sweet Air
    Third level druid spells not allowed rangers
    Cause Disease
    While rangers are allowed Cure Disease, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.
    Know Alignment
    The difference in alignment between druids and rangers renders this spell non-functional for them. 
    While rangers are allowed Neutralize Poison, their Good nature disallows the use of the reverse spell.
    Reflecting Pool
    This type of divination magic is only for priests. 

    Bibliography - Sources of Spells

    Cl = Cleric Spell
    Dr = Druid Spell
    All = All Sphere
    An = Animal Sphere
    Cb = Combat Sphere
    Ch = Charm Sphere
    Cr = Creation Sphere
    Dv = Divination Sphere
    El = Elemental Sphere
    Ela = Elemental Air Sphere
    Ele = Elemental Earth Sphere
    Elf = Elemental Fire Sphere
    Elw = Elemental Water Sphere
    Hl = Healing Sphere
    Nc = Necromantic Sphere
    Nm = Numbers Sphere
    Pr = Protection Sphere
    Pt = Plant Sphere
    Sm = Summoning Sphere
    Su = Sun Sphere
    Tm = Time Sphere
    Tv = Travelers Sphere
    Wd = Wards Sphere
    We = Weather Sphere

    First Level Spells with Sources
    Animal Friendship / Dr1 (PH1, UA), An1 (PH2, TM)
    Anti-Vermin Barrier / Wd1 (TM)
    Ceremony / Dr1 (UA)
    Combine / All1 (PH2, TM)
    Create Water (R) / Dr2 (UA), El1 (PH2), El1/Elw1 (TM)     
    Detect Balance /
         Dr1 (UA), Dv1 (= “Detect Evil” PH2), 
         Dv1/Nm1 (= “Analyze Balance” TM)
    Detect Magic / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Dv1 (PH2, TM)
    Detect Poison / Dr1 (UA), Dv1 (PH2, TM)
    Detect Snares & Pits / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Dv1 (PH2, TM)
    Endure Cold/Endure Heat / Pr1 (PH2, TM)
    Entangle / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Pt (PH2, TM)
    Faerie Fire / Dr1 (PH1, UA), We1 (PH2, TM)
    Invisibility to Animals / Dr1 (PH1, UA1), An1 (PH2, TM)
    Know Age / Tm1 (TM)
    Know Direction / Tv1 (TM)
    Know Time / Tm1 (TM)
    Light (R) / Su1 (PH2, TM)
    Locate Animals or Plants /
         An1 (PH2, TM), 
         Dr1 (= “Locate Animals” PH1, UA), 
         Dr2 (= “Locate Plants” PH1, UA)
    Log of Everburning / Pt1/El1/Elf1 (TM)
    Magical Stone / Cb1 (PH2, TM)
    Nature’s Blessing (R) /
         Cl1 (= “Bless” PH1, UA),
         All1 (= “Bless” PH2, TM)
    Pass without Trace / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Pt1 (PH2, TM)
    Precipitation / Dr1 (UA)
    Predict Weather / Dr1 (PH1, UA)
    Purify Food & Drink (R) /
         Dr1 (= “Purify Water” PH1, UA), All1 (PH2, TM)
    Shillelagh / Dr1 (PH1, UA), Pt1/Cb1 (PH2, TM)
    Speak with Animals / Dr1 (PH1, UA), An2/Dv2 (PH2, TM)

    Second Level Spells with Sources
    Augury / Cl2 (PH1, UA), Dv2 (PH2, TM)
    Aura of Comfort / Tv2 (TM)
    Barkskin / Dr2 (PH1, UA), Pt2/Pr2 (PH2, TM)
    Charm Person or Mammal / Dr2 (PH1, UA), An2 (PH2, TM)
    Cure Light Wounds (R) / Dr2 (PH1, UA), Hl1 (PH2, TM)
    Detect Charm / Cl2 (PH1, UA), Dv2 (PH2, TM)
    Dust Devil / El2 (PH2), El2/Ela2 (TM)
    Feign Death / Dr2 (PH1, UA), Nc3 (PH2, TM)
    Fire Trap / Dr2 (PH1, UA), El2 (PH2), El2/Elf2 (TM)
    Flame Blade / Dr2 (UA), El2 (PH2), El2/Elf2 (TM)
    Goodberry (R) / Dr2 (UA), Pt2 (PH2, TM)
    Heat Metal (R) / Dr2 (PH1, UA), El2 (PH2), El2/Elf2 (TM)
    Messenger / An2 (PH2, TM)
    Nap / Tm2 (TM)
    Obscurement / Dr2 (PH1, UA), We2 (PH2, TM)
    Produce Flame / Dr2 (PH1, UA), El2 (PH2), El2/Elf2 (TM)
    Resist Fire/Resist Cold / Pr2 (PH2, TM)
    Sanctify (R) / All2 (TM)
    Slow Poison / Dr2 (UA), Hl2 (PH2, TM)
    Snake Charm / An2 (PH2, TM)
    Trip / Dr2 (PH1, UA), Pt2 (PH2, TM)
    Warp Wood (R) / Dr2 (PH2, UA), Pt2 (PH2, TM)

    Third Level Spells with Sources
    Accelerate Healing / Tm3 (TM)
    Call Lightning / Dr3 (PH1, UA), We3 (PH2, TM)
    Cloudburst / Dr3 (UA)
    Cure Disease (R) / Dr3 (PH1, UA), Nc3 (PH2, TM)
    Flame Walk / El3 (PH2), El3/Elf3 (TM)
    Hold Animal / Dr3 (PH1, UA), An3 (PH2, TM)
    Know Alignment / Dr3 (UA), Dv2 (PH2, TM)
    Neutralize Poison (R) /
         Dr3 (PH1, UA),
         Hl4 (PH2, TM)                  
    Plant Growth / Dr3 (PH1, UA), Pt3 (PH2, TM)
    Protection from Fire /
         Dr3 (PH1, UA),
         El3 (PH2),
         El3/Elf3/Pr3 (TM)
    Pyrotechnics / Dr3 (PH1, UA), El3 (PH2), El3/Elf3 (TM)
    Reflecting Pool / Dr2 (UA), Dv4 (PH2, TM)
    Slow Rot / Pt 3 (TM)
    Snare / Dr3 (PH1, UA), Pt3 (PH2, TM)
    Spike Growth / Dr3 (UA), Pt3 (PH2, TM)
    Starshine / Dr3 (UA), Su3 (PH2, TM)
    Stone Shape / Dr3 (PH1, UA), El3 (PH2), El3/Ele3 (TM)
    Summon Insects / Dr3 (PH1, UA), An3/Sm3 (PH2, TM)
    Tree / Dr3 (PH1, UA), An3 (PH2, TM)
    Water Breathing (R) /
         Dr3 (PH1, UA),
         El3 (PH2),
         El3/Ela/Elw3 (TM)
    Water Walk / El3 (PH2), El3/Elw3 (TM)
    Zone of Sweet Air / Wd3

    Fourth Level Spells with Sources
    Age Plant / Tm4 (TM)
    Animal Summoning / Dr4 (PH1, UA), An4/Sm4 (PH2, TM)
    Blessed Warmth / Su4 (TM)
    Call Woodland Beings / Dr4 (PH1, UA), An4/Sm4 (PH2, TM)
    Control Temperature /
         Dr4 (PH1, UA),
         We4 (= “Control Temperature, 10’ Radius” PH2, TM)
    Cure Blindness/Deafness (R) / Cl3 (PH1, UA), Nc3 (PH2, TM)
    Dispel Magic / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pr3 (PH2, TM)
    Fire Purge / Wd4 (TM)
    Giant Insect (R) / An4 (PH2, TM)
    Reveal Wood / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
    Hold Plant / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
    Lower Water (R) / CL4 (PH1, UA), El4 (PH2), El4/Elw4 (TM)
    Plant Door / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
    Produce Fire (R) / Dr4 (PH1, UA), El4 (PH2), El4/Elf4 (TM)
    Protection from Lightning /
         Dr4 (PH1, UA),
         Pr4/We4 (PH2, TM)
    Remove Curse (R) / Cl3 (PH1, UA), Pr3 (PH2, TM)
    Remove Paralysis / Cl3 (UA), Pr3 (PH2, TM)
    Repel Insects / Dr4 (PH1, UA), An4/Pr4 (PH2, TM)
    Speak with Plants / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
    Sticks to Snakes (R) / Dr5 (PH, UA), Pt4 (PH2, TM)
    Tree Steed / Tv4 (TM)
    Weather Stasis / We4/Wd4 (TM)

    Fifth Level Spells with Sources
    Age Object (R) / Tm5 (TM)
    Air Walk / Cl5 (UA), El5 (PH2), El5/Ela5 (TM)
    Animal Growth (R) / Dr5 (PH1, UA), An5 (PH2, TM)
    Animal Summoning II /
         Dr5 (PH1, UA),
         An5/Sm5 (PH2, TM)
    Anti-Plant Shell 10’ Radius /
         Dr5 (PH1, UA),
         Pt5/Pr5 (= “Anti-Plant Shell” PH2, TM)
    Atonement / Cl5 (PH1, UA), All5 (PH2, TM)
    Blessed Abundance / Cr5 (TM)
    Clear Path (R) / Tv5 (TM)
    Cloud of Purification / El5/Ela5 (TM)
    Commune with Nature / Dr5 (PH1, UA), Dv5 (PH2, TM)
    Consequence / Dv5/Nm5 (TM)
    Control Winds / Dr5 (PH1, UA), We5 (PH2, TM)
    Cure Serious Wounds (R) / Dr4 (PH1, UA), Hl4 (PH2, TM)
    Elemental Forbiddance / El5/Ela5/Ele5/Elf5/Elw5 (TM)
    Flame Strike / Cl5 (PH1, UA), Cb5 (PH2, TM)
    Grounding / Wd5 (TM)
    Insect Plague / Dr5 (PH1, UA), Cb5 (PH2, TM)
    Moonbeam / Dr5 (UA), Su5 (PH2, TM)
    Pass Plant / Dr5 (PH1, UA), Pt5 (PH2, TM)
    Rainbow / Cl5 (UA), Su5 (PH2, TM)
    Raise Dead (R) / Cl5 (PH1, UA), Nc5 (PH2, TM)
    Restore Balance /
         Cl5 (PH1, UA), Pr5/Sm5 (PH2, TM)
         (= “Dispel Evil” and “Dispel Good”)
    Spike Stones / Dr5 (UA), El5 (PH2), El5/Ele5 (TM)
    Time Pool / Tm5 (TM)
    Transmute Rock to Mud (R) /
         Dr5 (PH1, UA),
         El5 (PH2), El5/Ele5/Elw5 (TM)
    True Seeing / Cl5 (PH1, UA), Dv5 (PH2, TM)
    Uplift / All5 (TM)
    Wall of Fire / Dr5 (PH1, UA), El5 (PH2), El5/Elf5 (TM)

    Sixth Level Spells with Sources
    Age Creature (R) / Tm6 (TM)
    Animal Summoning III /
         Dr6 (PH1, UA),
         An6/Sm6 (PH2, TM)
    Anti-Animal Shell /
         Dr6 (PH1, UA),
         An6/Pr6 (PH2, TM)
    Call Phoenix / An6 (Monstrous Manual)
    Conjure Fire Elemental (R) /
         Dr6 (PH1, UA),
         El6/Sm6 (PH2)
         El6/Elf6/Sm6 (TM)
    Cure Critical Wounds (R) /
         Dr6 (PH1, UA),
         Hl5 (PH2, TM)
    Dragonbane / Wd6 (TM)
    Feeblemind / Dr6 (PH1, UA)
    Fire Seeds /
         Dr6 (PH1, UA),
         El6 (PH2),
         El6/Elf6 (TM)
    Find the Path (R) / Cl6 (PH1, UA), Dv6 (PH2, TM)
    Forbiddance / Pr6 (PH2, TM)
    Land of Stability / Wd6 (TM)
    Liveoak / Dr6 (UA), Pt6 (PH2, TM)
    Part Water / Cl6 (PH1, UA), El6 (PH2), El6/Elw6 (TM)
    Sol’s Searing Orb / Su6 (TM)
    Speak with Monsters / Cl6 (PH1, UA), Dv6 (PH2, TM)
    Stone Tell /
         Cl6 (PH1, UA),
         Dv6/El6 (PH2),
         Dv6/El6/Ele6 (TM)
    Transmute Water to Dust (R) /
         Dr6 (UA),
         El6 (PH2), 
         El6/Ele6/Elw6 (TM)
    Transport Via Plants / Dr6 (PH1, UA), Pt6 (PH2, TM)
    Turn Wood / Dr6 (PH1, UA), Pt6 (PH2, TM)
    Wall of Thorns /
         Dr6 (PH1, UA),
         Pt6/Cr6/Sm6 (PH2, TM)
    Weather Summoning /
         Dr6 (PH1, UA),
         Sm6/We6 (PH2, TM)

    Seventh Level Spells and Sources
    Age Dragon / Tm7 (TM)
    Animate Rock / Dr7 (PH1, UA), El7 (PH2), El7/Ele7 (TM)
    Breath of Life (R) / Nc7 (TM)
    Changestaff / Dr7 (UA), Pt7/Cr7 (PH2, TM)
    Chariot of Sustarre /
         Dr7 (PH1, UA),
         Cr7/El7 (PH2),
         Cr7/El7/Elf7 (TM)
    Confusion / Dr7 (PH1, UA), Ch7 (PH2, TM)
    Conjure Earth Elemental (R) /
         Dr7 (PH1, UA),
         El7/Sm7 (PH2),
         El7/Ele7/Sm7 (TM)
    Control Weather / Dr7 (PH1, UA), We7 (PH2, TM)
    Creeping Doom / Dr7 (PH1, UA), An7/Sm7 (PH2, TM)
    Destruction / Dr7 (PH1, UA), Nc7 (PH2, TM)
    Divine Inspiration / Dv7 (TM)
    Earthquake / Cl7 (PH1, UA), El7 (PH2), El7/Ele7 (TM)
    Finger of Death / Dr7 (PH1, UA)
    Fire Storm (R) / Dr7 (PH1, UA), El7 (PH2), El7/Elf7 (TM)
    Heal (R) / Cl6 (PH1, UA), Hl6 (PH2, TM)
    Regenerate (R) / Cl7 (PH1, UA), Nc7 (PH2, TM)
    Reincarnate / Dr7 (PH1, UA), Nc7 (PH2, TM)
    Restoration (R) / Cl7 (PH1, UA), Nc7 (PH2, TM)
    Sunray / Dr7 (UA), Su7 (PH2, TM)
    Transmute Metal to Wood /
         Dr7 (PH1, UA),
         El7 (PH2),
         El7/Ele7 (TM)
    Windwalk / Cl7 (PH1, UA), El7 (PH2), El7/Ela7 (TM)
    Word of Ultimate Balance /
         Cl7 (PH1, UA),
         Cb7 (PH2, TM)
         (= “Holy Word” and “Unholy Word”)


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