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    Dungeon Magazine Index
    Compiled By: Richard Di Ioia
    Download the Excel Spreadsheet Here: Dungeon Index XLS
    1The Dark Tower of CalibarThe vampire is the least of your worries7AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    119Assault on Eddistone pointWhat awaits you in the lonely signal tower?2AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    128Grakhirt's lairThe war is over - but there's one battle left3AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    138The Elven homeWilderness scenario2Side trekGenericBasic
    1Into the FireThe legacy of a lost prince.10AdventureGeneric1st EditionVolcanic mountain range
    161Guardians of the tombVengeance awaits beyond the grave4Side trekGeneric1st Edition
    2The Titan's dreamA casual visit to a living, nightmare theater6AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    216In the dwarven king's courtThe game is afoot in the royal palace5AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    233CaermorWhy would a town refuse to be rescued?4AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    245The keep at KoralgeshBuried in fire but hardly dead3AdventureGenericBasic
    34Falcon's peakLord Falcon's next holds a new brood of evil3AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    311Blood on the snowA deadly hunt deep in the arctic wastes5AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    3The Deadly seaA desperate rescue beneath the waves7AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    3The book with no endThe ultimate tome of power. A vanished tome, a faded legend and the end of the world10AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    4Kingdom in the swampThe dead rule, the living die. Would you trust a thief to lead you to a vampire?7AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    416Escape from the tower of midnightRun silenty; the midnight stalkers are after you.3AdventureGeneric1st EditionThieves only
    428Fluffy goes to heckRemember Fluffy? The cute little dog? Wel…4AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    441Trouble at Grog'sA little beer, a little touble, a little party on the rubble1AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    5The rotting willowThis roadside stop could be your very last8AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    511Lady of the LakeWho is the dying woman? Where is the lake that can save her?1AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    519The stolen powerAn evil cult with a trick up its sleeve2AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    528The kappa of pachee bridgeA little village with a turtle-shelled problem4AdventureOriental Adventures1st Edition
    533The trouble with Mylvin WimblyThe enemy you hunt may not be the enemy you find.3AdventureGenericBasic
    5The eyes of evilA promise of adventure and riches, with a hint of total annihilation.15AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    5Hirward's taskA wizard in need…Hirward the Wizard has a little problem on his hands - and its destroying his fortress, followers and future.6AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    6After the stormA gold-laden shipwreck in a deadly bay. The strangest things wash up on a beach sometimes.9AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    6White DeathWhite dragons are small and easy to kill - aren't they?7AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    6Bristanam's CairnA friendly little cottage and a dreadful secret10Side trekGeneric1st Edition
    6House of the BrothersTwo giant opponents.8AdventureGreyhawk1st Edition
    6Forbidden mountainHang onto your helmets in this topsy-turvy dungeon7AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    6Tortles of the Purple Sage (part 1)A thousand miles of adventure. 7AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    73NightshadeIt's a wizard's privilege - and curse - to change his mind2Side trekGeneric1st Edition
    7Tortles of the Purple Sage (part 2)Treck to three lost cities.7AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    726The matchmakersSome matches are made in heaven, but not this one2AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    737Samurai steelTreachery, betrayal, and a flower of ice5AdventureOriental Adventures1st Edition
    7The Jingling Mordo CircusCarnival fun and deadly danger. 14AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    83Mountain sanctuaryIt's the little things that count.2AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    89For a Lady's honorWhen the guildmaster speaks, everybody listens6AdventureGeneric1st EditionThieves only
    8In Defense of the lawIf Chaos wins, everyone loses.9AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    8The wounded worminjured dragons are the most deadly. Crippled, wingless, old are a thousand times more dangerous.10AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    8The flowers of flamein search of a dangerous fairy tale9AdventureOriental Adventures1st EditionThieves only
    94The lurkers in the libraryThe quest for knowledge can be as dangerous as any other.2AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    910The crypt of IstarisIt's all over (and literally so) after midnight4AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    924The Djinni's ring3SoloGenericBasic
    935The golden bowl of Ashu H'SanWhat angers the spirits? You don't have long to find out.3AdventureOriental Adventures1st Edition
    944The Ghostship GambitHelp wanted: Fearless crew to stop undead pirates. Pay bills before applying.5AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    950The plight of CirriaHigh adventure in the highest places.15AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    103The Shrine of IlsidahurIt's strange that a shrine to a vanished god should still be taking sacrifices5AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    109The artisan's tombEverything would be fine if the person you are trying to help wasn't already dead.2AdventureOriental Adventures1st Edition
    10They also serveNot everything worth stealing is worth cash.4AdventureGeneric1st EditionThieves only
    10MonsterquestEver wonder how the monsters feel about adventuring?2AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    10Secrets of the towersStepping through a door can mean a grand adventure or a horrifying death.1Side trekGeneric1st Edition
    10Threshold of evilOn a storm-blasted mountain lives an immortal arch-mage with a foul temper. The townspeople want you to talk to him - and kill him, if necessary.16AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    11The dark conventicleThe darkness beneath the ruins. If you save only one kidnapped daughter this year, save this one.11AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    11The wooden mouseWhat wondrous powers could a wooden mouse have that makes its theft so deadly?7SoloGeneric1st Edition
    11The Black Heart of UlomAn evil forest with a mind of it's own. The druids gave the forest a mind of it's own; that their creation would turn evil was not part of the plan.10AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    1145The wards of witching waysSurviving the shipwreck is easy, living through the wizardly bet afterwards is not.4AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    124Light of lost soulsFor some, duty and revenge are stronger than death.3Side trekGeneric1st Edition
    12Scepter of the underworldYour adventure started the moment you woke up.12SoloGeneric1st Edition
    1224At the spottle parlorSome games aren't played for fun.2AdventureKnown WorldBasic
    1234Intrigue in the depthsStopping an undersea war wasn't in your contract5AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    1248Huddle farmA family feud - with green cows?2AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    13The ruins of Nol-DaerAbandoned ruins never are. He left the Abyss to visit his human mother, not realizing he was a century too late. Still there was a lot he had left to do.10AdventureGreyhawk1st Edition
    1319Going once, going twiceAuction fever can empty anyone's pouch of coins.AnyAdventureGeneric1st Edition
    1324The moor-tomb mapIn this dungeon, adventurers are the treasure.4AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    13The treasure vault of KasilThe owners of the vault dared all looters to test their wits against it. Hundreds of years later, the vault is still unopened. Now it's your turn to try to get in.6AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    13Of nests and nationsa city besieged from within. Watchmen are murdered, ships explode and sink in their berths, and savage monsters are sumoned in the streets -- but no one can catch the killers.10AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    144MasqueraiderMonsters prowl the hills, but you never see more than one at a time.4AdventureForgotten Realms1st Edition
    14A Question of BalanceTwo travelers mysterious appear in a magical storm. Which one is the demon?10AdventureForgotten Realms1st Edition
    14Stranded on the Baron's islandYou've just crashed the strangest party. None of the guests are quite what they seem to be.5AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    14Master of PuppetsHe's a murderer and a renegade wizard. The bodyguards he's built are just as bad.9AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    1444Phantasm chasmOne good ambush can lead to another.8Side trekGeneric1st Edition
    1448The wererats of RelfrenThis little mountain town will soon become know for more than its famour cheese. Will you become part of the solution or part of the problem?4AdventureGenericExpert
    15The wreck of the Shining StarA shipwreck is an unfailing beacon for trouble.6AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    15In pursuit of the SlayerYou must stop the Slayer's rampage - without slaying the Slayer.7AdventureGenericExpert
    15The dragon's giftThe adventure began when a fish left a message for you.4AdventureOriental Adventures1st Edition
    15The glass houseAfter they took his home and his wife, they took his life - but he came back for them, anyway.6AdventureForgotten Realms1st Edition
    1539Roarwater caves"I could kill two birds with one stone," the shaman thought, "if I only had some gullible adventurers."2AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    1549The Elephant's graveyardTons of ivory for the taking - if you can take it from the heart of a savage jungle.6AdventureGreyhawk1st Edition
    16Palace in the skyGiants and humanoids that sail down from the heavens? Where could they be coming from?14AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    16The dwarves of WarkaThe dwarves want you to check out a cave that even they won't explore7AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    16NecropolisA city of the dead has no business coming back to life2AdventureForgotten Realms1st Edition
    16VesicantEven a small dragon can get lots of treasure - if she has a navy to find it for her.6AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    174The PitAdventurers are more than welcome, they are nourishment!4AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    17The hunt in great Allindel A treasure vault without guards or traps - can it be true?7AdventureGeneric1st Edition
    17The waiting room of Yen-Wang-YehYour mission is to recover the bones of a long-dead noble. But he isn't ready to give them up yet.5AdventureOriental Adventures1st Edition
    17Out of the AshesSlain in disgrace, reborn in fury, armed to the teeth. Flame returns! Sequel to "into the fire" from issue #1.13AdventureGreyhawk1st Edition
    18IronguardLet's just say that is was a bad day to go to the marketplace2AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    18Whitelake mine"There's this huge fish in my mine," says the gnome, "and you've got one week to get rid of it."3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    18Tallow's deep"Only the good die young. The bad prefer it that way." (a goblin proverb)6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    18Crocodile tearsWhat really destroyed the peaceful village of Tijiki?7AdventureOriental Adventures2nd Edition
    18Chadranther's baneYou found the treasure you were seeking. Now you have to escape from it.7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    19By the waysideNo one believes in the Mist Woman, no one alive that is10AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    19The vanishing villageAn entire village appears overnight. But where are the villagers?4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    19The serpent's toothsomeone would like you to spy on a tavern, but not just any tavern.5AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    1932Encounter in the wildwoodDiversity and perversity are hard to beat.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    19House of cardsThe fate of a city lies within a dungeon whose doors are sealed with cards.12AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    20The ship of nightAn engineering marvel awaits you, as does a legion of murderous ghosts12AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    20White fang10SoloGeneric2nd Edition
    20Pride of the skyAll that your departed aunt left you was a chance to get famous and rich, if the attempt doesn't kill you first.12AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    2053Ancient bloodFive centuries is not long enough for a giant king to forgive a defeat - or forget a curse.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    214The cauldron of plentyPlenty of trouble that is.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    21The bane of ElfswoodIt shines in the night. Ogres run in terror of it. It kills by sight and by touch. It never stops hunting - and it's hunting for you.16AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    21Jammin'AnyAdventureSpelljammer2nd Edition
    21Incident at Strathern pointBefore you know it, you've walked right into someone else's adventure.9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    21The chest of the AloeidsBrave are the mortals who take on the tasks of the gods - and dreadful their fate if they fail.12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    224The dark forestThe alchemist would like some fungus and spores, but no one wants to get them.3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    22The Leopard menA deadly rumble in the jungle9AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    22Tomb it may concernYou wake up in a dungeon. But how did you get there, and why?5SoloGeneric2nd EditionPaladin
    22UnchainedWe gnomes built this wonderful dragon but now the darn thing seems to be out of control8AdventureDragonlance2nd Edition
    2250Rank amateursYou and your fellow humanoids are going to be diplomats. Can you say "disaster"?2AdventureKnown WorldBasic
    236The vineyard valesA plague of locusts is bad enough, but when the locusts are a yard long the farmers need professional help.3AdventureKnown WorldBasic
    23The Pyramid of JenkelA voice in the darkness offered him power; with only one string attached: First he had to find some adventurers13AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    23Old Sea dogAnother day, another kidnap victim to rescue- but this victim has four feet and likes old soup bones.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    23Deception passMagical minotaurs? Mutant giants? Vampires? Or or more of these is preying upon caravans.8AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    246In the dread of nightHe wears black, hires orcs, and looks depraved. But don't be fooled, he's far more dangerous than he seems.2AdventureKnown WorldBasic
    2426A hitch in timeNo matter how much loot you take, you never took anything at all. Confused? Wait until you try this dungeon.12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    24Thunder under NeedlespireThe monster you're sent out after is so dangerous that even mind flayers fear it. And the illithids want your help!12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    254The standing stones of sundownAn act of mercy released a creature of unspeakable evil.3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    2524Of Kings unknownThat horrible blue, bug eyed monster you just fought - was it really an orc?4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    25Hrothgar's resting placeIf the book is to be believed, there's a magical sword completed unguarded and ripe for the taking.7AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    25A rose for TalakaraHe was thoughtful, obedient, and Trustworth - the epitome of a traitor. All he needed were some heroes.17AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    2517Hellfire HostagesYou’ve tried talking them out, punching them out, and zapping them out, but you’ve still got “terrorists around the collar!LowAdventureEarthMarvel Super Heroes
    26The inheritanceYou've just inherited a castle! All it needs is a good cleaning out.2AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    26Caravan guardsBeware of cheerful and long fanged employers!12AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    2638Deadfalls on nightwood trail3Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    26The Curse and the QuestWhat's the top prize for this grim relay race? Your lives, of course.7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    26Nine-tenths of the lawThe evil wizard had a fail safe plan for survival. It worked perfectly - almost.11AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    2616Operation: Fire SaleIn Germany, NATO has more intelligence leaks than the Berline Wall had bricks. Your job is to plug just one of them.4AdventureEarthTop Secret/S.I.
    27Tarfil's tombA simple cleric has a complicated vision and you've become part of it.16AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    2720JuggernautMeet a goblin who has the best and deadliest toy around.5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    27Courier serviceOnly two things are certain; taxes and death.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    27Bride for a FoxTreachery so deep that even the villains can't find the bottom.7AdventureOriental Adventures2nd Edition
    27The School of NekrosThe halflings loved their river until it filled up with dead things. That's when they called you.11AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    28The pipes of doomThe forces of evil are ready to attack. But first, a musical interlude.12AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    28Manden's meathooks5Side trekGenericExpert
    28SleeplessA spell went wrong, the wizard was burned up, and now all sorts of unwanted guests are arriving to celebrate.13AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    28Night of fearMost country inns are noted for their charm, peacefulness and security. But not this one.1AdventureGenericBasic
    28Visitors from above6AdventureSpelljammer2nd Edition
    29Nymph's rewardAll maidens in distress are not alike7AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    29Ex librisOpening a book in this library can expand your mind or scatter it around the room!9AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    29Through the night1Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    29Til death do us partA marriage made in hell -- and going strong.12AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    29Mightier than the swordA martyr to penmanship - or the victim of greed?2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    30And a dozen eggsAlligators in the sewers? You should be so lucky!2AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    30Elmister's back doorVisiting an archmage? Better come in by the front door!AnyAdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    30GhazalSlavery may not be worse than death, but you might come to think so before too long.10AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    30A wrastle with BertrumA restful evening of troll-wrastling, banditry, and spontaneous tavern renovation.2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    30Thiondar's legacyAn elven king went down inside a mountain and discovered an evil thing. He's still there, ages later, waiting rescue or death.12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    31Beyond the glittering veilA gateway has opened, and death is pouring out.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    31Telar in NorbiaIt was the best of times, then the worst of times; a tale of two (ex) cities.10AdventureGeneric2nd EditionAn interesting desert scenario
    31A local legendEvery nine years, three people were murdered. Soon, you'll know why.1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    31Bane of the ShadowbornEvil feeds on itself, but it also feed upon the good.9AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    32The wayward woodRemember; only you can prevent forest failures.9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    32Herme's bridgeA troubled bridge over waters9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    32Changeling9Side TrekForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    3228Pearlman's curiosity?eb dluoc ti tahw rednow i2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    32Is there an elf in the house?She was free at last and eager for vengeance - but first she needed a sacrifice.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    3260Ghost danceFrom the moment the old man gave you the skull, there was no turning back6AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    33That island charmHere's the tale of a big boat trip that started from a tropical port, aboard a briny ship.9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    33The siege of Kratys freeholdThe orcs remembered Tarran Kratys. Today he wishes they had not.2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    3336Dark days in welldaleThe halfling village is no longer a most pleasant place to reside.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    3350AlicornGoblins want the unicorn dead.1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    33Mad Gyoji9AdventureOriental Adventures2nd Edition
    348Euphoria horrorsCan you find a little boy's missing friend?2AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    34Rogue4Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    34Isle of the abbeyTime to hit the beach2AdventureGenericBasic
    34The Lady RoseA town destroyed, young elves kidnapped. Will your continent be next to fall to the superior firepower of Talangran?13AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    34On wings of darknessSummer in Calimshan brings a "simple" monster hunt in the cool mountain air. What could be easier?6AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    35Twilight's last gleamingYou'll be lucky if you live to see the dawn's early light.11AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    35The year of priest's defiance4AdventureDark Sun2nd Edition
    35The Whale2Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    35Green lady's sorrowIf a green dragon tells you to climb into a volcano to retrieve her egg, well mother knows best.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    3552The ghost of mistmoorTrouble always comes in threes4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    368Asflag's unintentional emporiumWhen the wizard's gone, who minds his home?7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    3622Troll bridge"Pay the toll or feed the troll" seems pretty obvious. Too bad it isn't.3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    36Granite mountain prisonA rebel leader is locked in a prison for which there is no escape. That's why the rebels called for you.5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    36Sea of SorrowsThe wildspace monster is deadly, but its lair is the real killer.8AdventureSpelljammer2nd Edition
    37Serpents in the sandsThey never forgot the theft. They proved it, too.8AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    37A wizard's fateif love overcomes evil, remember to get rid of the imp.2AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    3732The white boar of KilfayA dangerous beast, but one with a mission7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    37Their master's voice3Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    37The Mud Sorcerer's TombTwo common Elements mixed together create deadly peril.18AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    38A blight on the landMonsters are prowling through the farmland, people are starving, and the government is on the verge of collapse. But why?12AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    3822Things that go bump in the nightFriendly giants and wood elves6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    38Pandora's apprenticea boxful of trouble3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    38Horror harvestnever try to catch a falling star3AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    39Below vulture pointbombers sighted, twelve o'clock high1AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    39Flowfirenine intriguing encounters for travelers in the flow\7AdventureSpelljammer2nd Edition
    39Last of the iron houseHorrible, wet, squishy things invade from the deep3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    39The fountain of healthby the time you find it, you'll need it.1AdventureKnown WorldBasic
    39The Fire Giant's daughterRace to the end of the world and perhaps to the end of your lives.7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    3950The Ulrich monasteryThere's been a change in your welcoming committee5SoloGeneric2nd EditionCleric
    3954LegerdemainIt's opening night, break a leg!5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    408Song of the fensthe short, muddy life of Wendall the troll2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4018Khamsa's follyHe meant to reight a thousand years. The gods deposed him in a matter of seconds.8AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    40Aerie borneThe heroes were good, but forced to do evil.5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    40The draven deep's menaceSome people merely survive an earthquake. You created one!4AdventureDragonlance2nd Edition
    41Deadly treasureNo treasures here just lying around to be taken. This tomb's riches fight back!13AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4126The well of Lord Barcusyou'll need all your luck at this wishing well3Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    4128A way with wordsBrutish, yet historically inclined and discreet, adventurers required.2AdventureGenericBasic
    41Mammoth problemsmarooned in the void, and dead to boot9AdventureSpelljammer2nd Edition
    4146Hopeful dawnThe prophecy is fulfilled. A new age is at hand..if you can survive the night.6AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    41Old man katan and the mushroom bandIt's about swamps and mushrooms and a lost car. That's all we can say.3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    428Whistledown's mantrapa little path of horrors3Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    42The Lady of the MistsSome people live past their time, others linger on as ghosts. The Lady could be either.9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    42Izek's slumberSometimes you should let sleeping wizards lie.8Side TrekGreyhawk2nd Edition
    4236RansomDeliver the money, bring home the boy; a simple exchange gone wrong.5AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    42Legacy of the Liosalfara village's only hope of survival now lies on another world1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    42The price of revengerevenge is a dish best served cold6AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    438Jacob's wellsome ports are more dangerous than the storm3SoloGeneric2nd Edition
    4324Moving dayMoving to a new place is always a chore. Now it's deadly5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4340Mayhem at midnightdazzling beauty teams up with tentacled beast.8AdventureDragonlance2nd Edition
    4344King Oleg's dilemmadoplimacy is deadly work3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    43Into the silver realmNever, ever, steal a silver sword.14AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    44A hot day in L'trelonly you can prevent firestorms.2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    44The hand of Al-DjamalSomeone is killing museum employees. Can you find the culprit?12AdventureKnown WorldExpert
    4436Raiders of the Chanthbaking brains in the sea of silt4AdventureDark Sun2nd Edition
    44Train of eventsNo outsider has ever seen the dwarven railroad. Now it's up to you to get it back on track.12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    45An Artist's errandThe reigar believe that Art is everything, and this reigar will do everything to retrieve her stolen property.7AdventureSpelljammer2nd Edition
    45All things nicesome bargains are too good to pass up3Side trekForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    45Rudwilla's stewin Mulcrow, foot - not music - soothes the savage beast1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4550Gritzel's guidancethe case of the helpful seer9Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    4554Prism keepThis glass house is a reflection of its owner. Enter at your own risk.10AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4610Dovedaleif the drought doesn't get you, the goblins will2AdventureGenericBasic
    4624Floating rockMeet the strangest band of pirates of the seas. Meet their ship too.7Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    4628Goblin feverSnipers, food shortages, fires, and mayhem. The city of Waen Fawr has a bad case of the fever.5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4650The iron orb of the duergarthe northmen and their allies play hardball13AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    47Shades of darknessHear the voices from the shadows.5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4718Quelkin's QuandaryReports of the owlbear incident were vastly exaggerated.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    47Smouldering Maneborn free, dying young9Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    47When the light goes out.watery ghosts under a midnight sun1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    47Fraggart's contraptionit'll work for sure this time. Really.1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4760The assassin withinThe god of knowledge wants Professor Hakin dead. Learn why or face the final examination.4AdventureAl-Qadim2nd Edition
    48To bite the moonDiscover the secret life of gnolls and meet their goddess.7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    4816The oracle at SumbarCross the Sea of Fallen stars to see old debts repaid4AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    48Them's applesit takes just one to spoil them all2AdventureGenericBasic
    48MelodyWhy does the caged bird sing? To keep the ettins happy. "A voice to make bards weep."9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    48Sleeping dragondisturb not the sleeping dragon, nor the dracolich who wakes it.NABackdropCouncil of Wyrms2nd Edition
    48Honor lost, honor regained.Fallen from grace, fallen into despair5AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    49The Dark placeWhen a fiend gets homesick, don't get in its way. "Something has waited long centuries for your arrival."7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    49Two for the roadhaunted, robbed and swindled3Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    49Lenny O'Brien's pot o'gold.Trouble at the end of the rainbow.5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    49North of Narborelset sail for the unknown5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    49Hair today, gone tomorrowa close shave1Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    49Castle of the blind sunmagic and music gone awry13AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    508The Vaka's curseSail beyond the realm of the living3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5014Back to the beachBeach towel, swimsuit and giant crabs!2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5026The Object of DesireMirror, mirror on the wall .. What does the Sultan want most of all?6AdventureGenericExpert
    5048Felkovic's catThis cat likes its meat cooked, and you're on the menu.7AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    518Nbod's roomjust try to get a good night's rest.4SoloGeneric2nd Edition
    51Journey to the center of the worldwhiter than ivory, colder than snow9Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    51Ailamere's lairThe sage's deal is simple: the more you learn about the dragon, the richer you get.10AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    51The witch of windcraghigh on a hilltop, a mountain of trouble1Side trekGenericBasic
    5146The bandits of Bunglewoodshort, mean, and out for blood2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    51The last oasisnext stop; the borderlands2AdventureAl-Qadim2nd Edition
    52Spirits of the tempestSpirits bound and unbound conspire against you.15AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    52Pakkililira good grell gone bad2Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    52Welcome to the Krypthomehonk if you like wild magic2AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    5240The Hurly-Burly brothersClick, click, click5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5246My lady's mirrorSeven years bad luck is just the beginning.10AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    52Laughing manLaughing all the way to the grave … and beyond.6AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    538Spellbook masqueradeevil wears many masks4SoloGeneric2nd Edition
    5320Clarshh's sepulchrean arcane scroll and an ancient cult1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5332A serenade before supperMusic to lull the most savage adventurer's heart.5AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    5338Elexa's endeavorAnd you thought Richard the Lion-Hearted had trouble when he returned from the Crusades.6AdventureGenericExpert
    53SteelhartTwo great evils that go great together.10AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    548Unhallowed groundMurder in a monastery3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5418Fetchmeet a druid's best friend6Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    5420Fiends of TethyrFiends are dangerous enough, but something even more dangerous plagues Tethyr.7AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    5428The Witch's fiddlehey diddle diddle3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5434Redcap's rampagethe invisible enemy2AdventureGenericBasic
    5453Eyes of the iceborna chilling encounter5Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    5456Dark Thane MacbethOftentimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness will tell us truths.16AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    558Savage beasta little dinner music2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5518UmbraI hear you have been saying nasty things about us. That is rather..unharmonious of you.7AdventurePlanescape2nd Edition
    55Tulips of the Silver moonWhen the citizens of Tangreen say "Don't pick the flowers." They mean it.7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    55Sea wolfa background of wrath, which can be stirred up to the murderous infernal pitch, does lie in every man.5AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    568BriochtTwo celtic tribes are fighting.12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5622Janx's jinxBad dog!1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5628A watery deathThere's no place like home for a summoned elemental.10AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5632The bigger they areSometimes it's the little things that get to you6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5638Grave circumstancesTake a first journey to Athas.6AdventureDark Sun2nd Edition
    5650The Land of Men with TailsExplore the Dark Continent, meet strange people and let them have you for dinner.7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    578To cure a kingdomThe King's question is "Do you make housecalls?"11AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5726Carcass fracasit's only a flesh wound1Side trekKnown World2nd Edition
    5728The rose of Jumlatby any other name5AdventureAl-Qadim2nd Edition
    5748The murder of Maury Millerdeath and taxes1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5762Cloaked in fearafraid of the dark?4Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    588Caveat emptorSometimes you should be afraid to visit the dentist.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5822Bad batch of browniesone bad apple1SoloGeneric2nd Edition
    5832Challenge of Championsstep right upAnyAdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5846The ghost of Silverhill2Side TrekForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    5848The Baron's Eyriecome on up for a bite5AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    5860The menacing maladyThe doctor is out .. Of patients!3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    598Seeking bloodsilverinto the shadows3AdventureBirthright2nd Edition
    5932The mother's curseIt's a blessed event only if you can end the curse in time.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    5950Wedding dayIt's up to you to make this the happiest day of their life, not the most embarrassing.2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    59Voyage of the Crimpshrineu pthe river2AdventureKnown World2nd Edition
    608Shards of the daySeek the scattered pieces of a powerful magical item in the Night Below10AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6032NemesisHeads will roll if our heroes can't find a quartet of stolen swords. Come to think of it, heads will likely roll anyway.15AdventurePlanescape2nd Edition
    6060Centaur of Attention2Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    6062IASCSomething fishy4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    618Jigsawmad, bad, and dangerous to know7AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    6128Storm seasonMysterious thunderstorms fill the night, heralding the arrival of the sinister Night Parade12AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    6144To save a forestonly you can prevent forest curses!6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6160Night swarmA vampire preys upon citizens of Rhorton's Grove, draining their blood in a most unusual fashion.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    628Dragon's delveThe dwarves of Thunderdelve have made some new friends .. And enemies6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6232Blood on the plow5Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    6234GrimjawsThe Vast Swapmp is a most unnatural environment4AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    6238The rat trapThe city of Carn Perrin has a large rodent problem. Wererats have taken over the thieve's guild and they are running the city into the ground.8AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6256Wild in the streetsdon't feed the animals2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6260Esmerelda's bodyguardA monster lurks in the basement of Lady Esmerelda's villa. Unfortunately, a malfunctioning automaton refuses to let the heroes investigate.8AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    62Ghost at Widder Smither's 2Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    638Hunt for a Hierophantsleepyhead12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6322Gnome droppingswatch your step4AdventureSpelljammer2nd Edition
    6330Huzza's goblin o' warlook who's dropping in7AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    6334Blood & FireThe heroes must travel to the Valley of Mist and confront the evil Brotherhood of the True Flame in their flaming palace.12AdventureAl-Qadim2nd Edition
    6354Invisible stalker1Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    6358Beauty corruptWho put the dip in diplomat4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    648Grotto of the QueenThe Lantenese have lost their magical ship, but they aren't willing to fight for it. That's where your heroes come in.9AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    6424Bazllin's blacksphereinto the void22AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6448Last danceto die for7AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    6464The mad chefs of Lac AnchoisTwo cloud giants chefs are preparing a feast. To satisfy their customers, they're serving frog legs made from captured members of a grippli tribe.10AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    658Knights of the Scarlet SwordPay your taxes or go to jail. And don't even think about using magic.7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    65Flotsam7Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    6526Ice Tyrantdragon orbs6AdventureDragonlance2nd Edition
    6550Reflections5Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    6552The unkindness of ravensIf the ravens die, Crawford Manor falls.4AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6566The beast withinlambs to the slaughter2AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    668Enormously inconvenientbigger isn't always better2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6616Avenging Murik5Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    6618The sunken shadowslippery when wet2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6636Swing Shot5Side trekGeneric2nd Edition
    6638Operation Manta RayImmurk's Hold is home to thousands of pirates - and one Sembian spy.10AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    6658Petrifying PriestessA magical mace vanishes from an elven temple, stolen by a medusa and her maedar consort.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6666Orange and blackTyger, Tyger3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    678Witches' brewBlack cats, witches, ghosts and goblins5AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    6728Eye of the Storm7Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    6730Training Groundchoose your path6AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    6750The little people1Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    6752Falls runDen of the sleeping wolf1AdventureRavenloft2nd EditionMasque of the Red Death
    6770Uzaglu of the UnderdarkThe guardians of the Kraal Nexus don't take kindly to intruders.7Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    688The artist's loving touchAn artist uses living creatures and turns them into statues.3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6820ConvergenceScientific exploitation?AdventureAlternity2nd Edition
    6840One winter's night1Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    6842The trouble with in-lawsA golden locket is your first clue to finding a merchant's kidnapped daughter.2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6852Al-Kandil7Side TrekAl-Qadim2nd Edition
    6856Stepping StonesBuried among the standing stones of Murkstone is an ancient dwarven crown, but to find it heroes must contend with an ancient riddle and much worse.9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6866By Merklan's MagicAn evil wizard has died, but an evil treant has the dead wizard's wand of the forest bane and uses it to animate plants.10AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    68InsertFortress of MysteryMAPNAMapGeneric2nd Edition
    6910Slave vats of the Yuan-tiPart 1 - Strange things are a-slither in Wolfhill House.5AdventureForgotten Realms2nd EditionMere of Dead Men Series
    6928Challenge of Champions IIThe clock is tickingAnyAdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    6946Stumping the party4Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    6950Sleep of agesThe forces of good, evil and neutrality clash beneath the mountains.8AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    7010Homonculous stewHostage negotiations can be tricky business, especially when they involve a wizard and his pet.3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7016The maze of the morkothIn the deep, nobody can hear you scream.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    70Boulder dashDanger is just a stone's throw away7Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7034Ssscaly thingsssPart 2 - Can you stop the raids of the Three Towers Tribe. The second module in the Mere of Dead Men series.5AdventureForgotten Realms2nd EditionMere of Dead Men series
    7048Kingdom of the ghoulsDescend into darkness16AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    7110Priestly secretsA plague of giant rats is the least of Restenford's worries4AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    71WildspawnNo one returns from Revular's island, and for good reason.8AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7148Dreadful vestigesPart 3 - Some haunted houses are best left unexplored.7AdventureForgotten Realms2nd EditionMere of Dead Men Series
    7162Dark magic in new orleansdeath on the bayou7AdventureRavenloft2nd EditionMasque of the Red Death
    71InsertUnderground pondMAPNAMapGeneric2nd Edition
    7146How do you stop the Rhino from charging?Never mind the title. Beware the punchline.AnySide TrekEarthMarvel Super Heroes
    7212No stone unturnedWhy are zombies appearing in the streets of Jevid? You'll have to dig to find the answer.5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    72Deep trouble in TelthinDive into the elemental plane of water17AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7246Under a pale moonTwo opposing forces unite against a common enemy.4AdventureDragonlance2nd Edition
    7258Mistress on the MereVampire slayers6AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    7278Plundering Poppofit's what inside that counts2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7310Quoitine questThe search for a magical stone requires sharp swords and even sharper diplomacy.2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7322Eye of MyrkulLegacy of the dead14AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    7354The Necromancer's pet6Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7358The Setting SunA community trapped in a war-torn land faces even greater threats from within.7AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    7374Faerie Woodthe art of deception2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7410The scourge of ScalabarAn undersea menace has merchants of Scalabar up in arms.3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7428First peopleA mysterious new world awaits you just beyond the mountain.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7444Night of the bloodbirdsa feast to the east and pests to the west5AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7456Preemptive strikeAerial combat. Elves fighting against fire giants.12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7478The Vale of the Weeping widows5Side trekForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    7512Non-prophet organizationDreams become reality as a sinister plot unfolds.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7526The amulet and the underdarkthe price of power7AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7544The forgotten manOne man's destiny and the fate of the realm is in your hands9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7566Into the nest of vipersA priest of Talona has concocted the deadliest poison, and the Assassin's Guild is willing to kill for it.2AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    7610The house on the edge of midnightRamsay the damned5AdventureRavenloft2nd Edition
    7630A day at the market3Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7634Mertylman's roada cold death awaits you in Kaloria's arctic wasteland9AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7656CrusaderFinagill's misfortune6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7666Earth tonesNot all music soothes the savage beast12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7682Fruit of the vineAn old friend needs help with some housecleaning and gardening.3AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    76InsertRoadside tavernMAPNAMapGeneric2nd Edition
    7710Visiting Tylwithin the name of love1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7722A feast of flesh6Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7726Wind chillFire and ice6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7732Ex Keraptis Cum AmoreIf you thought the legacy of Keraptis ended with White Plume Mountain - think again!12AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    7758Stage fright2Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7762To walk beneath the wavesDanger rises from the deep. Have the vicious sea devils returned?6AdventureGreyhawk2nd Edition
    77InsertLost cavernsMAPNAMapGeneric2nd Edition
    78Lear the giant kingThe storm to end all storms heralds this epic tale of love, woe, madness, and betrayal.17AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    78Veiled threats5Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7834Peer amid the watersYou conduit if you try!2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    78Unexpected guests6Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7860Trial of the frogget a grippli!4Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7866The Winter Tapestrya tapestry holds clues to a dead dragon's hoard, but only the boldest heroes can penetrate the dragon's icy lair.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7886Deepstrikedive hard - with a vengeance7AdventureAlternity2nd Edition
    78InsertGothic cathedralMAPNAMapGeneric2nd Edition
    7912Keep for salebuying a home can be hazardous2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7928The best laid plans1Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    7930Bad seedsA brief stopover at the Hawk's Shadow turns into an unforgettable encounter with the Enclave of the Twisted Roots2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    7942CloudkillNature clashes with industry when a noxious cloud threatens the Sky Realm6AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    7958The AkrilothSong of the sea15AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    79InsertAbandoned keepMAPNAMapGeneric2nd Edition
    8012Fortune favors the deadFinding the last treasure of Salamanca is easy. Retrieving the map, now that's hard.6AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    8030The frothing miscreantAn ill-tempered gnome takes revenge to new heights and proves to the world that he is no small threat.4AdventureForgotten Realms2nd Edition
    8040Challenge of champions IIIArena battleAnyAdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    8056Sarfion's collectionTown of Hardby8Side TrekGreyhawk2nd Edition
    8060A head for businessThe sandmen cometh?AdventureAlternity2nd Edition
    8074The trouble with TrillochsThe necromancer is dead, but his handiwork lingers on8Side TrekGeneric2nd Edition
    8078The ScarWhere there's a whip, there's a way1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    8112A race against timeka-boom2AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    8128Divisions of the mindConfronting the beholder is just the beginning. Find out wha the eye tyrant has unearthed deep in its underground lair.12AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    8146The door to darknessPhantasmal foesAnyAdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    8154Ashtar's templeBrutish bandits and ghostly guardians1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    8166KhazefrynThe Underdark is no place for the timid ... Or the weak.15AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    81Skulking belowWhat you don't see can kill you1AdventureGeneric2nd Edition
    82Dark Times in SherwoodThe Sheriff of Nottingham and the outlaws of Sherwood Forest share a common enemy. Will an unlikely alliance end this newest threat to the land?3AdventureEarth3.0 Edition
    82Evil UnearthedPeople are vanishing from the village of Brookhollow. Can you solve the mystery in time to save your friends?1AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    82Eye for an EyeA stolen jewel leads to the heart of the swamp, where one man's thirst for vengeance threatens to destroy an entire town.3AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    82Playing With FireFollow a half-forgotten legend to treasures untold and a fiery doom.2AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    83AlterationsWhen a science experiment goes awry, who will be left to clean up the mess?1AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    83Deep FreezeIt's been buried under the ice for millennia, waiting to be found.2AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    83Depths of RageEntering the goblins' lair is easy. Getting out alive is the tricky part.4AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    83IriandelThe secret to ending a unicorn's curse lies in the tomb of a barbarian king.4AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    83London CallingAn investigation into a series of grisly murders takes a supernatural turn for the worse.2AdventureDark-Matter3.0 Edition
    8423Harrowing, TheOne sacrifice could spell the end of Lolth's supremacy in the Demonweb and the beginning of a whole new order.15AdventureForgotten Realms3.0 Edition
    8467DemonclawA wizard's hideous transformation spells trouble for the kingdom of Nyrond.5AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    8479Dying of the Light, TheVampires infest a castle on the edge of a town10AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    84107Dungeon of the Fire OpalWas it destiny or something worse that destroyed the Order of the Opal Fist?3AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    84127ArmisticeThe war in the mountains might be over, but there's still one more enemy to fight.7AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    84InsertHalls of HuhuetotlMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 Edition
    84InsertLost peninsulaMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 Edition
    85Ever-Changing FortunesA brave kobold needs your help to free his dwarven friends. That's right -- a brave kobold.2AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    85Flesh to StoneMeet a pair of giants with some unusual -- and unhappy -- garden statuary.7Side TrekGeneric3.0 Edition
    85Lord of the Scarlet TideA foul plague in the Realm Below threatens to destroy all life in the world above.9AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    85Natural SelectionRidding a forest of monsters is tricky business, especially when the druids like the monsters where they are!5AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    85InsertGuildportMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 Edition
    86Anvil of TimeTrapped inside an ancient dungeon, your only hope lies somewhere in the past.5AdventureDragonlance3.0 Edition
    86Mysterious WaysA treacherous knight and his otherworldly conspirators threaten to unleash a dreadful terror upon the land.7AdventureEarth3.0 Edition
    86Rana MorSurvive the perils of a fallen temple to capture the jungle's greatest prize: the elusive Rain Tiger.6AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    86StormdancersBattle the elements to save the Evergreen Forest from destruction.3AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    86InsertAncient tombMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 Edition
    87Cradle of Madness, TheMadness grips the Danwick family and threatens to awaken a sleeping god.6AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    87Glacier SeasonA half-dragon exile seeks revenge against his draconic father, and you're drawn into the feud!15AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    87Gorgoldand's GauntletNot all dragons are evil. Some even possess a sense of humor.1AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    87Raiders of Galath's Roost, TheThe secret to the raiders' sinister plot lies amid the ruins of a forlorn keep.1AdventureForgotten Realms3.0 Edition
    87Shalm's Dark Song, TheA roadiside sanctuary tuns into a roadside diner.5Side TrekGeneric3.0 Edition
    87TinderboxThe flames of vengeance threaten to consume a frontier town.1AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    87Valley of the SnailsWhat strange fate befalls creatures that trespass in the valley of the Slithering Snails?1AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    87InsertUnderdark outpostMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 Edition
    88Door From Everywhere, TheBehold the lost secrets of the Netherese empire, and explore them at your own peril.6AdventureForgotten Realms3.0 Edition
    88Make it BigWhen you hang with hill giants, a little creativity can go a long way.9Side TrekGeneric3.0 Edition
    88Seventh Arm, TheA demonic medallion is the key to a tyrant's hidden trove -- and your horrible doom.7AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    88Thirds of Purloined VellumIn Athkatla, nothing is more dangerous than a merchant with a bee in his britches.1AdventureForgotten Realms3.0 Edition
    89HeadlessHundreds of souls are at stake as heads continue to roll.12AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    89Honor and EtaEven those of unclean spirit deserve the chance to perform an execution in peace.1AdventureOriental Adventures3.0 Edition
    89RageWhat happens when a barbarian loses his nasty temper and bad manners?7AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    89Rivers of BloodCan you defend a besieged village from invaders in 10th-century Russia?4AdventureEarth3.0 Edition
    89Wedding BellsYou are cordially invited to a wedding in Dockalong. Apparently, so are a few of the local monsters.4AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    89InsertWomthamMAPNAMapGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    90Elfwhisper, TheElves and forests don't always get along.8AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    90Prey for TyrinthShe lives in the depths. She lives in the darkness. She lives to kill.5AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    90Tears for Twilight HollowA paladin's demise brings pain and despair to the village of Twilight Hollow.7AdventureForgotten Realms3.0 Edition
    90TotentanzEven death cannot keep the citizens of Luzern from dancing in the street.4AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    91Bogged DownTerrible secrets buried in the bogs around Beaden's Hollow are rising to the surface.1AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    91Challenge of Champions IVIt doesn't matter how skilled you are -- it's how you function as a team!AnyAdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    91Kambranex's MachinationsNothing good ever came from the Belching Vortex of Leuk-O!9AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    91Legend of Garthulga, TheA monster from elven folklore proves bad for business.1AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    91Rock and the Hard Place, TheSometimes it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad.16Side TrekGeneric3.0 Edition
    91SlothA slovenly conjurer makes a mess of things and learns that irony is without mercy.6Side TrekGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    92Interlopers of Ruun-KhazaiAn ancient githyanki stronghold is ripe for the picking -- or is it. This adventure supports the new Stronghold Builder's Guide.13AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    92Razing of Redshore, TheCan the city of Redshore be saved from utter destruction? This adventure is your gateway to Epic-level play.20AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    92Return of the Blessed DamozeiA restless spirit pleads for a troubled soul to mend his ways.11Side TrekGeneric3.0 Edition
    92Swarm, TheIt's never too late to savor the sweet taste of revenge. This adventure supports the new novel The Savage Caves, by T.H. Lane.1AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    93Statue Gallery, TheA room full of statues is almost always a sign of trouble -- this one is no different.9Side TrekGeneric3.0 Edition
    93Storm Lord's Keep, TheThe Storm Lord's daughter has been slain, and no force in the world can keep him from his vengeance -- except the PCs.21AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    93Swamp StompSomething has the peaceful Broken Axe Clan of lizardfolk riled up.4AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    93VanityAn ancient temple's guardian hides the secret of one man's great hubris.5AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    94BloodlinesThe long-forgotten monastery to the lord of winds hides a secret of immense evil.7AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    94Excavation, TheThe fall of a blackguard's tower left a little something behind for the unwary to discover.3Side TrekGeneric3.0 Edition
    94Last Hunt, TheLord Algen rides again, but can he survive his final quest without aid?4AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    9469Spiral of ManzessineA cavern in the underdark that holds a prison run by illithid.11AdventureForgotten Realms3.0 Edition
    94Worms in the ExchequeryA mysterious order of thieves have stolen the Infanta's jewels, but all those who have faced them have perished.15AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    94InsertMysterious shrineMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 Edition
    94InsertSmuggler's caveMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 Edition
    95Jackal's Redemption, TheStrange, red-armed devil creatures are kidnapping innocent townsfolk, and the town's guardian is missing.9AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    95LustHeredity can lead you to dangerous and dark deeds, especially if you're a half-fiend.4Side TrekGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    95Porphyry House HorrorOnly the depraved survive the streets of Scuttlecove for long, but now a dark force has surfaced in the town's most popular attraction, making even this city crave calmer days.10AdventureGeneric3.0 Edition
    95Witch of Serpent's Bridge, TheSabotage! Workers on the new temple of Kord are being injured or killed at an alarming rate, but is the witch of serpent bridge to blame?3AdventureGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    9612Cold StorageIce caveNAEncountersGeneric3.0 EditionDungeon Staff
    9614Hollow ThreatsOrcs in Dragon Turtle shell1Side TrekGeneric3.0 EditionRichard L. J. Pett
    9620Provincial Prior CauseBugbear Cleric1AdventureGeneric3.0 EditionJohnny L. Wilson
    9631Pandemonium in the VeinsGladiatorial Combat5AdventureGeneric3.0 EditionFrank Brunner
    9665Beyond the Light of ReasonImprisoned Lich13AdventureGreyhawk3.0 EditionCaine Chandler
    96InsertGladiator ArenaMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 EditionArnie Swekel
    96PH-44PX Poker NightIn Polyhedron1AdventureCall of Cthulhu3.0 EditionDennis Detwiller & A. Scott Glancy
    9712Blind Man's BluffEttin-Wight6Side TrekGeneric3.0 EditionRob Manning
    9720XolloxBeholder Rog6NANPCGeneric3.0 EditionRobert Harris
    9723Heart of the Iron GodGiant Robot heading for city13AdventureGreyhawk3.0 EditionCampbell Pentney
    9743Life's BazaarPart 1 - The Dungeon Magazine Adventure Path begins! Enter the city of Cauldron, a metropolis recently besieged by a rash of disappearances. The population of the city is nervous, but the disappearances became personal when four orphans were taken from their beds three nights ago. The Lord Mayor is stumped, and the city needs new heroes to uncover the mystery of the lost Cauldronites1AdventureGreyhawk3.0 EditionChristopher PerkinsShackled City
    9795DemonbladeDemon-infested village16AdventureGeneric3.0 EditionHank Woon
    9814GluttonyRasts & Zombie Pigs4Side TrekGreyhawk3.0 EditionJ. Bradley Schell
    9820Wings, Spikes, and TeethManticore w/pride of Lions8Side TrekGeneric3.0 EditionBrian Marsden
    9825Flood SeasonPart 2 - The second installment in the Dungeon Magazine Adventure Path has arrived! As winter appoaches, the rains begin to fall on Cauldron. In the past, this season has been a cause for alarm, but the last few years, it has become a reason for celebration. Suddenly, a prominent Cauldronite is brutally slain, and the rains start to fall. Some dark power is linked to these recent events, and the acclaimed new heroes of Cauldron are beseeched once more to find a solution.4AdventureGreyhawk3.0 EditionJames JacobsShackled City
    98PH-22Into the Bright DesertGreyhawk Desert SettingNABackdropGreyhawk3.0 EditionCreighton Broadhurst
    9916Colossal Crypt400 feet deep massive cryptNAEncountersGeneric3.0 EditionScott Peterson
    9920QuadripartiteMinion of Chaos unleashed on the world14AdventureGreyhawk3.0 EditionPeter Aperlo
    9942PhyxChoker Rog6/Ftr3/Asn5NANPCGeneric3.0 EditionSeth Spencer
    9948Githzerai MonasteryMAPNAMapGeneric3.0 Edition
    9950Temple of BoccobMAPNAMapGreyhawk3.0 Edition
    9954Fish StoryLocatha have invaded5AdventureGeneric3.0 EditionAdam Jortner
    10014Derthan KaderasDwarf Ftr7/Sor2NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionMonte Cook
    10016Master ThestAdvanced Dire Weretoad Human Rog6NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Baker
    10024Old Embers Never DieKobolds w/levels, Fire Giants, Return of a dead Red Dragon12AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionAndy Collins
    10046Lone ToothDire Lion Mnk12 (reincarnated)NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionPeter Adkison
    10048Woe to MistledaleSequel to "Raider's of Galath's Roost, The" (#87)8AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionSkip Williams
    10070HungashHobgoblin Wiz9 (flying fireballs!)NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionJonathan Tweet
    10072Beast of BurdenGnoll howdahs on the back of giant monster6AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMichael Kortes
    10096The Lich-Queen's BelovedThe Incursion has begun! Dungeon's contribution to this three magazine project sends the PCs to the Palace of Whispers in the githyanki capital city on the Astral Plane. There, the characters must brave the githyanki lich-queen's deadliest tricks and traps to stop her quest for godhood.18AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher PerkinsIncursion adventure; Githyanki invasion
    100InsertIncursion: Tu'narathMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    100PH-5Knights of the Lich-QueenSupplement to Incursion; Githyankis!NABeastiaryGeneric3.5 EditionJames WyattIncursion adventure; Githyanki invasion
    10116Prison of the FirebringerEvil acolytes in a ruins13AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionRichard Baker
    10159The Chasm BridgeIn bonus subscriber section7AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionDesmond R. Varady
    101Ancient templeMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    10212Red Dragon's LairMagma!NAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    10216Cry WolfCapture a wild Wolf2AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionNicolas Logue
    10228Zenith TrajectoryPart 3- The third installment of the Dungeon Adventure Path is here! The PCs' actions in the city have gained the attention of local aristocrats. One of these wealthy merchants seeks the return of his son so he can be free of a powerful curse that's destroying his body. The heroes must undertake a perilous journey through the Underdark in pursuit of the prodigal son, but when they find him, returning him to Cauldron might be the last of the PCs' worries.6AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionDavid NoonanShackled City
    10318Glacial InfernoFire Elementals and Flame Wizards7AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionKent Ertman
    10340Forest of BloodEvil Druid harrassing a village5AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionWil Upchurch
    10351SinkholeAfter a long day's travel, the PCs take refuge in a safe little village inn for an honest night's sleep. Fate intervenes when the inn falls into a deep self-sealing sinkhole, and the heroes must help surviving patrons out of a complex cave system without accidentally stumbling into the Plane of Shadow.4AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionPhillip Larwood
    10362The Town of DeepwatchTwo-page Town on small lakeNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    10371Denizens of the Bright DesertGreyhawk Desert SettingNABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionCreighton Broadhurst
    10416Dragon Hunters“Dragon” attacks fort (actually Dinosaur)7AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionPeter Zollers
    10444The Demonskar LegacyPart 4 - The Shackled City Adventure Path continues! After a riot erupts in the streets of Cauldron, the PCs must track down a missing paladin before the mob tears the city apart.8AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionTito LeatiShackled City
    104106Paladins of GreyhawkHoly Warriors of the FlanaessNANPCGreyhawk3.5 EditionGary Holian
    104InsertBack alleysMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    10510Racing the SnakeOverland trek; PC as bait for bad guy6AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJohn Simcoe
    10544The StinkLocathahs4AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMonte Lin
    10570WardukeHuman Ftr18NANPCKnown World3.5 EditionDungeon Staff
    10618Tammeraut's FateDrowned Ones (undead)6AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionGreg A. Vaughan
    10652DantalionHuman Clr5 (Kelanen)/Ftr10NANPCGreyhawk3.5 EditionDungeon Staff
    10654Pirate Sea Cave StrongholdMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    10656The Black EggMeteor brings artifact to world11AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionSteven Montano
    10680VolkagOrc Clr12 of NerullNANPCGreyhawk3.5 EditionJames Wilber
    10690Beasts of the Scarlet BrotherhoodMonstersNABeastiaryGreyhawk3.5 EditionPaul Looby & Stuart Kerrigan
    10712Mellorn HospitalityBodyguard duty; Rescue7AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    10734Cryomancer's Ice TowerMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    10736EvardHuman Con16NANPCGreyhawk3.5 EditionDungeon Staff
    10738Test of the Smoking EyePart 5- The Cagewrights continue their manipulations of the city of Cauldron, making the PCs their latest pawns in a gambit that leads all the way to the Abyss. The heroes must complete the test of a deposed demon lord to ensure the safety of Cauldron and all its citizens.10AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionDavid NoonanShackled City
    10772Chasm CrossingHalf-page mapNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    10784Dead Man's QuestPirate cultists1AdventureFreeport3.5 EditionGraeme DavisIntroduction to Green Ronin's Freeport.
    10816The Iron SatyrPortal to evil in a small village11AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionScott Stearns
    10847Stone Giant CavernsMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    10848Challenge of Champions VTest the skills of a team of adventurersAnyAdventureGeneric3.5 EditionJohnathan M. Richards
    10912Secrets of the Soul PillarsPart 6 - The Shackled City Adventure Path continues! At last, the action returns to the city of Cauldron, where the wicked Cagewrights hatch a deadly plan that could lead to the city's destruction!12AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJesse DeckerShackled City
    10954Dungeon's Delve Part OneDwarven Stronghold/Goblinoid DenNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    10956The Devil BoxFriendly Kobolds, a freak show, and tiny devils2AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    10992Hardby: City of the ScornedLiving Greyhawk Coastal CityNABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionPaul Looby
    11014The Buzz in the BridgeGiant Bees attack village3AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionJohn Simcoe
    11056Last Stand at Outpost ThreeTrading Outpost under siege by marauding elves4AdventureDark Sun3.5 EditionDavid Noonan
    11060The Dark Sun DM's GuideSupplement for Dark Sun campaignNABackdropDark Sun3.5 EditionDavid Noonan
    110InsertMiniatures: Dragon's HoardMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    11112Strike on the Rabid DawnAssault on a ship – Devils/Sahuagin/Pirates15AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionFrank Brunner
    11134Dungeon's Delve Part TwoLower Caverns / Dwarven MinesNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    11136Lords of OblivionPart 7 - The Shackled City Adventure Path enters the home stretch as the forces of evil take direct action against the heroes of Cauldron. Dangerous secrets are revealed, important NPCs bite the dust, and your heroes will never know who to trust again!13AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionChristopher PerkinsShackled City
    11168Lord of BladesWarforged Fighter 2/Artificer 5/Warforged Juggernaut 5NANPCEberron3.5 EditionKeith Baker, Bill Slavicsek, and Christopher Perkins
    11212Maure CastleFollowed by "Chambers of Antiquities" (#124)12AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionRobert J. Kuntz & Gary Gygax
    11316Queen with Burning EyesGoblins/Kobolds/Grimlocks/Cultists/oh my1AdventureEberron3.5 EditionJames Wyatt
    11334Practical MagicAn investigation into a wizard's disappearance leads to tangles with an unusual mermaid soothsayer and her obedient servitors, a tattoo-covered magical ghoul, and the deadliest necromancer the city of Marsember has ever known.9AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionJason Nelson
    11356Foundation of FlamePart 8 - All hell breaks loose in the city of Cauldron, as a long-dormant volcano sputters to life. The heroes must deal with the terrible consequences, ushering citizens to safety and negotiating fiend-filled streets littered with collapsed buildings. And with the death of the Lord Mayor, who will lead what's left of the city?15AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionChris ThomassonShackled City
    11392The Knights of the Holy ShieldingBackdropNABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionRick LaRue
    113InsertEberron: KhorvaireMAPNAMapEberron3.5 Edition
    11418Mad God's KeyGangs and Undead1AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJason Bulmahn
    11450Torrents of DreadIsle of Dread6AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionGreg A. Vaughan
    11470Thirteen CagesPart 9 - At last! The heroes finally track down the insidious Cagewrights for a final showdown in their lair deep beneath the volcano of Cauldron. But who secretly leads the Thirteen, and what will his final message mean for the PCs?16AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionChris ThomassonShackled City
    114102Lassiviren the DarkHuman Rog4/Ftr4/Asn7NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRobert J. Schwalb
    11516Raiders of Black IceFollowed by "Clockwork Fortress, The" (#126)3AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionWolfgang Baur
    11536Steel ShadowsWarforged7AdventureEberron3.5 EditionKeith Baker
    11556Strike on ShatterhornPart 10 - The pulse-pounding conclusion to the Shackled City Adventure Path was so awesomely huge we had to split it into two parts. The eleven-adventure storyline enters its penultimate chapter as the heroes track the remaining Cagewrights to the ruined yuan-ti stronghold of Shatterhorn.18AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionChristopher PerkinsShackled City
    11588Fences and DealersNPCNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionFrank Brunner
    11594Sylvan Ambushes8EncountersGeneric3.5 EditionFrank Brunner
    11618Palace of the Twisted KingA blistering sandstorm finally breaks, revealing a moribund ruin long shrouded by the desert sands. Its crumbling walls might provide respite from the terrible winds, but the keep's ancient meenlock master has a special bed for visitors -- his grisly operating table!5AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionPhillip Larwood
    11626Death of LashimireFollowed by "Seekers of the Silver Forge" (#125)12AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTim Hitchcock
    11640AsylumPart 11 - In the final chapter of the Shackled City Adventure Path, the heroes adbandon the Material Plane to seek out a demon prince imprisoned in a bizarre asylum on the Priosn Plane of Carceri. There they do battle with surviving Cagewrights, duplicitous demodands, and the mad Adimarchus himself.19AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionChristopher PerkinsShackled City
    11686InformantsNPCNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    11690Four Fiendish FountainsFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric3.5 EditionFrank Brunner
    11718Fallen AngelMemelith4AdventureEberron3.5 EditionKeith Baker
    11733Istivin, City of ShadowsPart 1 - A decade ago, the drow goddess Lolth captured the city of Istivin in her world-spanning Demonweb. Adventurers eventually won the day, but the affair left a dark stain on the city's soul that now sputters to terrible life.NABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionGreg A. VaughanIstivin: City of Shadows Campaign Arc
    11744Touch of the AbyssBhuts/Undead in Monastery11AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionNicholas Logue
    11760The Winding WayThe Temple of the Winding Way stands watch over the twisting passes of the northern mountains, but who stands watch over the temple's wretched secret?14AdventureGeneric3.5 Edition
    11788Five-Second NPC'sNPCNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionMike Mearls
    11790Graveyard EncountersList of gravesNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionDawn Ibach
    11816Box of FlumphBandits and a Flumph Sorcerer!1AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTim Hitchcock
    11834Shadows of the AbyssPart 2 - On the trail of Ilkharis, frost giant cleric of Kostchtchie and pawn of the Malgoth, the PCs venture out of Istivin to a mountain border fort inhabited by giants and a nasty blue dragon.11AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionGreg A. VaughanIstivin: City of Shadows Campaign Arc
    11858Throne of Iuz14AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJohn Simcoe
    11886Alert the Watch!Part Two of the Istivin: City of Shadows Campaign Arc.NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    11888Instant City ShoppingShop Owners & their shopsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionMike Mearls
    11890Art and Other Fancy LootRandom tables for art objectsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionWolfgang Baur
    11892Pilgrims on the RoadReligious pilgrimsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionMike Mearls
    11894Larsa EssinelHalf-Elf Ranger/8, Dragonstalker/6NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    118InsertGreyhawk Map #1 of 4MAPNAMapGreyhawk3.5 Edition
    11918Unfamiliar GroundGoblins & Dragon Skeleton3AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    11930Wrath of the AbyssPart 3 - Why have the drow returned to torment the beleagured city of Istivin? Can the shadowy menace that lurks in the city be destroyed? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the Istivin: City of Shadows Campaign Arc!12AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionIstivin: City of Shadows Campaign Arc
    11958Tomb of Aknar RatallaOgres, Annis Hag, lots of undead14AdventureGeneric3.5 Edition
    11988Spells for SaleSpellcasters for hireNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    11990Enemies at the GateCity Gate encountersNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionMark Nemeth
    11994On the Wild SideCreating Frontier OutpostsNAFeaturesGeneric3.5 EditionRodney Thompson
    119InsertGreyhawk Map #2 of 4MAPNAMapGreyhawk3.5 Edition
    12018The Obsidian EyeJackalweres in the Desert4AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionNicolas Logue & Brendan Victorson
    12040Forsaken ArchKenkus7AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTimothy J. Haener
    12064Lost Temple of DemogorgonAwakened Apes, Troglodytes, Death Knight14AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionSean K. Reynolds
    12092Bounty HuntersBounty HuntersNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    12094The Adventure BeginsAdventure hooksNAHooksGeneric3.5 Edition
    120InsertGreyhawk Map #3 of 4MAPNAMapGreyhawk3.5 Edition
    12116Fiend's EmbraceScrag4AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionStephen S. Greer
    12140The StyesOnce, the Styes was the ocean gateway to a major city, her magnificent buildings crowning a man-made island held aloft on piers and boardwalks. Now, it has grown old and diseased, a perfect haven for sadists, cultists, and hungry things that flop and writhe.9AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    12166Secrets of the Arch WoodHalf-Green Dragon w/Keleidsa13AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionSkip Williams
    12196Employers and PatronsPeople who hire adventurersNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionAlec Austin
    12198Unsung HeroesTradesmen (not a list of NPC's)NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    121100One Hundred Useless ItemsPlain, ordinary items (d100)NATablesGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    121102Well Met on the RoadNon-combat encounters on the roadNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    121InsertGreyhawk Map #4 of 4MAPNAMapGreyhawk3.5 Edition
    12220Final Resting PlaceTroglodytes3AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMichael Kortes
    12242Fiendish FootprintsVampire6AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTito Leati
    12256Root of EvilDemonic Tree18AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMike Mearls
    12272The Ring of StormsThe Land of Xen'drik; Hidden jungleNABackdropEberron3.5 EditionKeith Baker
    12296Atypical EnemiesEnemy motivationsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionChris Sims
    122100Essential WorksBooksNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionHal Maclean
    122102Hazards of the TrailChallenges on a trailNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    12320Salvage OperationMissing ship returns with evil druid on board2AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMike Mearls
    12332Crypt of Crimson StarsPart 1, Shards of Eberron Campaign Arc6AdventureEberron3.5 EditionAndy Collins & James Wyatt
    12344The Amarantha AgendaEvil plants13AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionPhillip Larwood
    12356Quicksilver HourglassHidden beneath time itself, the Quicksilver Hourglass holds a terrible prisoner. Yet now, the leader of a transplanar conspiracy of vampiric masterminds has invaded his prison, intent to unleash death upon the multiverse.30AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionAnson Caralya
    12396Sages and ScholarsNPCNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionAlec Austin
    12398100 Market StallsList of market stallsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    123102Law of the LandLawmen for rural areasNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    12414The Whispering CairnPart 1 - A handful of would-be adventurers gathers to explore an ancient tomb, eager to trade their discoveries for a ticket to a better life. What they find within presages the advent of the Age of Worms, an era of darkness, decay, and writhing doom.1AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionErik MonaAge of Worms
    12448Diamond LakeSetting for Age of WormsNABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionAge of Worms
    12466Temple of the Scorpion GodPart 2, Shards of Eberron Campaign Arc7AdventureEberron3.5 EditionJames Wyatt & Andy Collins
    12476Chambers of AntiquitiesSequel to "Maure Castle" (#112)16AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionRobert J. Kuntz
    124InsertDiamond Lake MapSetting for Age of WormsNAMapGreyhawk3.5 EditionAge of Worms
    12516The Three Faces of EvilPart 2 - Clues discovered in Diamond Lake lead to the Dark Cathedral, a forlorn chamber hidden below a local mine. There the PCs battle the mahcinations of the Ebon Triad, a cult dedicated to the three vile gods. What does the Ebon Triad know about the Age of Worms, and why are they so desperate to get it started?3AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionMike MearlsAge of Worms
    12548Pit of the Fire LordPart 3, Shards of Eberron Campaign Arc8AdventureEberron3.5 EditionJames Wyatt & Andy Collins
    12560Seekers of the Silver ForgeSequel to "Death of Lashimire, The" (#116)15AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTim Hitchcock
    12598Seneschals and MajordomosSubordinatesNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    125100Beaker of Endless PotionsPotion appearance/taste/etcNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionMatthew Goodall
    125102GuidesGuidesNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    12616Encounter at Blackwall KeepPart 3 - The wizard Allustan requests the party's company on a trip to Blackwall Keep, a militia outpost on the border of a treacherous swamp. But what of the green worms and unkillable zombies plaguing the region, and what fell secret is locked in the keep's forlorn basement?5AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionSean K. ReynoldsAge of Worms
    12652The Clockwork FortressSequel to "Raiders of Black Ice" (#115)8AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionWolfgang Baur
    12662Blood of MalarPart 1, Vampires of Waterdeep Campaign Arc13AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionEric L. Boyd
    12678The MenagerieMonsters loose in a magic shop6Side TrekGeneric3.5 EditionB. Matthew Conklin III
    12690Merchant MadnessMerchantsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionAshavan Doyon
    12692Swamp DangersSwamp EncountersNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionJason Bulmahn
    12694Girddrez: Savage DuelistHalf-Orc Barbarian/7 Duelist/3NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    126InsertBlackwall Keep MapSetting for Age of Worms. The wizard Allustan requests the party's company on a trip to Blackwall Keep, a militia outpost on the border of a treacherous swamp. But what of the green worms and unkillable zombies plaguing the region, and what fell secret is locked in the keep's forlorn basement?NAMapGreyhawk3.5 EditionAge of Worms
    12716The HiveFormians5AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionPhillip Larwood
    12734The Hall of Harsh ReflectionsPart 4 - The Free City: a shining gem in the crown of cultured civilization. Beneath the surface of this bustling metropolis is a rot, festering in the darkness, manipulating the lives of those unaware of its presence. Now a small adventuring band from out of town may be in over their heads. Their actions in Diamond Lake have attracted the wrath of one of the city’s hidden masters. A gang of infiltrators and an enigmatic mastermind plot their destruction, and only tracing the rot to the root can stop the onslaught. An Age of Worms Adventure Path adventure for 7th-level characters.7AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJason BulmahnAge of Worms
    12762Dungeon of the CryptPart 2, Vampires of Waterdeep Campaign Arc13AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionEric L. Boyd
    12798Trust No OneMaking a conspiracyNAFeaturesGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider & James L. Sutter
    127100Staffs of PowerTypes of StaffsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionMark A. Hart
    127102GlimmerpaneEvil Magical MirrorNAFeaturesGeneric3.5 EditionHal Maclean
    127106Smuggler's TunnelsMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionRobert Lazzaretti
    12818Shut-InPart 5, Age of Worms Adventure Path2AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTito Leati
    12830The Champion's BeltPart 5 - The hidden masters of the Ebon Triad have something special planned for the culmination of the Champion’s Games: a foul ritual designed to transform the arena into a stage of enormous carnage to honor their dark overgod. To stop them, the PCs must explore the dark complex of the arena’s master, and destroy his pet monster before it’s too late. An Age of Worms Adventure Path Adventure for 9th level characters.9AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionRichard PettAge of Worms
    12864The Free CityBackdropNABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionEric L. BoydAge of Worms
    12870The Fireplace LevelPart 3, Vampires of Waterdeep Campaign Arc14AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionAshavan Doyon
    128100Wet Your WhistleTavern Owners, etc.NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    128102Express TravelTravel DescriptionsNAFeaturesGeneric3.5 EditionChris West
    128106Sewer StrongholdMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    12922Murder in OakbridgeCatch a murderer5AdventureEberron3.5 EditionUri Kurlianchik
    12938A Gathering of WindsPart 6 - The PCs return to Diamond Lake to consult with the sage Allustan, only to find the place in shambles after a visit from the black dragon Ilthane. Allustan himself is missing, and tracking him leads to an active gate within the Whispering Cairn. Can the PCs survive the fully-active true tomb of Icosiol, General of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, and claim a fragment of the Rod of Seven Parts? An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 11th-level characters.11AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionWolfgang BaurAge of Worms
    12970The Twisted RunLycanthropes17AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionWil Upchurch
    12998Familiar Creatures with New FacesCommon encounters with unusual descriptionsNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher Wissel
    129100Black SheepPC BackgroundsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionNicholas Logue
    129102Malek: Evil EntombedGhost Wizard (from Wrath of the Dragon God movie)NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionMike McArtor, F. Wesley Schneider, & James L. Sutter
    13016Within the CircleStop Goblins harrassing nearby hamlet1AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionSam Brown
    13032The Palace of PlentyRuined city; Searching for “Palace of Plenty”10AdventureOriental Adventures3.5 EditionTito Leati
    13058The Spire of Long ShadowsPart 7 - Centuries ago, a despotic priest-king sacrificed his nation to fuel his ascension to divinity. He left legions of the hungry dead in his wake, along with a ruined city that now hides the truth behind the advent of the coming apocalypse. A man became a god in this worm-eaten city, and the secrets hidden within may hold the keys for his defeat. An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 13th-level characters.13AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJesse DeckerAge of Worms
    13096Behind BarsList of PrisonersNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionMichael Kortes
    13098Have Your Heard?List of RumorsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionTrevor Janes
    130100Sword of LegendMagic Swords with historiesNAFeaturesGeneric3.5 EditionAshavan Doyon
    130102Inns and Lodging HousesInns, Taverns, etc.NATablesGeneric3.5 EditionAlec Austin
    130106Jungle Trading PortMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChris West
    130Behind BarsList of 20 prisoners to use in a campaign.NANPCGeneric3.5 Edition
    13116The Beasts of AulbesmilInvestigate tragedy in small town3AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionSkip Williams
    13130The Hateful LegacyAt the end of the Hateful Wars, Lord Sandor led an army into the foothills of the Barrier Peaks in pursuit of a host of goblins and orcs. He and his army vanished, and now a group of adventurers follows his footsteps to discover what doom fell upon him and his men. A Greyhawk adventure for 12th-level characters.12AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionGreg A. Vaughan
    13148The Prince of RedhandPart 8 - Prince Zeech cordially invites you to party with bandits, slavers, pirates, and a mysterious woman who may hold the key to preventing an apocalypse. An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 15th-level characters15AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionRichard PettAge of Worms
    13180AlhasterLarge TownNABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionRichard PettAge of Worms
    13198SpecialistsTracker, Trapfinder, and DiplomatNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionMatthew Goodall
    131100Chutes and LaddersUnusual Dungeon connecting passagesNAFeaturesGeneric3.5 EditionTim Hitchcock
    131102Dimension DoorsList of Random Planes/DestinationsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionNicholas Logue
    131106Vault of the DeathlordMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChris West
    131InsertAlhaster MapMAPNAMapGreyhawk3.5 EditionAge of Worms
    13220Wingclipper's RevengeDanger lurks in the woodland surrounding the village of Turvin. Strange lights and sounds emerge from deep in the forest, and now villagers have started to disappear. Some evil force is turning nature against mankind, and it’s up to the PCs to put a stop to it. A D&D adventure for 4th-level PCs.4AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher Wissel
    13238Caverns of The Ooze LordSomething’s not right with the hamlet of Verdinica. The locals are quiet and withdrawn, and seem strangely nervous about answering questions to outsiders. Why do they wear such thick clothing, even though the summer is so hot and muggy? And what sort of “prisoner” could make the strange, sloshing noises that are heard some nights coming from the gaol? A D&D adventure for 8th-level characters.8AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionCampbell Pentney
    13258The Library of Last ResortPart 9 - Tilagos Island does not appear on most maps of the Nyr Dyv, yet the storm-shrouded island hides the greatest repository of knowledge of an ancient cabal of druids who defeated Kyuss 1,500 years ago. The PCs must brave the mysterious island and locate this repository, itself a last resort against the Wormgod’s Return. An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 16th-level characters.16AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionNicolas LogueAge of Worms
    13290The introductory sessionAdventure hooksNAHooksGeneric3.5 Edition
    13296Down at the DocksDocks District EncountersNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    13298To the GamesContests/Games at Fairs/TournamentsNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    132100Mythic LocalesAncient RuinsNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionJeffrey Gerretse
    132102Ella MornelRogue/6, Fighter/4, Thrall of Jubilex/4NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher Wissel
    132106Haunted Roadside Coaching InnMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChris West
    13316Chimes at MidnightThe brilliant (if somewhat eccentric) detective Viktor Saint-Demain has put more criminal masterminds behind bars than any three other inqusitives. But when the master sleuth fails to get the recogintion he deserves, he sets out to prove to Sharn that they can’t live without him. A EBERRON adventure for 5th-level characters.5AdventureEberron3.5 EditionNicholas Logue
    13336Ill Made GravesThe mighty dragon Oroshar lies dead, as does the barbarian king who slew him. Yet the dragon’s spirit does not rest quietly. His wrath lingers in one of the teeth lodged in the dead king’s corpse, awaiting only the caress of the funeral pyre before it can awaken into something far worse than a dragon of flesh and bone. A D&D adventure for 7th-level characters.7AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionKevin Carter
    13352Kings of the RiftPart 10 - Dragotha’s phylactery lies hidden somewhere in the ruined city of Kongen-Thulnir, a ruin now inhabited by tribes of giants and in the throes of a draconic siege. Can the PCs discover the secret vault that hides the phylactery before Dragotha’s dragons tear the city apart to reach it? An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 18th-level characters.18AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionGreg A. VaughanAge of Worms
    13396Cards, Dice & SkullsTavern GamesNAFeaturesGeneric3.5 EditionFrank Brunner
    13398The Mobius ScrollsAppearance of ScrollsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionMatthew Goodall
    133100One Hundred MealsList of (Unusual) MealsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    133102The Marhall: Inevitable JusticeKolyarut Inevitable Fighter/4NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher Wissel
    133106Underdark CavernsMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChris West
    13420Home Under the RangeEscort Giant Beetles through the Underdark3AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMichael Kortes
    13436And Madness FollowedSomething vile has transformed a sleepy rural village—the locals have become monsters, and the only survivors are insane. Can the PCs unravel the mystery before a troupe of insane bards plunge the heart of an unsuspecting city into the Far Realm? A D&D adventure for 9th-level characters.9AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMatthew Hope
    13454Into the Wormcrawl FissurePart 11 - Dragotha’s phylactery has been destroyed or captured, yet the undead dragon still exists. If the PCs are to avert the age of worms, they must invade the heartland of Kyuss’ power, the Wormcrawl Fissure, and destroy one of the world’s most powerful dracoliches before the Wormgod awakens. An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 19th-level characters.19AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJames JacobsAge of Worms
    13496Courtesans and ConfidantsNPCNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    1349850 Unexpected EventsList of random eventsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    1341007 Treasure ChestsList of treasure chestsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionMark A. Hart
    134102Unwanted FollowersNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    13518Funeral ProcessionFor months, the brutal serial killer Crimson stalked the streets of Saltmarsh, preying on dozens of men and women. Now the brutal murderer lies dead, but although justice has been done, the danger has not yet passed. A soul as wicked and deprived as Crimson’s will not rest quietly, and the local cult of Graz’zt has plans for the coming monstrosity. A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.1AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMark A. Hart
    13534Chains of BlackmawFramed by the Covenant of the Knife and thrown in the notorious Blackmaw Prison, Karl Manderholm awaits his execution at the hands of the deadly assassins’ guild. In order to save him, the PCs must enter Blackmaw in the guise of lowly prisoners and expose the one man who can clear Karl’s name, the Shadowmaster of the Covenant himself. A D&D adventure for 10th-level characters.10AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionNicolas Logue
    13552Dawn of a New AgePart 12 - Alhaster is in flames, choking on the poison mists of the Wormgod's first tentative breaths on the Material Plane. The Age of Worms has begun, and unless the PCs can kill a God, this New Age will be dark indeed. An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 20th-level characters. Part 12, Age of Worms Adventure Path20AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionTito LeatiAge of Worms
    13592100 BookshelvesRandom contents of BookshelvesNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    13598The House of Broken MindsMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChris West
    135InsertThe Wormgod's Tower (Top View)Area B10 in “Dawn of a New Age”NAMapGeneric3.5 EditionRobert Lazzaretti
    13618Tensions RisingAn airship carrying vital secrets has gone down in the Starpeaks. Now the PCs must race a sinister necromancer through a labyrinth of treacherous canyons to retrieve the information before it falls into the wrong hands. But the dolgrims that currently live there have other ideas. An Eberron adventure for 4th-level characters.4AdventureEberron3.5 EditionRyan Smalley
    13636The Coming StormThe denizens of a cursed temple that manifests only during the height of powerful storms are raiding the surrounding lands. What mysterious treasures and hideous dangers wait within the Temple of Celestial Winds? A D&D adventure for 10th-level characters.10AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionGreg A. Vaughan
    13666Gates of OblivionWhen an adventuring party fails to stop a shadowy ritual, it’ll take powerful heroes to step in to pick up the pieces and prevent the Gates of Oblivion from consuming the Material Plane. A D&D adventure for 18th-level characters.18AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionAlec Austin
    13690Company of Thieves: The Order of the Lavender RoseThieves Guild NPCsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionAshavan Doyon
    13692Magic MushroomsFungi MonstersNABeastiaryGeneric3.5 EditionHal Maclean
    13694Countess Vita Al-AdoraFemale Human Necromancer 5NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionAshavan Doyon
    136InsertThe forsaken riftMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    13714Siege of the Spider EatersThe village of Haven-Fara has a problem—it’s been overrun with spiders that have been forced out of their nearby lair. Now the horrible arachnids have encased the village in webs. Yet could this spider problem be merely a symptom of something worse to come? A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.1AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTim and Eileen Connors
    13736Tealpeck's FloodDecades ago, the powerful wizard Tealpeck made a blood pact with the pit fiend Ibex. Now someone must find a way to undo this folly before Tealpeck’s lone descendant inherits a terrible fate. A D&D adventure for 6th-level characters.6AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionPeter Vinogradov
    13760Man ForeverLord Chauve-Souris gave up the adventuring life for that of a noble, yet something still haunts him from those early glory days. Rumors that he’s actually a vampire have set the region on edge, and civil unrest now threatens a revolt that could devastate southern Impiltur. A Forgotten Realms adventure for 16th-level characters.16AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionJason Nelson-Brown
    13790Grisly Ends20 descriptions of dead bodiesNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionHal Maclean
    13792Foraging FindsDescriptions of Wilderness Survival ChecksNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    13794The Dusklight CaravanDerro Caravan from the Underdark6EncountersGeneric3.5 EditionSam Brown
    13798CinderforgeMine/Forge in VolcanoNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    13816Urban DecayIn the back alleys and sewers, a wererat plots the overthrow of the humans he despises. A D&D adventure for 2nd-level characters.2AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionAmber E. Scott
    13826The WeaversAn opportunistic kenku threatens the Styes with a swarm of dangerous spiders, but his plans go horribly awry when the keepers of his stolen spiders come to collect. A D&D adventure for 10th-level characters.10AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    13856The Mud Sorcerer's TombAn updated version of the original Dungeon #37 edition14AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMike Shel
    13886Challenge of Champions VIThe annual adventurers’ guild competition returns to the pages of Dungeon. A D&D adventure for all characer levels.AnyAdventureGeneric3.5 EditionJonathan Richards
    138104Savage Tide PreviewSketches out the next Adventure PathNABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionSavage Tide
    138120Strictly LegitList of Monster NPCsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionHal Maclean
    138122100 Things Found in an InnList of (Unusual) Things Found in an InnNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionJason Bulmahn
    138124Obstacle TrapsList of TrapsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionTim Hitchcock
    138130Ancient CatacombsMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    138126Downer TarantulaMale Drow Rogue/3, Fighter/5, Duelist/2NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionKyle Hunter
    13914There Is No HonorPart 1 - Dungeon’s new 12-part Savage Tide Adventure Path begins here, as a new band of heroes confront exotic monsters, undead pirates, and a sinister guild of thieves on the cusp of unleashing a murderous coup. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 1st-level characters.1AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJames JacobsSavage Tide
    13948SasserineDiscover the streets and canals of the city of Sasserine in this backdrop article. Includes a four-panel poster map of the city of Sasserine.NABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionJames JacobsSavage Tide
    13956Requiem of the Shadow SerpentExplore a warren of snake-haunted caverns where magic itself has lost its way and the faithful of Shar lurk in every corner. A Forgotten Realms adventure for 9th-level characters.9AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionAnson Caralya
    13970Maure Castle: The Greater HallsWhat deadly menaces and fantastic treasures await within the Greater Halls of Maure Castle? A D&D adventure for 17th-level characters.17AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionRobert J. Kuntz
    13992Healing for HireCleric NPCsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionJames Lafond Sutter
    13994Merchant Madness IIMerchantsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionAshavan Doyon
    13998Darkmaiden's DanceMerchant Caravel (Ship)NAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14012The Bullywug GambitPart 2 - And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and into thy kneadingtroughs. And the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon all thy servants.3AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionNicolas LogueSavage Tide
    14050The Fall of Graymalkin AcademyPrestigious Graymalkin Academy, where the rich and fortunate go to learn the ways of magic, has fallen to the enemy! Can your PCs defeat its monstrous invaders? A D&D adventure for 9th-level characters.9AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMark A. Hart
    14068Heart of Hellfire MountainIt’s one thing when fire giants cause problems for civilization, but it’s another when the fire giants themselves have a problem that only adventurers can solve! A D&D adventure for 20th-level characters.20AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionDave Olson
    14092Ordeals of MettleTrialsNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionTim Hitchcock
    14094100 Wizardly Knick-KnacksContents of a Wizard's LabNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionLawrence Kapture
    14098Hall of the Elestial EyeAn Arcane Secret SocietyNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14116The Sea Wyvern's WakePart 3 - It’s time to bid farewell to the city of Sasserine as the PCs board the Sea Wyvern for a 3,000-mile voyage south into the uncharted waters of the Vohoun Ocean. Their destination: the Isle of Dread. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 5th-level characters.5AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionRichard PettSavage Tide
    14150Swords of DragonslakeScandal has struck the theater circuit of the city of Talantier! Ancient betrayal, murderous plots, and a plethora of suspects plague the PCs as they race to unravel the mystery before its bloody conclusion plays out on the stage. A D&D adventure for 12th-level characters.12AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionNicolas Logue
    14174Vlindarian's VaultA missing dragon leads the PCs to a treasure vault hidden deep in the Elemental Plane of Fire, a vault operated by an insane beholder and its fanatical cultists. A D&D adventure for 18th-level characters.18AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionJohnathan M. Richards
    141InsertThe Sea WyvernThe ship used in “The Sea Wyvern's Wake”NAMapGreyhawk3.5 EditionSavage Tide
    14192Slum Dwellers4 NPC's from the slumsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionPhillip Larwood
    14194Living ShipwreckCR18 Sea creatureNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    14198The Drakebourn SanctumMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14214Masque of DreamsA masquerade ball at a remote desert oasis turns tragic when the party is crashed by goblin minions of a priestess of Zargon. Can the PCs rescue the abducted guests before they become the latest victims of the Lost City of the Valley of Death? A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.1AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionB. Matthew Conklin III
    14232Here There Be MonstersPart 4 - Shipwrecked on the Isle of Dread! Faced with a dangerous journey, the PCs must escort a ragged band of castaways through monster-infested wildlands in order to reach the safety promised by the colony of Farshore on the isle’s southern tip. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 7th-level characters.7AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionJason BulmahnSavage Tide
    14262Bright Mountain KingA nefarious druid plans to ruin a dwarven nation’s economy, but first he needs a legendary weapon in an ancient dwarven tomb. When the PCs infiltrate the tomb to recover the artifact, are they playing into their enemy’s hands? A D&D adventure for 16th-level characters.16AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionCaine Chandler
    14288Crime Scenes2 Crime Scenes w/evidence and solutionsNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionFrank Brunner
    14290100 Even Less Useful ItemsUseless “treasure”NATablesGeneric3.5 EditionRichard Pett
    14292Holy Sites6 Holy SitesNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionHal Maclean
    14294Verdigris WyrmCR10 Huge ConstructNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionGreg A. Vaughan
    14298Woodland ShrineMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14318Riding the RailLightning rail rides in Breland are never as relaxing as they should be, especially when the coach is being used to transport a monolith hauled from the mysterious depths of Xen’drik. An Eberron adventure for 5th-level characters.5AdventureEberron3.5 EditionChristopher Wissel
    14328Tides of DreadPart 5 - The destruction of a pirate ship signals the beginning of a Crimson Fleet invasion. The PCs must race against time to prepare for the onslaught before an old enemy can release another savage tide. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 9th-level characters.9AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionStephen S. Greer & Gary HolianSavage Tide
    14372Mask of Diamond TearsWhen the PCs are called upon to investigate the theft of a strange artifact called the mask of diamond tears, they face a deadly adversary indeed—themselves! A D&D adventure for 13th-level characters.13AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionNicolas Logue
    14360FarshoreBackdropNABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionStephen S. Greer & Gary HolianSavage Tide
    14392Open SesameSecret DoorsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionMichael Kortes
    14394Slithering TrackerOoze monster (CR4)NABeastiaryGeneric3.5 EditionJames Jacobs
    14398Ancient FortressMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14416The Muster of Morach TorDeep in the Evermoors a plan to conquer the town of Nesmé is forming, and the only person who can warn the town is about to be sacrificed to a slimy god. Can the PCs rescue the missing officer in time to save Nesmé? A Forgotten Realms adventure for 4th-level characters.4AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    14428The Lightless DepthsPart 6 -Ages ago, before the first savage tide struck the Isle of Dread, the ancient Olmans waged war against the aboleth city of Golismorga. When the PCs journey deep under the isle to find the source of the shadow pearls, they discover horrors almost beyond imagining in a haunted underground city perched on sanity’s razored edge. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 11th-level characters.11AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider and James Lafond SutterSavage Tide
    14468DiplomacyMatched against some of the most powerful, cunning, and ruthless races from across the planes in a battle of wits, it’s the PCs’ task to ensure that the wealth of ages does not fall into the wrong hands. But beware, for cunning wordplay is not the only way to win a debate. A D&D adventure for 18th-level characters.18AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher Wissel
    14492Unusual BurialsUnusual Tombs, Crypts, etc.NATablesGeneric3.5 EditionPhillip Larwood
    14494Bargle, the InfamousCE Male Human Wizard/15NANPCGeneric3.5 EditionMike McArtor
    14498Forgotten TombsMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14514The DistractionA band of settlers awaits certain death upon the vicious blades of massing gnoll hordes. Can the PCs distract the ravenous army of savage humanoids long enough for reinforcements to arrive? A D&D adventure for 3rd-level characters.3AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTim Hitchcock
    14528Vile AddictionA horrific drug has seized the population of the strange city of Exag, yet confronting its source only reveals the true extent of a dire new threat. Part one of the Seeds of Sehan campaign arc, this is a D&D adventure for 8th-level characters.8AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionTom Ganz, Stefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer, B. Matthew Conklin III, and Ashavan Doyon
    14546Exag: City of ClayExplore the ancient streets of Exag, a secluded city whose secrets and mysteries are among the oldest in history.NABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionStefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer, B. Matthew Conklin III, Tom Ganz, and Ashavan Doyon
    14554City of Broken IdolsPart 7 -The central mesa of the Isle of Dread is taboo to the locals, a place shrouded in mystery and cloaked in rumor. The time has come to confront the evil that dwells atop the island’s savage crown. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 13th-level characters.13AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionTito LeatiSavage Tide
    14592I Stole What?30 unique items for pickpockets to findNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionGreg Cugini
    14594Twenty-two NightmaresDreamsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionTim Hitchcock
    14598Deep GrottoMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14614Escape from Meenlock PrisonWhat was supposed to be a simple prisoner transfer grows complicated when the PCs arrive at a prison that’s recently come under new management. A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.1AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTim and Eileen Connors
    14626Spawn of SehanWithin an ancient necropolis a pool of alien slime grasps the minds and bodies of the people of Exag with wispy tendrils of madness. Those transformed by its power invariably seek the crypt, but what fell power draws them there? Part two of the Seeds of Sehan campaign arc, this is a D&D adventure for 9th-level characters.9AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTom Ganz, Stefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer, B. Matthew Conklin III, and Ashavan Doyon
    14642Serpents of ScuttlecovePart 8 - The Sea Wyvern sets sail for a city whose streets are more savage than the darkest jungle of the Isle of Dread. Scuttlecove awaits! A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 15th-level characters15AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionRichard PettSavage Tide
    14676Scuttlecove: City of ChaosHome to murderous pirates, decadent druglords, merciless slavers, cannibalistic monks, and worse, the vile streets of Scuttlecove wait to claim their newest victims.NABackdropGreyhawk3.5 EditionJames JacobsSavage Tide
    14692Bandit GangsThree Bandit NPCsNANPCGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    14694Volcano!Volcano-related challengesNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    14698Drow OutpostMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14716The Aundairian JobA powerful artifact lies deep in the vaults of a House Kundarak bank. Can the PCs steal it without getting captured in the process? An Eberron adventure for 5th-level characters.5AdventureEberron3.5 EditionCraig Shackleton
    14730Dread Pagoda of the Inscrutable OnesAtop a distant mountain peak, a monstrous entity plots dark deeds. The final chapter of the Seeds of Sehan campaign arc, this is a D&D adventure for 10th-level characters.10AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionTom Ganz, Stefan Happ, Stephen S. Greer, B. Matthew Conklin III, and Ashavan Doyon
    14748Into the MawPart 9 - In order to rescue a friend, the PCs must sail into the Abyss and infiltrate a prison built by the Prince of Demons. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 17th-level characters.17AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionRobert J. SchwalbSavage Tide
    14792100 Shops and TavernsShop/Tavern names w/one-line descriptionNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    14794DemodragonCE Colossal DragonNABeastiaryGeneric3.5 EditionMike McArtor
    14798Kharadad; dwarf cliff cityDwarven Cliff CityNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14814The Automatic HoundDeep in the forest, two hunters stumble across the site of a strange and ancient ritual, and one pays the ultimate price. Now a murderous beast stalks the streets of a quiet farm town. Can the PCs unravel the secret of Dramsburg’s dark past and defeat a monster that cannot be killed? A D&D adventure for 4th-level characters.4AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionJames Lafond Sutter
    14826In the Shadows of SpinecastleThe PCs must infiltrate a city ruled by monsters to search for the spymaster that holds the key to saving a besiged nation. A Greyhawk adventure for 9th-level characters.9AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionStephen S. Greer and Gary Holian
    14852Wells of DarknessPart 10 - The Prince of Demons hides a secret, one that could well be the key to stopping the savage tide. Yet the only one who knows this secret is imprisoned on one of the most notorious realms in the Abyss. Will the price for rescuing her be too high? A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 18th-level characters.18AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionEric BoydSavage Tide
    14892Listening PostsListening PostsNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionStefan Happ
    14894WebbirdTiny Aberration (CR ½)NABeastiaryGeneric3.5 EditionB. Matt Conklin III
    14898TraevantahlElven Forest SanctuaryNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    14914War of the WieldedCenturies ago, two rival thieves' guilds crafted a number of intelligent weapons to aid them in their conflicts. Although the guilds are now long dead, their weapons remain, and have begun to recruit new soldiers from the people of Sasserine. Can your PCs put an end to this deathless war? A D&D adventure for 5th-level characters.5AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionMichael Kortes
    14928Twisted NightThe coastal village of Caer Garrion has mysteriously depopulated, and the only survivior, a lone prisoner in the local jail, has gone mad. What does this village's sinister fate portend for the Moonshae Isles? A Forgotten Realms adventure for 8th-level characters.10AdventureForgotten Realms3.5 EditionStefan Happ
    14940Enemies of my EnemyPart 11 - The time has come to draw your plans against the Prince of Demons! Travel to Hades, Arborea, and the depths of the Abyss to recruit allies from the eladrin court and the Abyssal realms of Shendilavri and Thanatos, and garner the support of Iggwilv, the Witch Queen herself! Yet will this unlikely alliance of demons and eladrin be enough to stop the savage tide? A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 19th-level characters.19AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionWolfgang BaurSavage Tide
    14992Cons and SwindlesNAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionRussell Brown
    14994Black WillowHuge plant (shapechanger), CR 10NABeastiaryGeneric3.5 EditionKevin Baase
    15016Kill BargleThe renegade magic-user Bargle is wanted, dead or alive. Rumor holds that he dwells in the bowels of a nearby abandoned keep, performing all sorts of foul sorcery. Only the truly brave, or perilously foolish, would dare to challenge Bargle in his own domain. A D&D adventure for 3rd-level characters.3AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionJason Bulmahn
    15034Quoth the RavenTerror grips the city of Sharn. A serial killer stalks the streets and catalogues his slaughter in the annals of the city’s newspaper, to the delight and horror of its readers. To catch this elusive criminal, the PCs must match wits with an old adversary. Even beaten, scarred, and imprisoned, Viktor Saint-Demain is determined to have the final word. This sequel to issue #133’s “Chimes at Midnight” is an Eberron adventure for 8th-level characters.8AdventureEberron3.5 EditionNicolas Logue
    15060Prince of DemonsPart 12 - The time has come to challenge the Prince of Demons! An army of demons and eladrins stands ready to mount an assault on his Abyssal realm of Gaping Maw, which should give your players the distraction they need to prevent Demogorgon from activating the savage tide and driving a world insane. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 20th-level characters.20AdventureGreyhawk3.5 EditionGreg VaughanSavage Tide
    150100Complete Dungeon IndexSorted by Game, Level; Includes Title, Author, and Issue NumberNATablesGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher Perkins & James Jacobs
    150118Bar Fight!NAEncountersGeneric3.5 EditionJames Lafond Sutter
    150120The GodtrapNAEncountersGreyhawk3.5 EditionF. Wesley Schneider
    150122Fiend-SageUnique Molydeus Demon (CR 20)NANPCGreyhawk3.5 EditionSean K. Reynolds
    150124DergholothLarge Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar, Yugoloth), CR 7NABeastiaryGeneric3.5 EditionTodd Stewart
    150128Dungeon Delve Part ThreeMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    150InsertLands of MysteryShows locations of all(?) the Maps of MysteryNAMapGeneric3.5 EditionChristopher West
    151Iggwilv's legacy: the lost caverns of TsojcanthExpands the existing material11AdventureGreyhawk3.5 Edition
    151Hell's heart10AdventureEberron3.5 Edition
    151Delver's daleMAPNAMapGeneric3.5 Edition
    151I’m Stephen. I Solve Problems.DM adviceNASave my gameGeneric3.5 Edition
    152The last breath of AshenportA coastal village is given over to the worship of Dagon6AdventureGeneric3.5 Edition
    152Moagim's clone14AdventureGeneric3.5 Edition
    152The plague tree15AdventureGeneric3.5 Edition
    152Essence of Evil20AdventureGeneric3.5 Edition
    152Save Against Plot CorruptionDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric3.5 Edition
    153Teleport gone awryRandom teleport location when the spell goes wrong10Side TrekGeneric3.5 Edition
    153Caravan of Glauu the seerThis caravan boasts one of the region's best stables of ushemoi gladiators. Okay, maybe it's the only such stable, but the leader of this caravan is still ready to take all comers. 6Side TrekGeneric3.5 Edition
    153Witching seasonSomething evil has lurked in the Sunken Swamp for years, and recent events point to its re-emergence as trouble brews in the local town of Aurasburg. 6AdventureGeneric3.5 Edition
    153Touch of madnessPart 1- “Touch of Madness” follows a simple structure in which a frontier comes under attack and it falls to the adventurers to protect it. The only way to save the town is to find out who’s behind the attacks. The trail ends at a ruined tower overlooking a deep ravine.10AdventureGeneric3.5 EditionThe Tear of Ioun
    153Prisoner of the Castle PerilousA scheming lich has set his sights on a vile transformation that will fee him from the castle perilous he is trapped in.18AdventureGreyhawk3.5 Edition
    153Dungeoncraft Episode 2 (4e)The dungeons of Greenbrier chasmNASave my gameGeneric3.5 Edition
    153Dungeoncraft Episode 3 (4e)The campaign arcNASave my gameGeneric3.5 Edition
    154Night of the straw menA fight against a scarecrow in a small village1Side TrekGeneric3.5 Edition
    154City of blood7AdventureEberron3.5 Edition
    154Keep on the shadowfellThe characters learn something is amiss in the town of Winterhaven and they travel there to investigate.1AdventureForgotten Realms4th Edition
    155Keep on the shadowfell conversionConverting the adventure to work in Eberron1AdventureEberron4th Edition
    155HeathenSearch for a missing paladin.4AdventureGeneric4th Edition
    155Sleeper in the Tomb of DreamsCultists set free the soul of a terrible entity from beyond the stars. The PCs must retrieve the soul vessel of a long dead paladin to stop the cultists plan from coming to fruition.8Adventure4e4th Edition
    155Roleplaying, Hook, Line, and SinkerDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    156Rescue at Rivenroar1AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    156Echoes of Thunderspire labyrinth6Adventure4e4th Edition
    156The last breath of AshenportThis coastal city worships Dagon and every year visitors are forced to enter the sea and sacrifice themselves to this abyssal horror.8Adventure4e4th Edition
    156The haunting of Kincep Mansion12Adventure4e4th Edition
    156Saying Yes is a SkillDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    157The siege of Bordrin's watch3AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    157Massacre at Fort DolorThe outpost of Fort Dolor has experienced an unprecedented stretch of peace in recent times. Then nearly the entire garrison disappears on a supposed routine patrol, and the town—still on the frontier—is left nearly defenseless. Can the adventurers dig to the bottom of the mystery at Fort Dolor before they, too, disappear?8Adventure4e4th Edition
    157Dark heart of Mithrendain10Adventure4e4th Edition
    157Depths of avarice12Adventure4e4th Edition
    157Let Players Manage Themselves, Part DM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    158The shadow rift of Umbraforge4AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    158The tariff of Relkingham3Adventure4e4th Edition
    158Sea Reavers of the Shrouded crags15Adventure4e4th Edition
    158Let Players Manage Themselves, Part 2DM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    159The lost mines of Karak6AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    159The ziggurat beyond time21Adventure4e4th Edition
    159Menace of the icy spire2AdventureForgotten Realms4th Edition
    159Let Players Manage Themselves, Part 3DM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    160Den of the destroyer7AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    160Beyond the trollhaunt11Side Trek4e4th Edition
    160Summer's end18Adventure4e4th Edition
    160The Sand King's daughter25Adventure4e4th Edition
    160Do the Right ThingDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    161The temple between9AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    161Touch of madness10Adventure4e4th Edition
    161StarmantleNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    161Meditations on DeathDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    162Fist of mourning10AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    162Depths of madnessThe Madness trilogy continues with “Depths of Madness.” After saving the town of Wellspring, the heroes find that their efforts have not stopped the assault on the town. A new threat has emerged, seeking to capitalize on the re-emergence of the Tear of Ioun. The heroes must seize the Tear and defeat this threat, or the entire region could be swallowed by chaos. An adventure for 11th-level PCs.11Adventure4e4th Edition
    162Winter of the witch22Adventure4e4th Edition
    162Prepare for the ResolutionDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    163Beyond the Mottled tower“Beyond the Mottled Tower” is an adventure for five 11th-level characters. By the end of the adventure, the PCs should be midway to 13th level. This adventure is the first paragon adventure for the Scales of War adventure path. “Beyond the Mottled Tower” is the sequel to “The Temple Between,” or it can be adapted for use in your own ongoing campaign. in this adventure, the PCs receive an urgent summons from Overlook’s Council of Elders on behalf of Megan Swiftblade, leader of the Freeriders. Answering her call, the PCs witness the near-destruction of the village of Talar. Subsequent revelations propel them on a dangerous hunt for those responsible, before all Elsir Vale suffers the same fate.11AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    163House of pain9Adventure4e4th Edition
    163Brink of madness13Adventure4e4th Edition
    163Love Me Some EvilDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    164Haven of the bitter glass12AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    164Return of the Poisoned Shadows8Adventure4e4th Edition
    164Worse than death12Adventure4e4th Edition
    164Narrative ThreadsDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    164New StuffAdventure hooksNAHooksGeneric4th Edition
    165Alliance at Nefelus14AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    165Remains of the empire3Adventure4e4th Edition
    165Danger at the White Lotus Academy7Adventure4e4th Edition
    165Tangle of Threads, TheDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    165Arcane ThreatsAdventure hooksNAHooksGeneric4th Edition
    166Throne of the Stone-Skinned king15AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    166Storm tower3Adventure4e4th Edition
    166It’s All About DecisionsDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    166Ankhegs and Kenkus and Golems,BeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    167Garaltha's anvil17AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    167Heart of forbidden forge7AdventureEberron4th Edition
    167Finding VictimsDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    167Intrigue in the SummertimeAdventure hooksNAHooksGeneric4th Edition
    168A tyranny of souls19AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    168Web of chains13Adventure4e4th Edition
    168Preparing to ImproviseDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    168Threats of a Divine NatureAdventure hooksNAHooksGeneric4th Edition
    1694Hall of the snake god11Side Trek4e4th Edition
    169Stormcrow tor4Adventure4e4th Edition
    169Oasis of the Golden Peacock7Adventure4e4th Edition
    16963Crown of the troll kingA troll who styles himself king has acquired an artifact that allows him to capture the souls of his defeated foes. Do your PCs dare brave his lair to defeat him and retrieve this foul device? A Dungeon Delve adventure for 11th-level PCs.11Adventure4e4th Edition
    169Blasphemer, TheNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    169Convention Survival GuideDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    169Threats of Legendary EvilAdventure hooksNAHooksGeneric4th Edition
    170Betrayal at Monadhan21AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    170Monuments of the ancients13AdventureForgotten Realms4th Edition
    170Explore FairhavenBackdropNABackdropEberron4th Edition
    170Long Time No GameDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    171Den of the slavetakers1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    171Stick in the mud1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    171Treed!7Adventure4e4th Edition
    171Grasp of the mantled citadel22AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    171The Raven QueenNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    171Eye of JusticeFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    171Hero Battle: DrizztNPCNANPCForgotten Realms4th Edition
    171Organizing the Toy ChestsDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    172The brothers gray1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    172Death in the pincers1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    172Clash of steel13Adventure4e4th Edition
    172Legacy of Io24AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    172Codricuhn, the blood stormNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    172Guardians of the labyrinthBackdropNABackdropEberron4th Edition
    172Amreth Gaunt, Master MerchantBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    172Explore Airspur: Villains and VagabondsNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    173The lost library1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    173Tainted spiral1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    173Those once loyal25AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    173Ecology of the mithral dragonBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    173Flame Door, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    173Adventuring ArmiesFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    173Bronzeknuckle Brothers, TheNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    173Explore Fairhaven: Agents and EnemieNPCNANPCEberron4th Edition
    173Make It a Season for SharingDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    174A chance encounter1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    174Sliver's call2AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    174Test of fire27AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    174Red shoals of DkarBackdropNABackdrop?4th Edition
    174The endless roadBackdropNABackdrop?4th Edition
    174Way of Lost Power, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    174Sealing the PactFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    175The shrine of Glass-Spire forest2AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    175Last breath of the Dragon Queen30AdventureScales of War4th Edition
    175Hidden destinies5Side TrekForgotten Realms4th Edition
    175Living spellsBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    175Gentle Ghost of Silverymoon, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    17569Explore Fairhaven: Villains and VagabondsNPCNANPCEberron4th Edition
    175Explore IkemmuBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    176The crossroads2AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    176Dead by dawn2AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    176Cross city raceAnyAdventure4e4th Edition
    176Geryon, the broken beastNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    176FomoriansBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    176Tarmel Drouth, Outcast NobleNPCNANPCForgotten Realms4th Edition
    176Elemental MotesFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    177Eyes in the forest1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    177Glowstone caverns4AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    177Nightmares unleashed4Adventure4e4th Edition
    177Maze of shattered souls15AdventureEberron4th Edition
    177TorogNPCNANPC?4th Edition
    177House of Naerhand, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    177Deck of Many Things, TheFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    177Mind’s Eye Opened, TheFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    177VaasaBackdropNABackdrop?4th Edition
    177Lighthouse of the Sea ChanterMAPNAMapGeneric4th Edition
    177Kaius DantusNPCNANPC?4th Edition
    178Elves of the valley1AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    178Crawling Fane4AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    178Coppernight's salvation1Adventure4e4th Edition
    178The Tyrant's oath“The Tyrant’s Oath” places a group of adventurers between two warlords struggling for dominance over the region of Elkridge; a bandit queen who has subjugated the local village and a yuan-ti occultist that transforms the villagers into snaketongue minions. The heroes must decide who to trust and form an alliance that will save the inhabitants of Elkridge.6Adventure4e4th Edition
    178ChessentaBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    178Monsters of MythologyBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    178DeadeyesBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    178Explore Taer Lian DoreshBackdropNABackdropEberron4th Edition
    179The hammer falls2AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    179The splintered spring3AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    179The den of Dreuss2Adventure4e4th Edition
    179Faaelung's algorithm16Adventure4e4th Edition
    179Sunwarped Flats BackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    179Ondal’s StandBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    179It’s OK to Say NoDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    180Down the goblin hole2AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    180The pillar of eyes4AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    180The spiral gate16AdventureForgotten Realms4th Edition
    180Dragon’s Altar, The BackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    180Hunter of False Nobles, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    180Campaign expansion and contractionDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    181The slaver's stone5AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    181The sea demon shrineAnyAdventure4e4th Edition
    181The vault of Darom Madar1AdventureDark Sun4th Edition
    181Mar Juk-Adan, Dune Trader BackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    181Circle of Fangs, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    181Castle Ravenloft BonusBackdropNABackdropRavenloft4th Edition
    181Explore Taer Lian Doresh: Agents and enemiesBackdropNABackdropEberron4th Edition
    181Taking Time On the Other SideDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    182The wayward wyrmling3AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    182Vanguard tower4AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    182Dungeon of the ghost tower2Adventure4e4th Edition
    182Broken Builders, TheBackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    182Dracohar, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    182Blood and DragonshardsFeaturesNAFeatures?4th Edition
    182Curses!FeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    182Dreamheart, TheFeaturesNAFeatures?4th Edition
    182Essentials Survival GuideDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    183The radiant morn7AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    183Revenge of the maraudersThe raider lord Yarnath prowls the wastelands in his crawling, undead citadel called Slither. Now he possesses a tiny fragment of an artifact with which he intends to unleash a godslayer. 6AdventureDark Sun4th Edition
    183Ecology of the scarecrowBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    183Magma Elementals BeastiaryNABeastiaryDark Sun4th Edition
    183Circle of Fangs Revisited, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    183Exploring GauntlgrymBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    183Lie, Cheat, and StealDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    184Lord of the White field7Adventure4e4th Edition
    184Head in the cloudsThe wizard Bolios Whittish commands a flying citadel in the shape of an enormous, stone head. But some other force has taken control of Whittish’s fortress and is pulling it inexorably toward a distant cliff, and he’s desperate for rescue. An adventure for characters of levels 7-98Adventure4e4th Edition
    184Silt Elementals BeastiaryNABeastiaryDark Sun4th Edition
    184Rastigur StornontBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    184Explore Taer Lian Doresh: Villains and VendettasBackdropNABackdropEberron4th Edition
    184Master the TreasuryDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    185Bark at the moonOut from the darkness came wolves, eyes blazing, bloody tongues wagging, barks and howls breaking the tranquil quiet. Now folk bar their doors and shutter their windows until the swollen moon shrinks once more and the nightmare ends … until the next full moon. 6Adventure4e4th Edition
    185The whispering glade13Adventure4e4th Edition
    185The Bramble QueenNPCNANPC?4th Edition
    185EldaarichBackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    185Silent Sail, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    185Explore Q’barra, Part 2BackdropNABackdrop?4th Edition
    185Holiday Giving, D&D StyleDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    186The runecutter's ruin10Adventure4e4th Edition
    186Sunken tower of the marsh mystic4Adventure4e4th Edition
    186MistwatchBackdropNABackdrop?4th Edition
    186ModronsBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    186Gergul and MithgrynBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    186Boss LaughterFeaturesNAFeatures?4th Edition
    186Crafty VIllainsFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    186Micromanaging for FunDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    186Supporting Cast, TheDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    187Andok Sur6Adventure4e4th Edition
    187Beneath the dust8AdventureDark Sun4th Edition
    187Dark Sun threatBeastiaryNABeastiaryDark Sun4th Edition
    187DuergarBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    187Heartwood Spear, The BackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    187Queen Filfaeril’s BladesBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    187IntriguingDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    188Baelard's legacyRuined library in the wilderness overrun with undead.11Adventure4e4th Edition
    188Devil's due18Adventure4e4th Edition
    188Jubilex, the faceless lordNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    188Mahin’drazal, The BackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    188Whispered WordsBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    188NPC StoriesNPCNANPCGeneric4th Edition
    188Morality PlaysDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    189Scarblade It takes place in the Chaos Scar or in any densely forested area in your campaign setting. In the adventure, characters discover the Proving Pit, a gladiatorial arena that is associated with an enticing magical sword called the Scarblade. The Proving Pit and the Scarblade are both self-aware to a limited extent. Though they share a location and methodology, they want separate things. Adventurers are drawn to the pit by fantastic tales or psychic lures. Once there, they must battle local denizens and the pit’s champion, the ghost of Morrn Bladeclaw. If they are victorious, the characters can escape with the Scarblade as their reward.8AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    189Killing ground12Adventure4e4th Edition
    189Mihajla's tentAnyAdventure4e4th Edition
    189DiyunBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    189Accursed Legion, The BackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    189Deadly Civic Honor, ABackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    189Wilderlands & DragonsDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    190Force of nature10Adventure4e4th Edition
    190Pit of Delirium9AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    190LightdrinkersBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    190KalidnayBackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    190Wild Lords, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    190Gloomwrought’s Movers & ShakersFeaturesNAFeatures?4th Edition
    190ShadowbornFeaturesNAFeatures?4th Edition
    190Questions from Far and NearDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    191Battle of the witchlight hermitage4Adventure4e4th Edition
    191Reign of Despair9Adventure4e4th Edition
    191Necropolis of the swordBackdropNABackdrop?4th Edition
    191They creep!BeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    191Six-Fingered Sign, The BackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    191City of Zarash’ak, TheBackdropNABackdropEberron4th Edition
    191Jalander’s DodgeBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    191Adapting “The Lich-Queen’s Beloved”FeaturesNAFeatures?4th Edition
    191Snowflake TreasuresDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    19237Scarred for lifeCenturies ago, a comet fell from the sky and carved a nasty scar across the face of the Nentir Vale. It also ruined the life of a promising young man. Now, four hundred years later, he’s decided enough is enough. 6AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    192Evard's shadow4Adventure4e4th Edition
    1923Going apeThe curse of Cihuatlco has claimed another victim, and the jungle natives are up in arms. The only hope for peace lies in the heart of the haunted city, which is overrun with apes and ruled by their mysterious queen.6Adventure4e4th Edition
    192DaggerdaleBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    192Abyssal plague demonsBeastiaryNABeastiaryGeneric4th Edition
    192Eye of Abalach-Re, TheBackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    192Kyrzin, the Prince of SlimeNPCNANPCEberron4th Edition
    192Masks of Living FleshBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    192Murdering Writer’s BlockDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    193Rumble in the valleyA cunning hobgoblin plans to form a mighty army, uniting the diverse and quarrelsome inhabitants of the Chaos Scar into a fighting force, and lay siege to Restwell Keep. For this ambitious strategy to succeed, he must prove his might and remove a persistent problem: the adventurers. 8AdventureChaos scar4th Edition
    193Shards of Selune2AdventureForgotten Realms4th Edition
    193The Gauntlgrym gambit4AdventureForgotten Realms4th Edition
    193Ravenous, The BackdropNABackdropDark Sun4th Edition
    193Lost, the Shapeshifting VillageBackdropNABackdropEberron4th Edition
    193Winking Eyes of Rhauron, TheBackdropNABackdropForgotten Realms4th Edition
    193All That GlittersFeaturesNAFeaturesGeneric4th Edition
    193Dirty TricksDM adviceNASave my gameGeneric4th Edition
    193Beached Leviathan, TheAdventure hooksNAHooksGeneric4th Edition
    194Temple of the weeping goddess0Adventure4e4th Edition