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The Greyhawk Wiki has been up at its new home,

Sorry for scare and the delay in making that clear.  None of the content has been lost.

In the weeks to come, I'd like to open a dialogue about the future of the site and where Greyhawk fandom goes from here.  Drop me a line if you need something specific from me, ... read more
The Silver Wolf-A Light In The Dark: Chapter Fifteen-Trail Of Dreams
CruelSummerLord writes "The forested area was a common stopping point for travelers between Greyhawk and Dyvers. However, as the adventurers got a fire going and ate their evening meal they felt as if they were the only people in all the world. Shadows crept in around them as the sky filled with a dazzling collection of stars. The stars contrasted with the light of the fire, lending an aura of wonder and mystery to the adventurers’ surroundings."
The Silver Wolf-A Light In The Dark: Chapter Fourteen-Breaking Dawn
CruelSummerLord writes "Even in just the short time he’d known them, Ma’non’go had seen how the Flan warrior and his gnome and halfling companions had suffered in their own right. Ma’non’go had concluded that they weren’t so different from himself, or Luna and Seline. And then there was Weimar-for all his cheerful demeanor, Ma’non’go doubted that was all there was to it.To his own surprise, Ma’non’go found that the idea of parting ways with any of the other adventurers dismayed him."
The Silver Wolf-A Light In The Dark: Chapter Thirteen-Darkest Hour
CruelSummerLord writes "Luna felt a sense of accomplishment in destroying the idol of Orcus, realizing that she had done right by Pelor. However, destroying the idol had done little to relieve her worries about her fellow adventurers, or the sorrow she felt for all the people who these monsters had victimized."
The Silver Wolf-A Light In The Dark: Chapter Twelve-Darkness Falls
CruelSummerLord writes "At that moment, the seven people walking down the passage they had not entered yet all shared the same desire.To make the monsters pay with blood."
The Silver Wolf-A Light In The Dark: Chapter Eleven-Degrees Of Separati
CruelSummerLord writes "The giants and ogres shivered as the weird sisters began their chant, feeling as if they were being watched. Something wrong, not of this oerth, was coming, some horrible thing that sent chills down their spines. They were utterly helpless before it, and they could feel it looming before them, something that promised infinite menace, attraction and horror all at once."
The Silver Wolf-A Light In The Dark: Chapter Ten-Fallen Heroes
CruelSummerLord writes "Wow, all that remains is to deal with these monsters, whoever they are, he thought. Borrowing Weimar’s spyglass, he focused it to take a good look at the Bearded Lord’s Hollow, and determine the best path to take. It was now fifteen minutes’ march to the hollow, no more."
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