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The Canonfire! Crier!
Most Thursdays at 5pt/8et and usually running 2 hours.
Season 2, Ep 1
On NOW LIVE 2/7/19 8-10PM ET

The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Swor
CruelSummerLord writes "In just a few short weeks, everything would be in place. Count Fedorik would be dead and Idee would be at South Province’s mercy. The rest of the Iron League states, fractured by the conquest of Idee and the further disruptions of the Naelaxian agents, would fall one by one."
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Watery Grave
CruelSummerLord writes "The wizard’s attack was the last thing Weimar or any of his friends expected. The waters of the lake moat began to bubble and stir before they rose into a massive column nearly twenty feet tall. Two smaller columns extended from the column’s sides, growing what looked distinctly like human hands. A trio of bubbles formed nearly at the top of the column, two small ones appearing over a larger one, reminding Weimar of a human mouth and eyes."
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: A Matter Of Perspective
CruelSummerLord writes "“I don’t know,” she admitted. “I just remember all the joy I experienced growing up in House Cranden, attending the balls, reading the histories, performing in the plays. I thought of what Aerdy was like before the rot that set in under House Rax, and how much Aerdy’s lost since the Turmoil Between Crowns. Those are the things I love…and the things I miss.”"
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: The Eyes Have It
CruelSummerLord writes "Caradoc feared nothing that he understood. He couldn’t fathom Xeravho, though, and that disturbed him. Xeravho was the one who’d come up with most of the details to murder Count Fedorik of Idee, while Caradoc was responsible for planning the military invasion of Idee that would come with the Count’s death. The country would be in chaos with Count Fedorik dead and Idee at loggerheads with Sunndi, so that South Province would overrun it with little difficulty."
The Silver Wolf-For Crown Or Country: Dangerous Liaisons
CruelSummerLord writes "“That nothing would happen at tonight’s ball?” Xavener said, his beaming smile turning to an unpleasant leer. “Under normal circumstances, yes. Those Naelax idiots your Olman friend humiliated just now will deserve everything that’s coming to them. But circumstances change…especially when the organizer of the ball is involved,” he finished, his eyes gleaming again."
Dragon Quest, the Grandwood Edition
Abysslin writes "In the heart of the Grandwood Forest lie mostly creatures and beings of good inclination. From the great tree fortresses of the Grugach to the lowly mounds of rabbit holes, the Grandwood is a sanctuary for many seeking refuge from the surrounding evil and oppression of the country that it lie within. There is however, one locale that houses a great evil – Spikerift, an evil that has lied dormant for centuries. The denizens of the Grandwood are wise to avoid it and only the ranger, Fiona Goldhand and her companion Auruma dare patrol the rift. They have informed Queen Sera of the Grugach that this evil is awakening. The Grandwood is in need of heroes indeed!"
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• Why Send 5 Adventurers When I Have A Perfectly Good Army.
• Militant Neutrality
• Reptile God, Earth Dragon, And FR-style Cults Of The Beast
• Secret Ruler Of The Great Kingdom Of Aerdy??
• The Forgotten Temple Of Tharizdun, The Duergar, Bodaks
• Moons Et Al Of Greyhawk
• How Do You Solve A Problem Like Orcreich?

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