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    POSTFEST III: Villians of the Flanaess


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    POSTFEST III: Villians of the Flanaess

    Wisco Greenhand of Nyrond

    "Asketh life of the land, and the land giveth life. The land is my life, my life is the land's. From the land one is born, and to the land, death returns. Tell me a story and I'll play ye a song if good it be told, life is filled with more riches than gold. Ahhh, but a copper from a friend never hurt. /wink" -- Wisco Greenhand, Wanderer of Nyrond

    Carl of the RST Guild, Rel Astran Division

    "The man, the myth, the legend. The Flanaess will never be the same..."

    The Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra

    "I am one of the Abyss, forever cursed to walk the lands of the mortal Aerdy. Shame and pity have been laid upon me by my brethren and loathe for home I do. Until my impossible task is complete I can never reach home, for it is the great one whose hand holds me here on this land, and in this reality. It is his word, which I must undo. I walk the paths of mortals forever looked upon as a freak, my power feared. Their eyes follow as I pass with curiosity, then with sympathy, then with anxiety, almost in hopes that I will break into a furious rage and display my outer-worldly powers. It is only Drax the Invulnerable who knows me now, for it is he whom also fell into a similar fate to mine own. He too has been scarred by betrayal and false truths. It is to him and him only that I owe my friendship. Together he and I will release ourselves of our individual curses. We have his Death Knight lackey, Andromansis, and Yebzura the gnome lighthouse keeper-scholar, working night and day to this end. Soon, soon Drax will be at peace with death and I will be able to return home and release my vengeance upon those that have tried and convicted me. I am the so-called Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra"

    Razic'Jewel, Man on Fire

    "Razic’Jewel knew his brother would arrive at this time as some vision his mask had foretold. He allowed Zik’Akim to reach his tower in the middle of the molten lake, unhindered and without obstacle. When the two met again, Razic, now wielding more power than his brother could ever attain, did not even defend himself. He felt he had been upon Oerth for too long. He had an acheing to move on...He had been waiting for this time to come, the time to grow even more powerful amongst his superior, Wee Jas, and she welcomed him with open arms, proud in his accomplishments..."

    Khuul, Witch Ghoul of the North

    "The tale of Khuul is one of betrayal and revenge, fueled by the demonic double crosses so common in the Abyss. Here the tale of the Witch Ghoul of the North and how he was brought low and now again forments his revenge on the living and his former master. Beware the dreamer denied and the wrath of he who is filled with hatred for not only others but himself."

    Marisuda and The Cloak of Frogs

    "Marisuda Jannand of Krestible received a prophetic vision from Johydee three years past, a vision of destruction that she strives to prevent from actualizing. Her vision centers around a strange and powerful Wastrian relic known as The Cloak of Frogs."

    Syari Silvertip, Bane of the Dim Forest

    "Syari Silvertip plagues the small village of Dimhaven on Bissel's southwestern border, near the Dim Forest. Since the beginning of memory she had been blamed for disappearances and foul deeds. Yet, few can agree on who or what she is and even less can claim to catch a glimpse of her and escape."

    Ef’Räeon The Blue

    "Why did Perrenland really bow out against Iuz in the Greyhawk Wars? I created this NPC to perhaps help explain the real reason why Perrenland may have had to “commit treason” as nations like Veluna and Furyondy would view its actions. Even the people of Perrenland more than questioned their voorman’s decision. At the same time I also want a Non-Player Character that would not be anybody’s ally and very much a loose cannon - perhaps causing a major catastrophe trying to exact his revenge. Otherwise this is Dragon Slayer gone all wrong."

    Davril Easton; The Sword of Erythnul

    "This story is a based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent."

    Keth the Golden

    "Keth the Golden was a villian who apeared during my Greyhawk game that was set in the domain of greyhawk, he is presented here for the canonfire audience to use and enjoy."

    Bortwimn, the Heir to Icespire

    "In the Ahlissian city of Trennenport, there is a mysterious wizard, Bortwimn, who is leading a small force of sahuagin in some strange project. These sahuagin are kept busy, fetching odd plaques etched with mystic runes, setting stones below the port’s sea wall, and engaged in bizarre rituals under the waters. What is this sinister wizard plotting?"

    Sir Anton Palmirian

    "Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through." – Swift

    Telisha's Shadow - Astrifare Sanguinlin

    "Astrifare is most aggrieved by the disappearance of her mentor. Unbeknownst to anyone, even Astrifare herself, while she was out hunting she had a Geas spell laid on her by an agent of Panzuriel. The evil being, on orders from above, quests her to find Telisha and return with her, to the oceans. Knowing that Telisha is a very strong devotee of Deep Sashelas, this agent is trying to keep Telisha from influencing the lands, as she has the seas."

    Command Performance: The Thousand Tales of Ivid V

    "Ten thousand tales told ten thousand times over; all of them have me born to power, chained to a throne, dying in judgement, and all condemn me as a villain" - Ivid V

    Abi Dalzim

    "Abi Dalzim, whose name in Ancient Baklunish means "Father of Droughts," is both a skilled elementalist and a dreaded practitioner of necromancy. For half a century his villainous exploits have earned him the enmity of not just the locals of Kester but also Alhamazad of the Circle of Eight, the Beygrafs of Ket and clerics of several faiths including Geshtai and Al’Akbar."

    Bruzharag the Misbegotten, Orakhan of Ull

    "Down through history, the unforgiving land of Ull has had more than its share of villainous rulers. Up until recently, his Illustrious Ferocity, Draske, had kept all of Ull in line through sheer cunning by playing tribal khans off of one another and manipulating foreigners into his deadly schemes. All that came to a crashing halt when the former Orakhan was assassinated in a swift but bloody coup by his own half-ogre nephew, Bruzharag the Misbegotten. How Bruzharag went from obscurity to become the most powerful half-ogre in recorded history began before he was ever conceived."

    Nossin the Meek

    "Ever wonder what it takes to make a man do things ordinary men wouldn't do. It simply is a few key moments of of his life that decide the faith of a man future. Nossin is one such man and he is waiting to show you how he decided just how things are suppose to be." “Many people say you are born on the day your mother has you. I say they couldn’t be more wrong.” - Quote from an unknown author.


    "Seruse - Wheels within wheels. Seruse is a poisonous villain with many secrets, not the least of which is his multi-layered identity. He is several times over not at all what he may seem to be. His secrets conceal secrets. Before the truth may be revealed, one must survive more than one surprise."

    Gorrg Elfslayer, High Priest of Gruumsh

    "Within the humanoid infested realm of the Pomarj, amid the warring factions of the despot Turrosh Mak, another half-orc has risen to prominence. Dedicated to the orcish power Gruumsh, Gorrg Elfslayer rallies orcish tribes to the cause of The One Eye, while fighting a shadow war against the cult of the Earth Dragon."

    Jaran Krimeah, Exalted Mage of the Vale

    "Laird of the Valley of the Mage, Exalted Prominent member of the Ring of Five. Few (if any) can make the claims of surviving a failed coup of the royal throne in the Great Kingdom. Fewer yet, to lord over the lands of the elves, gnomes, and dwarves of the Vale of the Mage. Feared throughout the Flanaess, respected within the confines of the Vale, that few dare enter. All spies of the Great Kingdom be warned!"


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