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    Summer Postfest 2005 Part I
    Guilds, Societies, Knighthoods and other Orders

    The submissions are in! Review the entries below, then pick your favorites. Voting guidelines are located at the bottom of this page.

    Summer Postfest 2005 Part I - Guilds, Societies, Knighthoods and other Orders

    The Corvetteers of Osprem
    By wolfsire
    "The Corvetteers of Osprem are a small and loose organization of seafarers dedicated to preserving and implementing the ideals of the Princess of the Sea. "
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    The Greyhawk Guild of Thieves
    By CruelSummerLord
    "Steal everything of value that isn't nailed down. If you have a crowbar, be sure and steal everything of value that is nailed down." - Motto of the Greyhawk Guild of Thieves."
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    King Artur's Knights - The Knights of Fury
    By GVDammerung
    "When Count Artur Jakartai succeeded Belvor IV as King of Furyondy, he determined to establish a group of peerless knights to set a chivalrous example for all knights in Furyondy. These knights would epitomize everything Artur hoped for his kingdom. They would be fierce combatants, stalwart champions of right, genteel courtiers, skilled diplomats and patrons of every grace and art. This is their story."
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    The Knights of Furyondy
    By GVDammerung
    "Furyondy is a land of chivalry and knighthood. There are many individual knights and orders of knighthood. Not every knight, however, belongs to an order of knighthood. This article looks at the basics of what it means to be a knight in Furyondy. "In days of Old, when knights were bold . . ."
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    New Order of the Hart
    By starbreaker
    "When the Order of the Hart was whole, a young priest entered Oerth through a magical bronzewood tree. The fairy creatures within the tree and around the banks of the Veng and Crystal Rivers immediately understood that this being had a special purpose and power. They abandoned their home to this now awaking human. From his dreams he remembered only the closing of the casket, his faith, and the name Cuthbert."
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    The Order of Keepers
    By Argon
    "When we think of secret societies, the Silent Ones of Keoland, the Scarlet Brotherhood, or even the Circle of Eight come to mind. But what do we know of demi-human societies and their organizations? The Keepers are one such society which is rumored to have existed for over four thousand years. Turn the page and read further for this is but one secret the Keepers could not keep from us."
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    The People of the Testing
    By CruelSummerLord
    "Wait for the One True King. Only he can unite us now." - An unnamed gray elf, when asked by his granddaughter what could be done to mend the schisms that tore the elven race apart, and had ruined the possibility of elves being a united people living in harmony."
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    The Rainbow Company - The Home Guard of Barony Hethiye
    By anced_math
    "By tradition the March fields cavalry, human cavalry. Nearly a century ago, they broke tradition and mixed the races, creating one of the most effective units of the Hateful Wars. Today this force continues suprising its enemies, with it's descipline, determination and knack for the unexpected."
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    The Scarlet Brotherhood
    By CruelSummerLord
    "Everything lost, everthing gained? At what price? Is it justified? Do the ends justify the means? - Questions asked by all that know of the Scarlet Sign."
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    The Secret Shard of the Holy Cudgel
    By Scoti_Garbidis
    "In the central Lortmil Mountains, near the Kron Hills exists a hidden order of St. Cuthbert followers. The order protects the secret magics of elemental power gem shards discovered after the destruction of the Temple of Elemental Evil."
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    Shadowsages of the Vale
    By Duicarthan
    "For decades the infamous Shadowsage has left portenous documents and foreboding rumors throughout the Flanaess. But how can this be? For one man to shape events and lead explorers and sages astray from his true identity. Find out how the Shadowsages came to be and the organization behind them!"
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    The Supreme Enemy of Orders
    By Tzelios
    "I invite you to read about the supreme enemy of all forms of orders and coordinated action, like guilds, societies, knighthoods, or even individual coordinated action towards perfection."
    Read the entire article

    The Syndicate of Midnight - Part I of II
    By Delglath
    "The Syndicate of Midnight is the new incarnation of an insidious assassin's cult that was once known as 'Midnight Darkness'."
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    Thanes' Glory
    By GVDammerung
    "Thanes' Glory is a secretive order of mostly rural knights in Furyondy that harkens back to the days of the Viceroyalty of Ferrond. Their goals and allies are various and may be considerably more potent than even the knights of Thanes' Glory fully appreciate. The dead hand of the past reaches out to grasp the future."
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    Witches of Greyhawk - The Coven
    By Cebrion
    "Since before the dawn of civilization there have been those gifted few who have had the special ability to commune with supernatural forces. These unique individuals have been known by many names, though they are most often called witches by common folk. Among the many witches of the Flanaess, there are some who have formed alliances bbased on common goals or through serving the same patron. Presented here is one of the oldest of these groups- The Coven."
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    The Yellow Cartel
    By mortellan
    "Within the lawless region of Ull exists an organization of wealth that rivals the Pit Masters of Kester and has the influence to affect the decisions of the Orakhan. Ullís black market has always operated openly much to the chagrin of established Baklunish trade groups like the Mouqollad, but now the Yellow Cartelís emergence in Ull has given them new cause for concern."
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    Ok now that you've read the submissions, it's time to vote for your favorites! To vote, just send an email to listing your top 5 picks. Also, be sure and put "POSTFEST VOTES" in your subject line.

    Your number 1 pick will recieve 5 points, 4 points for number 2, and so on, and when all the votes are in, points will be tallied and the favorite entry of Canonfire's users will be announced!

    Votes must be recieved by Monday, July 18. The results will be announced at the Greytalk weekly chat on Thursday, July 21.

    Thanks for supporting the postfest, and thanks especially to everyone who contributed articles this time around!

    You can also use the if you have any feedback on any of Canonfire's postfests, or an idea for a topic for our next postfest. Your input is invaluable to us in further developing the site.

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    Published on: 2005-07-14 (831 reads)

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