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    Issue 15

    Oerth Journal 15
    January 2004

    A Scribe's Chronicle: Lichen on the Stone, Ivy Bursting Through by Marc Tizoc Gonzalez

    Of Oerth & Altar - Norebo: the Daredevil by Paul M. Rokuskie

    Jachyras returns in this popular column to detail the exploits of the Suel god of luck. Paramour of Wee Jas, thief of fortune, Norebo is well known throughout the Flanaess. Included is a new prestige class for his most devout worshippers.

    Folklore of the Vesve Forest by Andy Seale

    Fallon, the Ranger-Sage of Vesve, returns to share lessons from his childhood beneath the whispering eaves of Great Vesve. Adventurers pay heed! Vesve holds many secrets; listening to its folklore may help uncover its riches.

    The Nature of Druids in the Flanaess: the Old Faith by Paul Stormberg

    Deeply researched, this article discusses the evolution of the druid class over the changing editions of the game and details the hierarchy of the Old Faith in the Flanaess. The nine territorial orders are described and accompanied by brief sketches of the nine Archdruids. Samples maps of certain groves and illustrations of the orders' symbols complete the piece.

    By Sword and Song: Notes on the Old Faith Bards of the Flanaess by Paul Stormberg

    Recapitulating the history of the bard class over the various editions of Dungeons & Dragons, this article presents a new prestige class to create characters that accord with the Old Lore of the Flanaess. The nine bardic colleges are described, including their druidic deans, bardic instructors, and their mystical sites. Also presented are the legendary Instruments of the Bards.

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