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    Issue 10

    Oerth Journal 10
    "Discovery & Exploration"
    July 1st, 1999

    "Editor's Note:" by Nathan Irving
    "Of Oerth and Altar: Heironious: The Invincible One" by Russell S. Timm
    "Dyvers, City of Adventure: The Assassins' Guilds" by Philip Niewold
    "The City of Hardby" by James AS Muldowney III MD
    "Of Oerth and Altar: Trithereon: The Summoner" by Creighton Broadhurst
    "World of Adventure: Mines of Elsidell" by Sean Williams
    "Return to Hommlet" by Scott Knowles
    "The Good Oerth: Fading Lands: Maze of Skin & Mines of Dumathoin" by Jim Temple
    "Dyvers, City of Adventure: Faiths of the Western Gate, p.2" by Tom Harrison
    "Tales from the Green Dragon Inn: Leomund's Life" by Lenard Lakofka
    "The Oerth Journal Index, Issues 1-10" by James AS Muldowney III MD
    "The Final Word" by the Council of Greyhawk

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