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    Issue 12

    Oerth Journal 12
    July 2002 [Spring 2001]

    "A Scribe's Chronicle: Retracing a Beginning" by Marc Tizoc Gonzalez
    "Thus Spake Gary Gygax: Ye Secrets of Oerth Revealed" by Paul J. Stormberg
    "Omnipotent view (20th of Readying, 590): Citadel of Steel" by Richard Di Ioia
    "Omnipotent view: Dragon to Elf" by Richard Di Ioia
    "Wintershiven, a Traveler’s Memoir" by Issak Haywood
    "Omnipotent view: Dwarven Fire Mage" by Richard Di Ioia
    "Omnipotent view: Follow the Money" by Richard Di Ioia
    "Ye Auld Neblin: Or How to Say Hotfoot in Gnomish" by Paul J Stormberg and Dr. Margana Eman, F.K.O., M.L.G.T.S.A.
    "Omnipotent View - Izzygule and Atok" by Richard Di Ioia

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    Published on: 2005-08-02 (7214 reads)

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