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    Issue 14

    Oerth Journal 14
    April 22, 2002

    "A Scribe's Chronicle: As Celene Steadily Rises" by Marc Tizoc Gonzalez

    "Erelhei-Cinlu, Drow City of Pleasure" by Russell Bird

    The pleasure city of the Vault has become a prison for many. From the journal of one who almost escaped, read of perverse Erelhei-Cinlu. Tread carefully the Vel-hishara and Vel-murlaksh. Avoid the hazards of Thes-slis, and visit the source amidst the crystal lattices of Sar-Sandarena.

    "An Interview with Robert J. Kuntz" by Allan T. Grohe, Jr.

    There’s much more to Rob Kuntz than the Green Dragon. Learn about the man responsible for much of the World of Greyhawk as well as his latest projects.

    "The Paganhammer, a vignette" by Isaak Haywood

    In 591 CY, Reifus is the Cardinal-Commander of the stern Church Militant. Here is a story of his early years, when the fell infernalist, Kanen, misjudged the power of the Paganhammer.

    "The Valorous League of Blindness" by Isaak Haywood

    There is more to this group than Carindrell, Grishken and Zylinchin! Learn the history, organization, and tenets of this zealous group, and you may discern its present course.

    "Evil's Changing Face in the Vesve" by Andy Seale, aka Fallon, the Ranger-Sage of the Vesve

    Vesve Forest is always changing, yet beneath its eaves many events transpire without report to civilized lands. Out of this dilemma, Fallon, the Ranger-Sage of the Vesve, strides forth bringing knowledge to reveal Vesve's dark secrets. From Ophioverdaurare, the Velvet Queen, to the legends of the Iron Horde and the fanatics of the Flaming Eyes, Fallon then traces the officers, armies, and designs of the Old One. Belvor's Great Crusade may have ended, but Vesve has great need of heroes!

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    Published on: 2005-08-02 (7871 reads)

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