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Best of Greyhawk VII
Edited by Nathan E. Irving
Revised October 22, 2001
Adobe Acrobat Format By Tal Meta


* Roger’s Notes(By TSR Roger)
* Quasi-Dieties of Greyhawk(By TSR Roger & Psychlops)
* Naval Technology in WoG(By Thane13)
* Beowulf the Bold Barbarian(By MB Drapier)
* Gem of the Flanaess: The City of Greyhawk After the Great Fire(By QSamantha)
* Gem of the Flanaess: Monsters of the City(By Qsamantha)
* Ehlonnic Mystery Cults(By Chaos28)
* Pantheons of the Flanaess:
- Unknown Gods(By Sabretore)
- The Flan(By Sabretore, MB Drapier, Aria13, Chaos28, & QSamantha)
- The Bakluni(By Sabretore, Aria13, Chaos28, & QSamantha)
- The Suel(By Sabretore, Aria13, MB Drapier, Chaos28, & QSamantha)
- The Oeridi(By Sabretore, Aria13, MB Drapier, & QSamantha)
- Common Gods(By Sabretore, MB Drapier, SEPieper, & Aria13)
* Dyvers, City of Adventure: Procan & Zilchus(By QSamantha, with questions by MB Drapier)
*Al-Qadim: Expanding the Baklunish Pantheon(By Aria13, QSamantha, Sabretore, & MB Drapier)

Author: Unknown
Version: pdf Filesize: 555.23 Kb

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