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Postfest VI: Greyhawk Adventures

Here follows a copy or the orignal Postfest VI announcement which gives you a summary of the format:

"Canonfire! is hosting a Winter 2005/2006 Postfest. Greyhawkers, we are calling on you to unshackle your imaginations and submit your contribution(s) to this wintertime design jamboree. It is not a contest and everyone’s contributions are very much appreciated! The topic this time is:

Adventures in Greyhawk’s Magical and Otherworldly Places

Winter Postfest 2005/2006 invites participants to write an adventure scenario set in the World of Greyhawk. It is that simple – develop a mini adventure or just an adventure outline that will intrigue game masters and entice player characters. Create the kernel of a plot that can be later expanded into an exciting scenario focusing on our topic. A great resource for all Greyhawk DMs. This time, we want you to explore one of the magical, supernatural, or otherworldly connections of the Oerth. The choice is entirely yours. Faerie realms, Pocket Planes, Fading Lands, Magical Terrains or Dungeons are all up for grabs. Do you want to explore one of Zagyg’s wonderlands? The Isle of the Ape, or perhaps a mysterious place like the Burning Cliffs? How about that Blood Obelisk of Hextor? Or would you prefer to create your own adventure locale, such as the lost legacy of some ancient race or creature? Descend into the depths of the Oerth or climb the heights of mountains to some place of hidden import and wonder.

Exact format is for you to decide. Statistics are welcome for any edition of Dungeons & Dragons®. And remember, our mantra is that the emphasis should be on what makes your adventure interesting and uniquely Greyhawk. Where is the adventure, and why would intrepid adventurers be there? What challenges does the adventure present? For example, who devised the deadly traps and what do they protect? Or, what dread power gave rise to the monstrosities within? Is there fabulous treasure in store for those with enough brains and brawn to enter? Perhaps your adventure dives into the political intrigue of a region’s royal courts and noble families. You tell us where adventure takes us.

The Guidelines
There are no restrictions to your imagination, just a few rules that govern content and format.

-- Write an adventure of your own design.
-- Indicate which version of Dungeons & Dragons your adventure is written for.
-- Please keep articles to two to four pages long (1000 – 2000 words).
-- The adventure must be set in the World of Greyhawk.
-- You may submit more than one entry.
-- All entries must be submitted to Canonfire! by Sunday, January 22, 2006."


And now, here are the Postfest VI submissions:

Postfest VI(Winter 2005/2006): Adventures in Greyhawk

After a long delay, the Postfest submissions for Adventures in Greyhawk are finally here. Take a look below, and see where in the Flanaess adventure can take you.

*Hired Help
By gord

"This is an adventure I wrote for a 1st edition campaign that never got underway. Well, hopefully someone might be able to integrate it to their own individual campaigns."
Read the entire article HERE.

*Planes of Retribution
By: Mortellan

"Few but his most ardent worshippers know that Trithereon the Summoner, god of Individuality and Retribution will take up the pursuit of villains that think themselves safely beyond the reach of law and the vengeance of those they have wronged. With his legendary Baton of Retribution, Trithereon can find his quarry anywhere on any plane eventually. When those he chases are found the Baton warps the surrounding area so there is little chance of escape; what the Baton has in fact done is draw them into a newly created pocket plane that is entirely alien to Trithereon’s foe. It is said that once face-to-face on this strange plane Trithereon asks but one question of his intended foe, and if it is not answered truthfully then the answerer will surely be left trapped on his own personal prison plane for a sentence of 100 years. That is unless a means of escape is found…"
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Prison
By Wolfsire

"The Prison, this article, is a confession of a librarian’s clerk about a book bearing the same name within which can be found a gate to a recently established pocket part plane, again of the same name."
Read the entire article HERE.
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