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What is "Postfest"???: Explaining what Postfest is

"Still wondering what Postfest is?

A Postfest is a contest where fans of the World of Greyhawk write their own takes on a given Greyhawk topic. Postfests originated on the TSR/AOL mail list when the World of Greyhawk was an inactive setting. Members of the list submitted written entries to the list, and many aspects of Greyhawk saw continued development. The only thing that has changed is that Postfest has moved from a mail list to a Web based platform. The written topics are still set in Greyhawk and fans from far and wide are all invited to participate. There is no prerequisite or experience necessary – the Postfest is for everyone and anyone who is willing and able to write about the topic and submits his or her entry before the deadline. All of the entries are subsequently published and shared on the Canonfire! Web site for all to enjoy.


Here's a further description of Postfest, and how it will usually be structured from here on out:

"It is with great gladness that I make the announcement that Postfest has returned! Not only has it returned, but it will become a regular feature from now on. As its name suggests, Postfest is a “festival of posting”, and what better time of the year is there to celebrate such a festival of posting? Why, during the Greyhawk festivals of course, and so this Postfest begins once again during Brewfest(October 1-7) of this year. Everyone will have one month(until Nobember 7th in this case) to submit an entry for each Postfest, so get to writing already! The next Postfest will begin during Needfest(January 1-7), the next one during Growfest(April 1-7), and the next one during Richfest(July 1-7) so keep an eye out for future announcements.

And now a few pointers for everyone: Be sure to at the very least SPELL CHECK your article. Then, look it over for any other mistakes that may still be there. To submit your finished article, follow the Submit Article link HERE , cut-n’-paste your article into the appropriate area and follow the instructions. Be sure to write a very short description of what your entry is about- a nice little sound bite blurb to put in the first section of the Submit Article page. Also, in the article title space be sure to type “Postfest*Postfest # here*(*Postfest season and year here*): *your article title here” . Here is an example of what the title of a Postfest submission would look like:

Postfest X(Needfeest 2009): The White Feather Inn

Simple enough, eh?"

If you would like to discuss any Postfest articles then please start a new Topic in the Readers Workshop, and be sure to put the name of the article in your title there. If anybody has any questions about anything regarding Postfest, please post them here.

Once a Postfest deadline has been reached, and all submissions are in, have been formatted, and any other additions have been taken care of, all of the Postfest submissions will be posted as a group over a period of time usually lasting from one to two weeks- you guessed it, a Postfest!Happy


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