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Postfest VII: Magic Items & Artifacts

First, here is a copy of the original Postfest VII announcement:

"Postfest May 2007: Magic Items & Artifacts

Canonfire is relaunching the periodical postfest events which have been so popular throughout our site's legendary and weaved history.

So, without further ado! Canonfire! Presents, pages of intriguing greyhawk magic to arrest the attention and beguile your players, contributed by our very own users.

Please read all of the POSTFEST articles, and direct your comments to the Postfest Forum Thread in the Reader's Workshop."

And now, here are the Postfest VII submissions:

Postfest VII(May 2007): Magic Items & Artifacts

*Cryptical Armaments of the Hool
By Wolfsire

"Deep within the Hool Marshes, between the headwaters of the Dank Brook and the broad Javan River, there lurks an ancient batrachian menace. Beware the Dank Den of the Bull Wug Wug! This article details two magical weapons created as part of the development of the lair of the Bullywug Great Chief referenced in the Module U2, Danger at Dunwater."
Read the entire article HERE.

By Daigle(1st time contributor!)

"Chartrand had been told that the abjurations here were strong, but she just shrugged the advice off as worried prattle from some amateur treasure hunters. Squatting on the cool marble floors of the tower, drops of sweat running down her brow and off the tip of her narrow nose in a near perfect tempo, she is thankful that her colleagues were more serious with the counsel they were given. “Four wards and three traps in less than fifty steps from the archway! This place is insane!”
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Cube of Dur Ahnce
By Lilith(1st time contributor!)

"The Cube of Dur Ahnce appears in several minstrel’s tales coming from the Blackmoors. The unusual tales, sung and played in an almost maudlin funerary tone, tell of Dur Ahnce, a minor mage of unremarkable talents."
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Dagger of Misfortune
By Mortellan

"In the chronicles of arcane lore there are innumerable magical daggers, yet few astute sages bother to learn about the history of cursed daggers, finding them an annoying footnote at best. Out of the Baklunish West however, there is one dagger that has proved tenacious enough to be the talk of many a Baklun assassin or illicit weapon trader."
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Crown of Stars
By Michael Sandar

"Twenty years ago, the lich Zarychts made his bid for power in the Yeomanry. Working with Cultists of Erythnul and Agents of Chaos, he determined to control the Caves of Chaos. To do this, he began creating a magical crown for himself, until something went terribly wrong."
Read the entire article HERE.

*Razic Jewel's Manual of Ruby Golems
By Abysslin

"Within a month’s time he had accomplished more with the plentiful rubies of Scar than he had with the sands of his homeland in a year’s work. Not long after, Razic was accompanied by two of these hulking creations at all times, further cementing his position as master of Scar. Those that whispered revolt among the populace no longer had hope. Razic was here, and he was here for good."
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Relics of Al Akbar
By jarthala(1st time contributor!)

"My old friend, in regards to your recent interest in lost and recovered relics of the various faiths throughout Oerth, I submit to you the following excerpt of the Historian Cortiil of Ekbir, as well as my own research into the abilities of the items his party discovered. While this accounting is incomplete, without having access to these items or to those who were there to witness the dark events that followed the rebirth of the Lord of Mourning, it is, I fear, the best I can offer you. In closing, I am sure that you will be disappointed that I have not enclosed a treatise upon the spells I mention below. Forgive me, my dear friend, if I save this knowledge for a future discussion. When next we meet in Ungra Balan, I shall endeavor to fill you in on the history of Al’Balthazar and the recent events in the Baklunish states of the west."
Read the entire article HERE.

*Scarlet Bane
By Jarthalas(1st time contributor!)

"Many have reasons to fear the Scarlet Brotherhood, and in the countries their insidious plots have succeeded, they have reason to hate. Still, those rare few have managed to marshal those emotions, striving to fight the honorable battle against a foe whose main tact is deception and guile. One such individual, and an unlikely one at that, has gone to even greater lengths in his personal battle to see the fall of the Brotherhood.
---Jarthalas, The Dreaming One"

Read the entire article HERE.

*The Eye of the Kraken
By Smillan_31

"From the far southwest comes an artifact of potent power, born from the dark abysses of the Pearl Sea from bloody oaths and a marriage that founded a nation – the Eye of the Kraken."
Read the entire article HERE.

*The Hall of Silence
By Anced_Math

"An ancient artifiact designed to protect the war councils of the Knights of the March from Vecna, the Hall of Silence prevents the prying of outside eyes and ears. However, hundreds of years after it's creation, it disappeared apparently of it's own volition. Now it is sought by the Silent Ones, as they fear what it may know."
Read the entire article HERE.
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